12 Scrunchies You Need, As Inspired by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Very important news broke this week: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a certified scrunchie collector. That’s right, RBG has been collecting scrunchies — those fluffy hair bands best known for making epic appearances in your middle school class pictures — from all around the world.

As The Cut points out, Ginsburg dropped this little tidbit in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, in which she mentions while it’s not quite caught up to her collar collection, the scrunchies are gaining speed. Vogue even put together a slideshow of the Supreme Court justice’s best uses of scrunchies as the “ultimate power play.”

Scrunchies have already been making a comeback — along with an entire wave of late ’90s/early ’00s nostalgia — but I’ve been hesitant to join the trend. Now, though, it’s a different story. If RBG does it, I want to do it, too.

But where does one get a scrunchie these days? RBG says her “best scrunchies come from Zurich. Next best, London, and third best, Rome.” Unfortunately, I don’t have any trips to Europe planned for the near future, but I did find some pretty great options on the internet. If you, too, want to live your life as closely as possible to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s (but you can’t quite swing her work-out routine) I recommend getting one of these scrunchies, stat.

Velvet Scrunchie Set (Etsy, $14, different colors available)

velvet scrunchies

Velvet is in. Scrunchies are in. These are a no-brainer.

The Hayler Arrows Scrunchie (Etsy, $4.77)

arrows scrunchie

Dainty gold arrows are pointing you in the direction of scrunchie greatness.

Cotton Print Scrunchie (Etsy, $14)

cotton print scrunchie

This geometric pattern is chic yet fun — just like a scrunchie.

The Lace Me Up Scrunchie (Etsy, $14.31)

white lace scrunchie

This white lace scrunchie is perfect for those formal occasions — High Holiday services, anyone?

The Alexandra Skull Scrunchie ($4.77)

skull scrunchie

Goth girls needs scrunchies, too.

Black Scrunchie with White Lace ($3.17)

black scrunchie with white lace

This one scores points for looking very close to RBG’s collar!!!

16-Pack Velvet Scrunchies (Amazon, $11.99)

velvet scrunchie steal

This one wins for best deal — frankly, it’s a scrunchie steal.

Chiffon Flower Scrunchies, Set of 6 (Amazon, $9.98)

flower chiffon scrunchies

Another great deal, this time in elegant floral patterns.

Velvet Bunny Ears Scrunchie ($4.69)

velvet bunny ear scrunchies

If I ever get invited to an Easter egg hunt, I’m wearing this.

Metallic Sequin Checks Scrunchie ($7.49)
metallic sequin gold scrunchie

When you just need to fucking go for it.

Rich Girl Faux Fur Scrunchie (Amazon, $2.18)

pink faux fur scrunchie

For your inner Cher Horowitz. (Yes, it’s actually listed as “Rich Girl.”)

And lastly, this is what happens when you search “Jewish scrunchie” on Etsy:

Scrunchie or Headband for Bris/Simchat Bat (Etsy, $7)

jewish star scrunchie

The name seems to imply that these are for babies. I beg to differ.

Happy scrunchie shopping, ladies. For even more inspo, here’s me and fellow Alma editor Emily Burack in our best childhood scrunchie looks. May we achieve these #looks again.

Yours truly.


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