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Feeling lonely? You’re not alone. Even before a pandemic made socializing a risk to your health, it’s never been easy to find *your* people. But we want to help. One of the joys of watching the Hey Alma community expand is seeing our readers connect with each other, whether it’s flirting in the comments of our Instagram page or finding a fellow Jew in a small town to reach out to. Now, we’re taking our matchmaking to the next level with the launch of Hey Alma Classifieds, an old-school way to make new connections. Whether you’re in the market for a romantic partner, friends, or just someone with a dog you can pet, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.

How to submit:

In your classified, please tell us who you are and what you’re looking for (but keep it anonymous, i.e. no names!). Are you looking for love? Friendship? A pen pal? Classifieds often include your hobbies or fun facts, but include whatever feels right and authentic to you. If you’re looking for an in-person connection, please include your location (as general or specific as you want!), or if you’re looking for a virtual or long-distance thing, you can note that as well. Give a sense of your age (doesn’t have to be exact if you don’t want it to be) and keep your text to 300 characters or less. Need some inspiration? Check out these examples from some of our favorite fictional Jews.

We can’t wait to read yours!

Please note that not all classifieds will be listed. We’re a small team, and we only have limited matchmaking capacity, but we’re trying our very best to help you find love/friendship/a dog. Xoxo, Team Hey Alma. 

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Reply to a classified posted on July 18, 2024:

MISSED CONNECTION TORONTO @ BARNSTEINER’S JUNE 3. You (M tall blonde) were staring, you caught me (32F brunette polka dot skirt) staring. There was a lot of staring. Even as you helped your grandma (?) outside (very chivalrous). Would love another chance to stare & witness your chivalry. Reply here.

ARE YOU A MID-20S NJG IN THE CHARLOTTE, NC AREA? I WANT TO SET YOU UP WITH MY BROTHER! He’s 25, college-educated, gainfully employed and very single! He reads romance (and more)! Goes to Shabbat services! Comes from a delightful family! Likes: trivia, sports, dogs. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR LOVE AND COMMUNITY IN NOLA (22). Moving to New Orleans for the year (or longer) and would love to make more friends (and meet a NJB so my mom will stop asking for grandkids). Likes reading good poetry and writing shitty poetry, vegan food and social justice. Dislikes belly aches. Reply here.

LOS ANGELES NJG (25) LOOKING FOR MY NJB SO MY PARENTS STOP NAGGING ME TO GET ON JSWIPE. Love farmers markets, traveling, the beach and p much anything outdoors (but also love a good bed rot day). Reply here.

JOIN OUR SQUAD! 20s NGJs (Nice Girly Jews) seeking Toronto-area pals to eat sushi, thrift and kvetch. Conversations about books, sports and politics guaranteed. We met on Hey Alma (we know, how cute!) and are looking for like-minded friends. We’d love to meet you! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on July 11, 2024:

EARLY 20S NJG LOOKING FOR SOBER GAL PALS (Lehigh Valley, PA)! Would love to meet some fellow Jewish women (in person or virtually) who have distanced themselves from partying and leaned more towards shluffing. Reply here.

CHICAGO-BASED SPEECH THERAPIST (early 30s, female) looking to connect with a guy who is confident, funny and knows how to have a good time! I love breweries, karaoke, cooking and beating my NYT mini crossword record. Reply here.

SEATTLE NJB (24) seeking self-assured, open-minded, always-curious NJG. We could spend our time reading, hiking/backpacking, watching theater & movies, skiing, baking, looking at art and whatever else suits us. Reply here.

BE THE KATE TO MY ALLIE OR MAYBE A “MICRO-KIBBUTZ”? 40s LA Westside single Jewish mom (with 50/50 custody) looking for another single Jewish parent to share a big house and bills and hopefully Shabbat dinners and progressive Jewish values. Reply here.

SOON-TO-BE YESHIVA BOCHUR (23M) in Richmond until the end of summer. Looking to grab beers, play top golf and try new board games with new friends! I grew up in Richmond but was previously unaffiliated so I would love to get to know the young Jewish professional scene here. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on July 5, 2024:

MINNEAPOLIS NJG (20) seeking open-minded, intelligent, creative NJB who might be willing to co-parent my cat and fall in love in the process. Must also be willing to take the photos for my Bookstagram and regularly hang out with my mom. Reply here.

BI GAL LIVING IN THE DC METRO AREA (26) looking for more queer or queer ally Israelis and Jews in the area to be friends with or date (if it happens, it happens)! Let’s go on coffee dates and set me up with your Jewish friends because I hate dating apps. <3 bigggg chappell roan fan, if that helps. Reply here.

NEWLY HOME TO LOS ANGELES AFTER TEN YEARS IN CHICAGO AND DC (29F). Looking for girlfriends to go to Pilates, thrift stores and farmers markets. And if you have enough friends, is your cute brother single? Reply here.

PITTSBURGH-BASED DOCTOR/NJG (29) seeks caring NJB in healthcare with a funny bone and down-to-earth attitude. Hobbies include hiking, concerts and cozy nights in. Reach out and let’s see if we click! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on June 27, 2024:

20s MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIAN JEWESS SEEKING A MATCH. Looking for a male 30-35 and is keen on weekly family Shabbats and loads of laughs. May get woken early as I head out for a beach swim. Anyone out there? Reply here.

TWO NJG ROOMMATES HOPING TO HOST SHABBAT DINNERS FOR OTHER CENTRAL JERSEY JEWS IN THEIR 20S AND 30S! We’re grad students at Rutgers looking to build a little community of people who enjoy gathering around the Shabbat table. (We’re vegetarian but not strictly kosher, and not shomer Shabbat.) Reply here.

23F IN THE PROCESS OF FIGURING LIFE OUT (Washington DC). Looking for Jewish friends or a NJB/NJG willing to figure out life with me! I love cooking and concerts and could always use a companion with both! Reply here.

SOON-TO-BE-MD (27F) looking for my beshert. New Havener currently, open to dating men nearby or in NYC/Boston/beyond. Lover of bike rides, board games, Friday night Kab Shab, city jogs that end with a snack, and cheesy puns. So… will you be Alma-ine? 😉 Reply here.

CAMPY, MUSICAL GAL LIVING IN THE SOUTH BAY OF LA (30s) looking for a group of singers! Maybe you were a camp songleader, starred in your high school musical or just like singing! I would love to get a group together regularly to make some beautiful harmonies. 🎶🎤Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on June 6, 2024:

QUEER ISRAELI-AMERICAN WOMAN (26) moving to Los Angeles in August and I’m looking for friends and/or roommates I can be myself around. Loves Shabbat dinners, video games and reality TV! Reply here.

NJG MOVING TO THE NETHERLANDS THIS FALL (early-20s) and looking to make some connections, whether that’s with a Jewish family to connect with for holidays, friends to explore with or perhaps a NJB 🫶 I love the outdoors, trying new restaurants, petting cute dogs and playing board games! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR A JEWISH SECOND FOR CONCERTS CLOSE TO NYC (34F) into alt rock and indie music (open to them being into me as well). I’m a therapist whose idea of relaxing is cuddling and rewatching Law and Order SVU, American Horror Story, Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Reply here.

DOCTOR IN CHICAGO (early-30s, M) looking for a NJG who feels like home. Passionate about Judaism, love to hike, will curate the road trip playlist. Looking for someone 24-32 years old. Must love your family and be kind! Reply here.

JEWISH TO-BE LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN SOUTH JERSEY/ PHILADELPHIA AREA (20/he/him).  If you like to laugh, go out, stay in, or do Shabbat dinners, let’s be friends. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 30, 2024:

YINZER JEWESS LOOKING FOR HER NJB IN THE BURGH (28). Please apply if you have good taste, have a sense of humor and if you love Pittsburgh sports! Reply here.

PT/BR JEWISH-TO-BE GAL (27) in Zurich. Open to meet new peers of the tribe, share experiences and be friends. I’m easy going, outdoorsy and love wine ❤️ Reply here.

EXPAT CALIFORNIAN MOM (38) with two toddlers looking for other Jewish mom friends in The Hague! Someone to have play dates with where the kids entertain each other while we eat bagels, complain about the lack of JCCs and generally kvetch and kvell as we please. Reply here.

JEW FROM TORONTO LOOKING FOR MORE JEWISH FRIENDS (25). I’m looking for friends of all genders, hmu if you love thrifting, watching movies, dinner parties and talking politics. Also open to finding love here too. Reply here.

JEWESS LOOKING FOR OTHER 20S & 30S JEWS IN AND AROUND CHELSEA (early-30s/NYC). I’m secular but very culturally Jewish & I’ve been dreaming of building Jewish ritual practices like a monthly Shabbat dinner or a Rosh Chodesh circle. I’m also invisibly disabled & chronically ill. I would love to connect w/ fellow Jews living in that space & looking for community. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 23, 2024:

JEWISH GIRL FROM BRAZIL (25) seeking a London pen pal to chat about Jewish life, art, TV shows and pretty much anything. Looking to learn about Jewish community in London as I consider moving there for work. Open to all ages and genders. Let’s connect and share our experiences! Reply here.

NONBINARY LESBIAN LOOKING FOR RIDE-OR-DIE FRIENDS (20/NYC). Looking for other queer and trans Jewish college students to create our own little community. Love of Taylor Swift, small bookstores, Dead Poets Society and late night dorm chats are a plus, but not a requirement! Reply here.

AMERICAN JEWESS LIVING IN AMSTERDAM (29) looking for feminist friends to do girly things with 🥰Reply here.

CALLING ALL NYC SURFERS! I (22M) am looking for a new Shabbos crew to take on Rockaway Beach this summer. I’m hoping to meet other young surfers around my age. Good vibes, good times, all tides 🙂 Reply here.

NJB STUDYING ABROAD AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD (20). I’m looking for a Jewish community in Oxford or London. I am also open to finding love with a NJG. Hit me up if you enjoy talking politics, going to museums, watching Bridgerton, going to the theater, finding good bookstores and exploring coffee shops. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 16, 2024:

CANADIAN BACKPACKER NJG IN SYDNEY (22F) looking for an NJG/B/ENBY to show me the cool spots only the locals know. I love cooking, movies, musicals, and most of all being a ~traveller~. Reply here.

NJB (33) SEEKING A SERIOUS CONNECTION IN THE SF BAY AREA. Looking for a NJG around the same age to take on & enjoy life together! Good communication is a must. Feel like an old soul trapped in a young person’s body. I enjoy hard cider, cats, listening to records, thrifting/ antiquing & good food! Reply here.

QUEER MIZRAHI-ASHKENAZI POET, EDUCATOR AND ACTIVIST LOOKING TO MAKE FRIENDS IN THIS HELL-HOLE (28/F/Miami, FL). Looking for Jews who aren’t Jewish American Princesses. Chill vibes, poetry and food dates, and dogs always welcome. Reply here.

EMPTY NESTING SINGLE MAMA (UWS early 50s) in search of bright and fun female friends for walks around town, coffee, wine, museums, and deep chats about… middle age! I promise we’ll pass the Bechdel Test. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR COMMUNITY AND A BESHERT IN TORONTO (30F). Teacher starting a sabbatical & doing a masters in Yiddish studies. Looking to make connections (all genders) for Shabbat dinners and holidays and ideally a man with gentle masculinity who wants a cute Jewish family. Into social dance, reading & time in nature. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 2, 2024:

ARE YOU NOAH KAHAN? CAUSE I THINK YOU WANNA GO TO MAINE… TO MEET ME! Mid-20s NJG looking for love (but loves a good pal, too!). Don’t care if it’s stick season… let’s walk in the woods! And come home to a song circle and a pot of oolong. I can teach you how to dance, wanna show me something new? Reply here.

LOUD, FAT JEWISH LADY WITH A LISP LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP AND COMMUNITY IN DC (30). Loves cats but has a dog, loves coffee but has anxiety. Ideal day: hot girl gossip walk followed by several estate sales. Can’t wait to meet! Reply here.

DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN BOSTON? ARE YOU QUEER/TRANS? DO YOU CARE ABOUT JEWISH COMMUNITY/PRACTICE? I’m starting an LGBTQ+ Jewish co-op in Jamaica Plain. We’ll be making 3-4 meals/week together and hosting Jewish and/or queer events. The group will be finalized by 5/20 at the latest for a 9/1 lease. 🙂 Reply here.

LAW STUDENT WHO LOVES LAUGHTER, COFFEE, CHIT CHAT, DOGS, BOOKS, CONCERTS & PICKLES, AMONG OTHER THINGS (25F). It’s my first summer in Chicago, so seeking a culturally Jewish/Reform NJB (or friends of all genders!) to explore the city and go on adventures with this summer. Reply here.

NYC BAD JEWISH GIRL (30) seeks N/BJB for date nights, adventures, sharing of fun facts, playing of games both board and video. Must love cats, be okay with tattoos. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 18, 2024:

FRENCH NJG (32 yo) just moved to NYC & looking for a NJB to give me a good excuse to stay here permanently. Together we could search for the best lox bagel in town, see all the shows, walk around everywhere, dance on every dancefloor. Show me your favorite spots in the city and I’ll teach you my favorite curse words in French!  Reply here.

SCOTTISH JEWS LOOKING FOR A 1ST NIGHT SEDER? HMU! I (30s/F) would love to have you out to the sticks if you’re anywhere near. Testing out the 30-min Haggadah this year so the wait before dinner might be a few hours shorter than usual!  Reply here.

SISTERS SEEKING NJG IN THE ST. PETE/TAMPA AREA FOR THEIR JERRY-KRAMER MASH-UP OF A BROTHER (37). His interests include kayaking, comedy, musicals of every variety. Get in touch if you want to meet his perfect princess of a dog! (Yes, we have wanted to do this since watching Billboard Dad — IYKYK).  Reply here.

SOUTHERN NJB (28) who now lives in Detroit and needs some extra help finding an NJG in the area. Loves going to games and concerts, owns a condo within walking distance to major venues that host those kind of events. Seeking culturally-Jewish woman to share a life with.  Reply here.

CRUNCHY NY GAL IN SEATTLE (she/her, 20s). I’m newly arrived w/ my bf after bopping around the country/world for the last few years. Seeking bagel shop-bouncing, fellow Bey Hive, babka-baking & adventure buddies. If you couldn’t tell already, I <3 wordplay — my grandma and I do the NYT crossword together.  Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 11, 2024:

NJB SEEKING NJG IN CHICAGO (25). Down-to-earth, caring, loves music & and sharing lore. Enjoys exploring Chicago and all its hidden places and finding fun places to eat. Loves travel and Parmesan cheese. Seeking culturally Jewish/Reform NJG to explore the city and go on adventures with this summer. Reply here.

NJ(RUSSIAN SPEAKING)G (20) seeking njb in long beach/LA area to take to shabbat!! love cats, reading, baking, crocheting and drawing. i will listen to (and take interest in) your long rants about anything and everything. i will also take your pickles if you don’t like them 🙂 Reply here.

CONVERT NON-BINARY LESBIAN IN CAPITAL REGION OF NY (28) looking for a traditional-ish practicing girlfriend who likes cats, rabbits, memes and preferably drives a car. Reply here.

LEFTY JEW PASSIONATE ABOUT REFUGEES AND IMMIGRATION JUSTICE (20s) in search of wise mentors and a fulfilling job in DC! Looking to work at the intersection of policy, immigration reform and a Jewish commitment to justice. Would love wisdom, advice, words of encouragement, anecdotes, thoughts and leads. Reply here.

COLLEGE-BOUND JEWISH GAL (18F) attending UCONN Storrs Honors Program starting Fall 2024! Looking for any gender Jewish friends around campus, (+ possibly potential gal roomies, or NJBs who want to help me with my Hebrew *wink wink*). Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 4, 2024:

THE ORANGE ON YOUR SEDER PLATE (late 20s, San Jose) seeking a date for matzah lasagna. Art teacher + outdoor adventure seeker, cooking is my love language. Open to local love of any gender who makes me laugh, will schlep for the best bagels and is always down for a Prince of Egypt sing-along. Reply here.

LESBIAN MEDICAL STUDENT FROM EASTERN EUROPE PASSIONATE ABOUT ART, BOOKS AND ACTIVE SPORTS (24 yo) would love to make a special connection with Jews all around the world and if the stars align, perhaps even more. Open to long-distance for the right person 🙂 Reply here.

NJG W/ A NEW JEWISH BUSINESS: ISO Jewish small business owners to connect and network with! I just launched Nice Jewish Girl Doodles and I’m looking for mentors and new friends to learn from. Bonus points if you’re NYC-based so we can have coffee together IRL. Reply here.

20 Y/O GENDERFLUID FROM PA LOOKING FOR SOME HELP. I’ve been thinking of converting to Judaism but have no clue where to start! I’m looking for a penpal (any age/gender) to help me start my journey <3 Reply here.

NJG SEEKING A NJB WHO ALSO LIKES TO DRINK TEA IN NYC. I’m a 31-year-old middle school Judaic studies teacher w/ a passion for cooking fancy Shabbat (& weeknight) dinners. I’m looking for love with another committed Jew in the NYC area. Message me if you also are a bit of a foodie and you enjoy craft cocktails and Torah. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 28, 2024:

NJB SEEKING NJG IN NORTH WEST UK FOR CUTE DATES (early 20s). AuDHD, passionate about filmmaking, comic books, charity work and deep conversations. I don’t believe in messing around or playing games, and I’m looking for something long-term. Reply here.

QUEER ASTROLOGY SEDER SEEKING A COUPLE MORE ATL PEACHES. In hopes of living out my wannabe gay Jewish mommy dreams, I’m hosting a passover seder! Seeking cool 20s/30s Jews who want to spend an evening noshing and gabbing about our suns, moons and risings. Bonus points if you drive a Nissan. Reply here.

NEW-TO-BERLIN CULTURALLY JEWISH/SECULAR GIRLIE (25) looking for friends! Hobbies/likes: movies, (live) music, food/coffee, comedy, bars, drawing, pub quizzes. Hmu if that sounds good to you and/or if you’re also finding it hard to make friends in Berlin! 🙂 Reply here.

HAPPILY MARRIED LADY (30) seeking the Jenna Maroney to my Liz Lemon, or the Cristina to my Meredith. Long distance/pen pal works or local if you’re in Northern Utah. The Jewess community here is slim! Reply here.

SEEKING JEWS IN CDMX! I’m a 24-year-old girl living in Montreal, going to Mexico City over Passover. Looking for somewhere my girlfriend and I can celebrate — a seder, a dinner, whatever! We speak English/French/Spanish 🙂 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 13, 2024:

NJB SEEKING NJB AND/OR FRIENDS IN THE ATLANTA AREA (mid-20s). Looking to meet friends and/or a NJB in Atlanta! I love nature, long walks and a home-cooked Shabbat dinner as much as a yummy dinner out. Often down for an impromptu adventure especially if it involves being outside. Reply here.

JEWISH ENBY LOOKING FOR A CHEVRUTA TO STRUGGLE THROUGH LEARNING TALMUD WITH (18/they/he). Roughly intermediate Talmud learner looking for someone around the same level to try to work through a masekhet with. Must be OK w/ frequent tangents, derailments, jokes, etc! Hoping for someone open-minded & willing to ask difficult questions of halakhah. Reply here.

LONDON-BASED NJG (23) SEEKING JEWISH LOVE: Smart, sarcastic and loving plus-sized woman with a passion for open water swimming and baking. Seeking a nice Jewish girl to share cuddles, laughs and brunch dates. If you’re ready to dive into a warm and meaningful connection, let’s chat! Reply here.

NJG (LATE 20s) LOOKING FOR QUEER JEWISH ROMANCE. Midwestern ambivert, avid reader and adventurer. Lover of style, art and food. Open to whatever comes my way, near or far 🙂 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 7, 2024:

LEFTIST NJG (late 20s, Boston) seeking my bashert (any gender) to build a Jewish kinky life together. Please be nice in the streets and mean in the sheets. Must love the arts, board games and Shabbos dinner. I’ll show you my bookshelves if you show me yours. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR JEWISH AND KURDISH COMMUNITY (33/M/Seattle area). Married with kids, so meeting other couples or parents would be great! New to the U.S. and just hoping to start making some connections here. I like coffee, music, reading, politics and culture. Reply here.

SUPER SWEET, SMILEY NJG BY DAY (23, tri-state); brilliant, badass law student defending women’s rights by night. Looking for smart, sarcastic, supportive NJB (20s) who wants to take on life together. Bonus if you like cats, Taylor Swift or theater. Open to distance for someone special & serious! Reply here.

22-YEAR-OLD NJB (NY, but grew up in Asia) looking for love. Currently finishing up grad school and looking for a funny and cute NJG. I love history, sports, anime, but most importantly anyone’s interests (I love to learn). Please help me find love so my parents stop asking me if I’ve found a NJG every week. Reply here.

NJG NEW TO SOUTHEAST FLORIDA (23) looking for a cute NJB who is also in his 20s and can show me around. Let’s explore the newest restaurants, do karaoke, or go to a ren faire or comic-con. Reply if you want to be the Logan-Lerman-Percy-Jackson to my Annabeth, or the Adam Brody to my Leighton Meester 😉 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 1, 2024:

QUEER JEWISH-AMERICAN GAL STUDYING ABROAD looking for a london jew to show this american around, maybe get some drinks on my 20th birthday? show me all your favorite places! (nerdy, non-zionist and unforgivably loud — you’ve been warned.) Reply here.

NASHVILLE NEWBIE (25F) looking for community! I’m moving to Music City in May and would love to meet some Jews! I love trying new restaurants/coffee shops, concerts, basketball and anything outdoors. Show me the best of Nash’s patios, trivia, non-touristy nightlife and I’ll bring soup to Shabbat. Reply here.

NEW JEW LOOKING FOR NEUROSPICY FRIENDS IN TAHOE! AuDHD 33F covid transplant trying to find our tribe. Hit me up if you want to have Shabbat dinner hangouts followed by chill ski days, kvetch, ride bikes poorly, vibe out. Must love Nintendo Switch, 90s alt, cats, adventure sports but at a leisure pace. Reply here.

QUIRKY, SILLY AND SENSITIVE MEXICAN/ASHKENAZI JEWISH WOMAN (31) in search of a NJB in LA who’s down to explore museums, movies & meditation gardens. Seeking a committed relationship. I am a soul-searching social worker who loves cats and is not strictly observant but considers Judaism central to my life. Want a family one day. Let’s grab coffee and bagels! Reply here.

NJB SEEKING NJPERSON TO GO ON CUTE DATES (27/M/Queer/Western MA). Let’s go camping with my two dogs and sip coffee while watching the sunrise. Also open to friends. Reply here.

AMBITIOUS AND FEISTY AMERICAN GIRL (23) building her career in London, seeking a nice Jewish boy to fall in love with in between episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sense of humor and love of food required, dog dads preferred. Reply here.

LATE 20S, 6FT TALL, BEARDED NJB LOOKING FOR NJG. Located in the Great Plains, I love the outdoors, film, dogs and motorcycles. Politically moderate, secular, but open minded. Let’s be socially anxious together 😉 Reply here.

NJG & LESBIAN (22/NW NJ) LOOKING FOR MY SOULMATE. I’m in my senior year of my social work program. I’m looking for a NJG to talk to and get to know. I love cats, nature and Taylor Swift. I like to play video games and spend time taking walks and riding my bike outside when it’s warm out. Reply here.

25 GOING ON 26 NJG IN BROOKLYN NOT SURE WHAT SHE’S LOOKING FOR. Maybe a friend to go to events with, maybe a potential romance to bloom (hey NJBs). Just happy to go out and enjoy life with companionship! Thrifting, shows, food, art, just let me know 🙂 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 22, 2024:

NJB SEEKING A NJG FOREVER TRAVEL BUDDY & PARTNER (30, Tampa Bay, FL). Reform Jew but open to a more conservative lifestyle if preferred. I believe time & money are best spent on experiences. I love: traveling, sports & Disney, but enjoy staying in to watch our favorite show with some wine & a nosh. Reply here.

BISEXUAL NJB SEEKING NJB OR NJG (20s/NYC). Looking for someone with a sense of humor who will go to shows with me, talk leftist politics and enjoys a good bagel! Reply here.

CALLING ALL SCOTLAND FRIENDS! I’m 27, a married dyke, woman/nb/it’s complicated, neurodivergent, semi-observant, in GLA seeking friendship w/ other jews/jew-ish folks. I show love through cooking for friends. Open communication, a considerate heart, leftist politics are a must. Let’s connect!! Reply here.

NEW-TO-LA QUEER REFORM GIRLIE (mid-20s) looking for Jewish friends to have Shabbat dinner, picnics, game/movie nights, craft sessions and tea parties with. Girls/gays/theys/neurospicies encouraged to reply. Bonus points if you have a cat I can kidnap 🙂 Reply here.

TALL CUTIE (30F/queer) currently living in Brussels in search of a NJG to rewatch Disney movies with. Non-zionist & not a fan of hummus but love matzah balls. I will drive us on little adventures near and far! Reply here.

NEW ENGLANDER IN THE MIDWEST LOOKING FOR PEOPLE (she/her, 23). I just moved to Toledo, OH and would love to meet nearby Jewish people and perhaps have Shabbat dinner together! Reply here.

30S 🇨🇦PROFESSIONAL NJG LOOKING FOR LOVE (I’M BI) OR PENPALS. I am a big foodie, like the outdoors and am making up for lost time traveling after COVID. Happy to swap dad jokes and recipes with new friends and maybe fall in love! Reply here.

NJG (35) LOOKING FOR A NJB (30S) IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL. Wit, humor and cleverness requested; not required. Must love animals. You also like going on impromptu adventures whether that is a Smithsonian visit or a trip to Charlottesville for pie. Let’s make fun of MD drivers together! Reply here.

NERDY, NEURODIVERGENT NJB SEEKING A NJG PARTNER. I’m approaching my 30th birthday and I would love to find the right person to walk side by side into this next chapter of my life without forcing that kind of connection. ATL and ATL-adjacent preferred but the right person is always worth the road trip! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 15, 2024:

QUEER JEWESS ROAMING AROUND S. AMERICA LOOKING FOR OTHER JEWS TO REJOICE IN OUR TRADITIONS TOGETHER (23). I’ll be in Santiago for Passover & would love to attend or host a seder w/ other radical queer Jews! I’ll also be in Buenos Aires tomorrow (Feb 16) & would love to find a Shabbat to take part in/new friends to connect with! Reply here.

TALL, BLONDE JEW BASED IN PARIS (30s/F) looking for my bashert or best friend! I adore reading fiction, geopolitics, crows, snorkeling, farmers markets and dogs. Let’s grab a falafel and walk along the Seine! Or share Shabbos together. Fr/Eng. I value deep emotional connection, compassion and curiosity. Reply here.

BISEXUAL SMOL CUTIE LOOKING FOR HER NJB/NJG LOVE (28/Denver). Looking for someone who is down to catch a show, hit the mountains or just simply stay in and snuggle. I love my dachshund and going on adventures. I’m a fun time and looking for someone to match my loud, Jewish energy. Reply here.

JEWISH NON-ZIONIST QUEER (20/F/CT/MA) seeking a partner of any gender. Into talking about (Jewish) punk and telling everyone at the skatepark to have a good Shabbos. Willing to knit your cat (or you) a yarmulke. (Also open to friends/penpals.) Reply here.

GAY JEWISH GUY IN GERMANY LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES (26). I’m geographically flexible, as long as you live in Europe. Do write if you’re handsome, around my age and funny! Reply here.

NJG SEEKING NJB OR NJG IN MONTREAL FOR HAND-HOLDING IN SHUL AND SHARED SCHMEAR (27/Montreal). Let’s find our perfect bagel! Reply here.

QUICK WITTED NJG LOOKING FOR A NJB WHO CAN THROW IT RIGHT BACK AT HER (28/Boston). Loves to run, play with her pup and host Shabbat meals. Looking for a relationship, but not trying to force anything that isn’t there. Must be able to handle sarcasm and dumb puns. Reply here.

SISTER OF AN AMAZING NJG WHO’S OVER THE DATING APPS (20s/NYC) seeking a smart NJB that’s finally worth my sister’s time. Bonus points if you’re into history or will indulge in Broadway. Connect directly or if you’re a sibling who has a brother in mind 😊 Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR NJFRIENDS (30, San Diego). Just moved back to my hometown after 12 years. Let’s meet up for a casual coffee and crafting sesh, geek out about our favorite books/movies/TV shows of the moment and/or share Shabbat dinner — I’ll bring the homemade challah! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 8, 2024:

LESBIAN IN EASTERN EUROPE SEEKING A PARTNER TO SHARE JEWISH HERITAGE 😊 (23F) Ready to relocate for love. Let’s create something special together! Reply here.

NJG SEEKING A SWEETHEART (27/UK). Cultural Jew with some Reform/Masorti feelings. Let’s hold hands, laugh at bad art, feed our friends soup, tell horrible jokes and kiss. Future spouse should be kind, clever, silly and randy for the NYT crossword jingle. All locations welcome. Reply here.

25F IN SEATTLE LOOKING FOR DANNY. Accidentally unmatched you on Hinge 😭You were at a work conference in Texas with your name tag clipped to your butt pocket and I asked you to marry me bc you like cooking gourmet meals. Hmu for irl wedding planning! Reply here.

LOCAL HAMMERDYKE LOOKING FOR COMMUNITY IN THE WAIKATO (25/she/her). Into baking challah for my goyische flat every week and want to bring more Jews along to laugh at all my Jewish jokes without me having to explain them first. Let’s have solidarity and good food in these hard times. Reply here.

BEARISH NJB WITH SLEEPAWAY CAMP VIBES IN AUSTIN, TX, LOOKING FOR NJB’S FOR FRIENDS AND MORE (24). I’m open to long distance and would love to find someone with whom to share my love of 70s/80s Israeli rock music. Reply here.

NYC ZILLENNIAL LOOKING TO START A MAH JONGG GROUP W/ LATE 20S-EARLY 30 SOMETHINGS (NYC). Just picture it: Us, snacks, gossip, the sound of clacking tiles and wholesome friendship. PS: I’m also a fabulous teacher, so this goes for anyone who wants to learn, too. Let’s make our moms proud. Reply here.

NJB LOOKING TO GET INTO SOME KIND OF KLEZMER MUSIC SCENE (Early 20s/NYC). I play classical violin & fiddle & can mess around on basically anything else with strings. Hmu if you’re interested in jamming! Reply here.

NJG SEEKING OTHER NJG + NJB FRIENDS (25, Ann Arbor, MI). Looking for secular-leaning/other reform Jews to hang out with! Let’s go to social events, UofM Hillel Shabbat dinners, celebrate the holidays and eat the best food around Ann Arbor and the Metro Detroit area. Also loves going out and dancing! Reply here.

NICE (SECULAR) JEWISH GIRL (28) MOVING BACK TO HER HOMETOWN IN SOUTH FLORIDA SEEKS A NJB TO WELCOME HER BACK TO THE SUNSHINE STATE! Mustaches and tattoos not required, but very strongly encouraged. Loves seeing movies, exploring nature and singing/playing ukulele. ❤️ Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 1, 2024:

CREATIVE PUNK ROCK NJB SEEKS CREATIVE PUNK ROCK NJG (37/Atlanta). Currently producing a heady sci-fi parody/satire in the vein of The Venture Bros., looking for that special gal to talk all things nerd — including, but not limited to: comics, cartoons, death metal. Must love furballs! And cheesy dates! Reply here.

NJB SEEKING MY NJB BASHERT & PROTECTION FROM FRUMA SARAH (30s). I’m a religious Yid working in health & wanting to be an abba someday. Let’s sing showtunes, read to each other, volunteer together, discuss history and art and make a cute Jewish home. I’m USA-based but open to USA and abroad! Reply here.

QUEER NJG LOOKING FOR QUEER FRIEND(S), OR NON-MALE DATE, TO GO TO CHAPPELL ROAN CONCERT WITH IN PITTSBURGH ON APRIL 5. If you’d also like to show me around the city and where to find a good bagel, that’s more than welcome too. Reply here.

BILINGUAL FRENCH NJG FROM PARIS LOOKING FOR BILINGUAL/ENGLISH SPEAKING NJB (24). I’m French/South African looking to converse (and probably complain) in frenglish. Let’s walk all over Paris until we inevitably end up in rue des rosiers for falafels and shawarmas! Reply here.

RECENTLY DISCOVERED MY JEWISH HERITAGE AND WANTING MORE FRIENDS OR MORE IF WE CONNECT THAT WAY (25y/o poly/pan enby/afab/Memphis, TN area). Very into learning about my heritage since discovering it as well as nerdy things. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH LESBIAN LOOKING FOR LOVE (32F, Houston). Leftist, neurodivergent PhD student seeking connections w/ women or non-binary people. Love bagels, dancing, my cat, sapphic pop & adventuring. Open to long distance. P.S. My parents met through a newspaper personal ad, so that’s some good karma! Reply here.

MOVED BACK TO OXFORD, UK & LOOKING FOR MORE JEWISH FRIENDS. I’m mid-twenties fairly recent returner to Judaism and into environmental stuff & social justice, making cakes, knitting + other crafting, ballet, music and walking. Hit me up if you’d like to hang out! Also very open to pen pals! Reply here.

NJFQR AKA NICE JEWISH FEMALE QUEER RABBI (35/Los Angeles) ISO a life partner of any gender to eventually get married and have kids with, who enjoys hosting Shabbos dinner, going to shul, cuddling on the couch and watching movies & TV. A pop culture enthusiast who values deep emotional and spiritual connection. Reply here.

DO YOU LIKE MOVIES, MUSEUMS, THRIFTING AND MORE? 28 yo NJG looking for friends in the Bronx, Westchester (have a car, so can travel) or Manhattan! Let’s get matcha and meander around cute neighborhoods and towns! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 25, 2024:

NJB FROM CHILE STUDYING IN LONDON (21, he/him). Just a wannabe actor/writer looking for friends and dating! I like to sing, read outside, theatre, book recommendations and everything that involves creativity. Reply here.

BAY AREA LESBIAN LOOKING FOR MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS (25). Let’s go on a hike in the Oakland hills, talk about bravo shows and make out afterwards. Reply here.

NJG SEEKING NJB AND/OR FRIENDS IN THE DMV AREA (Mid-20s). We can bake challah and laugh about core bar/bat mitzvah memories like having I Gotta Feeling on every party playlist. We can order an everything bagel from every bagel shop in the DC area and rank them from worst to best. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR A NICE JEWISH QUEER IN THE EAST BAY (20s). Trans Jew-in-progress yearning for someone to talk halakha, anarchism and plan the next action while we make Shabbos dinner for our friends. Let’s go to fun book shops, explore museums, pet cats and make a sweet, dreamy queer Jewish home together. Reply here.

29M GOING TO SPEND FEBRUARY IN BUENOS AIRES! I’m looking for 20s-30s secular-leaning Jews to hang out with. Down for social events, Shabbat dinners, exploring, hanging out, going out… hmu! Hablo español también. Reply here.

TYPICAL QUIRKED UP NJG (24) who likes matcha lattes, reading, yoga, thai food, collecting records, painting, strawberries and being silly. Looking to make some Jewish friends in Toronto, but if you happen to be a funny & tall NJB looking for a date… that works too! Reply here.

NJG LOOKING PAST APPS, DIVE BARS (32, Chi). Me: Down-to-earth consultant, usually planning a dinner party. Extrovert, but always mid-puzzle or book. You: NJB (Jew-ish OK). Values family/friends. Rolls with punches. Sense of humor. Compared to Jack Antonoff, Ezra Klein or Jason Segel, depending on the day. Reply here.

NORTH EAST LONDONER JEWESS (35) would like to meet a NJG OR a NJB for romance, big laughs and deep chats. I like hearing about your passions and sharing mine, verbal dexterity, silly vibes, gentleness and creative folk. We could see theatre, rate bagel shops, drink cocktails or walk by the canal? Reply here.

NJB SEEKING NJG (M23). Jersey/Philly-based, looking for coffee and/or movie dates. Let’s cook and explore the city together! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 18, 2024:

BOCA BASED NJB (39) looking for another NJB. Business owner with a great family and am an avid traveler. I’m a dreidel for compatibility. Take me home to meet your bubbe, she’ll love me! Reply here.

QUEER POLYAM PRETTY BOY (25, they/he, Leeds, UK) seeking a chavruta that could turn into ahuvati. let me cook for you and we can talk about tikkun olam, anarchism and the halacha of kink. Reply here.

NJG EXPAT IN PRAGUE, CZ (24) looking for NJG friends and NJB more-than-friends. Help prove to me that we exist in this city! Likes: Cheap flights, outdoor markets and fun facts. Dislikes: Czech grammar. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR HER “DREIDELS & DRAGONS” BUDDIES (19F). Looking for some fellow nerdy Jewish friends (18-20ish) to form an online D&D group (Dreidels & Dragons, of course) and talk about life. 🙂 Reply here.

SEMI-NEW CHICAGOAN LOOKING FOR A NJG TO TRY EVERY JEWISH DELICATESSEN IN THE CITY (26M). Dry and sarcastic humor, but very sappy and mushy once you have my heart. Looking for someone warm and caring to give it to. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN MINNESOTA (18). I’m a lesbian looking for friends to get coffee with and go to concerts with! Reply here.

GIRL NEXT DOOR ISO MAN TO DREAM BIG WITH (early 30s/Brooklyn). Reform, outdoorsy for nyc, freckly, working on my resolution to be more fun. Let’s eat really well, be homebodies and adventurers, and cheer each other on as we accomplish our next great things. Reply here.

BOSTON-BASED, BISSEXUAL JEW (22M). I’m applying for a master’s degree at MIT and I’m looking for someone to have fun with. I’m liberal, I like running, skateboarding and reading. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH MOM (early 30s in Central/Southish NJ) looking for a Jewish Mom friend to do neighborhood stroller walks with our toddlers while we gossip, drink coffee and nosh on bagels. Bonus if your kids are 6 and under, you love Bravo shows, love wine and read novels with Oprah or Reese. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 11, 2024:

POLYAMOROUS JEWS IN TORONTO, WHERE ARE YOU? (Mid 20s/F). Looking for other poly Jews (of any gender) in Toronto, for connections of any kind. Let’s get coffee and chat about your favourite books or tv shows (and kvetch about needing more poly representation in media). Reply here.

NJG EXPAT ABROAD IN SYDNEY, AUS (27) looking for connections ~romantic/friendship/pen pal~ Likes: getting new tattoos, crocheting, hiking, ocean swims, cheese. Dislikes: being lactose intolerant, people who don’t like animals, sunburns. Reply here.

VERY TALL NJB LOOKING FOR A NJG (6’7”/19/York, UK). Obsessed with Red Dead (TAHITI), playing Skyrim and doing my university assignments. Semi observant. Listening to my big playlist with rock and old big band music (idk why either). Looking for someone sweet who loves dining, is caring and open. Reply here.

MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER, MAKE ME A MATCH… Mid-20s ace enby in Minnesota, looking for their bashert. I love all things fiber arts, books, scary movies and hope you do too! Reply here.

DENVER NEWBIE (22 F) looking for friends to scour thrift stores, hit the library and explore new restaurants with. Bonus points if you love to tell long funny stories over wine. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR A NJG (20). Going abroad to London for the semester looking for a fun date! Loves Phoebe Bridgers, overalls, new books and museums. She/her and not romantically interested in men (but down for friends!). Reply here.

NJG AND GOY HUSBAND LOOKING FOR LIKE-MINDED JEW-ISH FRIENDS/COMMUNITY TO HANG OUT WITH (Early 30s, Los Angeles). Interests include playing games, trying out new restaurants, hiking and cooking! Reply here.

NICE JEWISH GAY (23F) currently based near Philly looking for new connections (friends, romantic, etc). Radiating queer camp counselor energy all year round. Let’s hang if you love trees, loudly singing Jewish songs or Taylor Swift, bananagrams, glitter, mud and silly adventures. Reply here.

PORTLAND-BASED NON-BINARY PANSEXUAL JEW (30s) looking to meet other nice Jewish queers in the area. Nonprofit professional, quirky and progressive. Let’s make dark jokes and bake challah. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 4, 2024:

WHY IS IT SO HARD TO MAKE FRIENDS AS AN ADULT? us: Jewish American academic couple (early 30s/Ottawa) with a love of board games, running, cooking, movies and soccer! you: friends who also love these things, are progressive-minded and want to join us and our dogs for Shabbat dinner! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR OTHER QUEER VEGAN JEWS (19/Hunterdon County, NJ) to hang out with and maybe have a romantic partnership with! I’m a lonely cat-loving weirdo looking for connection with someone who shares my values. Plus if you enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, Marvel, anime and going on adventures! Reply here.

NJG IN ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND (24) seeking Jewish community, friends or more! New to this city and would love someone to explore with, go to art galleries, see live music, watch movies and do Shabbat dinners together. Reply here.

NON-BINARY SAPPHIC PHOTOGRAPHER & DESIGNER SEEKS BASHERT (33). A perpetually curious cultural flâneur wondering why we are the way we are and exploring this question through art, books & film. Interests include gardening, foraging, road trips to nowhere, museum visits, mutual aid, a perfectly brewed cup of tea, live music. Currently in RVA but excited to leave. Reply here.

“CONSERVADOX” NJB (27) looking for gay or gay-friendly Jewish friends who are on the same spectrum of religious observance (conservative or orthodox-ish), either around DC (in person) or from anywhere as a penpal. Reply here.

EASYGOING NERDY JEWISH GAL SEEKING THE SAME IN A PEN PAL (30). I like museums, star trek and foraging. got similar interests? paper or e-mail, both good to me. Reply here.

NJB LOOKING FOR LOVE (20/London/kosher). I’m doing a master’s at St Andrew’s. My special interests are Biblical Literature and Ancient History. I love rock music but I’ll listen to anything. I’m looking for a NJG who’s silly and has the same tummy problems as me. Being willing to listen to my infodumps gets you bonus points. Reply here.

QUEER CONVERT (33/TRANS MAN) SEEKING FRIENDS IN MA AND ONLINE! Looking to connect with folks of a similar demographic to chat with and learn from while I hyperfixate on becoming a Jew. Also always seeking more boardgame friends! Reply here.

BLACK/ASHKENAZI GUY IN NYC (34) looking for NJG to hang out with. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on December 21, 2023:

NJB LOOKING FOR LOVE (24/Seattle). I love reading, hiking, cruising around on my bike, watching theater, watching film, seeing art and going to classical and folk/rock concerts. Employed with a graduate degree. I’m looking for a NJG who is always curious and loves living life. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR MAH JONGG PLAYERS IN CHICAGO: Looking for fun, lighthearted, warm people who want to play 1-2x per month on weeknights. About me: I’m about a year into playing, 33yo, married, living in Lakeview and love reading rom com books, peloton yoga and trying restaurants. Reply here.

QUEER 19-YEAR-OLD CONVERT LOOKING FOR OTHER QUEER JEWS IN THE NORTH OF ENGLAND for both friendship and potential guidance/support during my learning and growth. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR OTHER JEWISH PEOPLE ON THE ACE SPECTRUM ACROSS THE STATES (25/USA). ISO platonic or romantic connections! Big plus if you’re into film or cats! Reply here.

RUSSIAN-JEWISH NJG LOOKING FOR A JEW-ISH COMMUNITY IN REDONDO BEACH (26). I just moved and I’d love to reconnect with my Jewish community. I didn’t grow up too religious, but I always enjoy learning and hanging out in a Jewish context. Let’s get some lunch and chill at the beach or explore the area! Reply here.

MIZRAHI/ASHKENAZI GIRL IN LONDON LOOKING FOR BOULDERING BUDDIES. Me: late 20s, recently returned to London after some time in Asia, looking to expand social circles through bouldering, books and baking. You: open minded, with a mix of adventurousness and a laid back attitude 🌱 Reply here.

COUPLE IN CENTRAL NJ LOOKING FOR PROGRESSIVE FRIEND(S) WITH A DOG (30s). OK we’re looking for a friend for our 1-yr-old dog. He’s a big boy and needs a playmate. You bring your pup, I’ll make tea, snacks and more. They can play in our big backyard while we chill. Doggo guests must be vaccinated. We have a senior pup to protect. Reply here.

NJG IN DC TIRED OF DATES THAT TURN INTO NETWORKING. Me: Late-20s grad student/government girly with a love of coffee & books who only follows sports during March Madness. You: NJB, mid/late-20s/early 30s, intelligent, soulful eyes, a delightful mix of serious & goofy. Let’s get Ethiopian food & discuss our next international travel destinations. Reply here.

BISEXUAL NJG SEEKING SOMEONE TO SPEND MY TIME WITH (19, LA). I’m looking for a partner or friends to try new restaurants, watch sunsets and have movie nights at home with. Always down to grab a cup of coffee. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on December 14, 2023:

LONDON NJB LOOKING FOR DREAM NJG. Early 20s member of the tofu-eating wokerati looking for someone to cook Ottolenghi for or wander around art galleries with. Reply here.

SF NJB SEEKING A NJG TO BRING BACK TO MY SOUTH AFRICAN MOM (24). Loves exploring new foodie scenes as much as movie nights at home. My self-worth is connected to my humor so only reach out if you’re able to cope with my dad jokes. PS: hope you don’t mind a hairy chest. Reply here.

NJG SEEKING KINDRED SOULS IN NYC. 22 y/o lesbian moving to the city in January. I’m like if Abbi and Ilana were one person. Looking for friends and/or lovers to try gluten-free restaurants, visit museums, go thrifting, over-analyze Taylor Swift lyrics, be silly and have deep convos together <3 Reply here.

NEUROSPICY JEWISH GIRL WITH AUDHD LOOKING FOR OTHER COOL PEOPLE TO CONNECT WITH (30s, NY). I am cool with either having a pen pal, or someone to hang out with in NYC. Some of my interests include Star Wars, Broadway, books and art. Bonus points if you like a blunt sense of humor. Reply here.

NJG IN DENVER LOOKING FOR NJB ADVENTURER (33). Let’s hike and ski around Colorado, goof off, watch scary movies, have thoughtful conversations and find Denver’s hidden gem restaurants. Reply here.

FINISHING GRAD SCHOOL IN BOSTON AND MOVING TO THE PHILLY AREA FOR WORK (24M). Looking to meet a NJG and explore the area together. I love coffee shops, film, tennis and traveling. I am vertically gifted 🙂 Reply here.

TRANSMASC NJB SEEKING MLM WITH A NJB (23, he/they, Atlanta, grad student). Mid-transition, Asian(ish), been told I look like a little twink with the personality to make up for my height. Bonus points if you’ve ever annoyed someone by quoting Star Wars a little too much. Also hmu if you’d like to be friends! Reply here.

PROGRESSIVE PURPLE-HAIRED MOM SEEKING FRIENDS IN FL & BEYOND (50s). Young-at-heart mom of 3 adult kids and 4 poodles stuck in Florida, looking for Jewish friends. Would love to meet ladies who love animals, books, fun pens, games, arts & crafts. Locals who want to meet up & women anywhere welcome! Reply here.

QUEER, DIASPORIST, JEW (39F) moving to Bournemouth (UK). WLTM local Jews who like complexity, nuance & the outdoors. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on December 7, 2023:

MANHATTAN NJB SEEKS DREAMY FEMINIST. Romantic 30M looking for NJG to explore the city (and maybe the world) with. Passion for adventure and the arts a plus. Reply here.

NEW JEW IN PERU: 24 y/o gal looking for fellow Jews in Lima. I enjoy both walking and talking, particularly at the intersection of food. Maybe we can spin a dreidel together or something? (Of relevance: I live in front of a park that many dogs visit and most are eager.) Reply here.

GAY SEPHARDIC 21-YEAR-OLD ACTOR (he/him/London). Looking for other queer Jewish friends in the area and perhaps the potential someone? 👀Hit me up if you want someone to attend a Hanukkah event with, discover bookshops and museums together or if you want to start a band 😎L’Chaim!! Reply here.

QUEER FEMALE LOOKING FOR ANY JEWISH SOUL IN PLYMOUTH, UK (20-ish)! I am moving to Plymouth for my masters in Jan. and looking for Jewish friends! I like to read, art, travel, game nights & the occasional vino. The current situation is making me really afraid so happy to meet anyone else. <3 Reply here.

ME: UNPROFESSIONAL BISEXUAL ICON, SEMI-PROFESSIONAL POET, AMATEUR KISSING BOOTH OPERATOR (23, in nyc). you: thinks i’m funny, likes to eat the treats that i bake, leftist (23-29, in nyc). Reply here.

EARLY THIRTIES JEWISH LESBIAN SEEKING COMMUNITY, COMFORT AND JEWISH JOY. Located on the North Shore of Boston. Let’s just be queer and Jewish together. Reply here.

24 Y/O NJG LOOKING FOR LOVELY JEWISH FRIENDS (Melbourne, AUS). Happy with a pen pal or in person — I enjoy hiking, baking challah, traveling, spending time with my cat, art and picnics! Let me know if you want to connect. Reply here.

LIKES CHICKPEAS, ZEMIROT AND ETYMOLOGY (25/F/London). looking for a nice frum boy for an oat latte/museum date combo. is this you? message me! Reply here.

NJ-FLIGHTGIRL LOOKING FOR NJ-FLIGHTBOY! We met on 4/25/22 flying United from Europe to the US & landed at EWR. I won’t say which country we flew from, you tell me. I think of you often and wonder if you think of me too. If you think you are the person I’m looking for, please get in touch. If you know someone who flew on this date, help a gal out ❤️ Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on November 30, 2023:

JEWISH GIRL LOOKING FOR A HANUKKAH MIRACLE (23). Going to be in Barcelona and Seville over Hanukkah this year and am hoping to find some young Jewish people to light the menorah with! Reply here.

NJB LOOKING FOR AN ADVENTURE PARTNER (29M, Jerusalem). Liberal orthodox guy looking for a NJG to go on hiking, baking and watching rom-coms on the couch adventures with. Bonus points if you geek out over meteor showers! Reply here.

ISO A NJB IN THE AREA AROUND UMBC (20F). Must be between the ages 20-22 and love video games, science, soccer and musical theater. I am wheelchair-bound so must be accepting of people with disabilities. Reply here.

MID-30S COUPLE WITH A V CUTE TODDLER (Central Illinois) looking for other Jewish friends of any age or background to do Shabbats with. Haven’t met a local Jew since moving here and it’s lonely y’all! Reply here.

PANSEXUAL KITCHEN WITCH (36) in CDMX seeking queer hottie to do the dishes. must love: hugging trees, petting dogs and living room dance parties. Reply here.

NONBINARY TRANS MASC FRESH CONVERT (32/southeast TX) looking for folks in a similar place who would be open to meeting up for coffee or joining a game of DnD. Reply here.

REFORM LONDON TRANSPLANT BACK IN THE MOTHER CITY UNTIL MARCH (M/33/Cape Town). Open to dating/meeting Mr. Right-Stein. Friendship with any gender would also be nice. I love walks on Sea Point prom, mountain hikes, delis, local Jewish history and movies at the Labia. Reply here.

ANDROGYNOUS AFAB NONBINARY ISO OF MY BASHERT (47/NYC/East Coast). Into reading gossipy biographies, 70s/80s camp culture, Turkish food, classic rock and dance music. Trying to get into long walks and meditation. You should be 35+, queer/lesbian, somewhat masc-identifying. My Instagram profile for yours. Reply here.

QUEER EUROPEAN JEWESS IN SE LONDON (early 30s) would be keen to start a Shabbat dinner potluck. Challah and chill! Holla at me if this sounds like your shtick. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on November 16, 2023:

EXPAT JEWISH GIRL BASED IN ROME, ITALY (20-something). i am discovering my jewish roots and looking to celebrate my first hanukkah! Reply here.

NJG ISO A TRAVEL BUDDY OR SOMETHING MORE IN NZ IN DECEMBER/JANUARY (27). Bonus points if you like to camp and are down to skip a few showers. Starting on the South Island and will be making my way to the North Island. Reply here.

CHICAGO-BASED NJB SEEKING FELLOW NJB (22). Let’s go hiking, travel the world, watch my pitiful sports teams, eat way too many latkes or beef brisket (or both 😉 ), ask each other ridiculous out-of-pocket questions about life and get sloppy in a gay bar. Bonus points if you speak Spanish or Hebrew — I want to learn!! Reply here.

NJG SEEKING COMMUNITY IN SYDNEY, AU (28). Not the most traditional, but I bake rugelach with the best of them. Would love to come to shul with you xx Reply here.

N(ERDY)JB IN TORONTO (31). Widowed (but still a real hoot), not-so-new Scottish expat seeking a NJG or fellow grief buddy. Looking for someone to bake with/for, explore the best bites in the city together and talk useless trivia. Accent included. Reply here.

BUTCH DOCTOR LOOKING FOR HER FEMME LOVER (late 20s/Denver). Bonus if you’ll go to a drag show with me! Reply here.

QUEENS NJB LOOKING FOR HIS QUEEN ESTHER, MINUS THE PATRIARCHY (30M). Wanting to settle down with NJG. Bonus points if you love dancing and can help find the best kugel in New York. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH PRIMATOLOGIST (24, she/her). Reform NJGoth from the Chicago suburbs, newly living in Austin for my PhD. Looking for Jewish friends and maybe my bashert if you happen to be out there. You can count on me for fun primate facts, homemade latkes and emergency bagel runs (although I urgently need someone to reveal where the best ATX bagels are hiding). Reply here.

LOOKING TO START A JEWISH CO-OP IN THE CAMBERVILLE AREA! We’re a small group of Jews (and one cat) ranging from our twenties to forties. We range in our interests from climbing and board games to Shabbos meals and going to raves. We want to come together to create an intentional space for bonding and living Jewishly. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on November 9, 2023:

MUSICAL MYSTERY MENSCH (36M/Los Angeles) seeks creative and joyful Jewess who loves kids but doesn’t want them. Let’s be the well-rested aunt and uncle who travel a lot. Reply here.

CHUTZPAH-DRIVEN DISABLED WRITER SEEKING JEWISH PEN PAL (28F). Neurospicy, LGBTQ+, anxious creatives, and cookbook-lovers/bakers encouraged; anyone interested in letters handwritten in fountain pen welcome! Stickers & goodies possible. (I could be persuaded to use old-fashioned emails/texts instead.) Reply here.

GAYSIAN JEW ISO SOMEONE LIKE YOU! (36, she/they, Brooklyn) A Korean Jewish genderqueer lesbian, good at rhyming, is looking for a lasting love connection with another 30-something NJG. Let’s be nerdy homebodies together and make kimchijeon for Hanukkah. Must love cats. (Fellow JOCs, hmu!) Reply here.

TRANSMASC WANNA-BE CONVERT STUDENT (Saint-Nazaire, France/19) looking to make Jewish friends around my age, whether online or irl. I’m currently in arts college so if you got artsy vibes or love to share, hit me up. Reply here.

TORONTO BASED TURKISH JEW (mid 20s/F) of Sephardi and Mizrahi origin. Would love to get coffee and explore the town! Open to long distance connections. I love crafts, cooking, choir music, books and traveling. Reply here.

WISCONSIN NJG (29) looking for nerdy friends. Let’s show each other pet photos and talk about books over hummus. Reply here.

ISOLATED NJG LOOKING FOR FRIENDS (LONG DISTANCE OR IN-PERSON) OR SOMETHING MORE (19F/Santiago De Chile). The community here is quite small so I don’t have many Jewish friends and I need some given everything that’s going on in the world rn. Let’s bake challah together, in-person or on Zoom 🙂 Reply here.

NJB DOCTOR (33) Miami native living in Center City, Philadelphia. Looking to find friends, NJG to date and all the above. Reply here.

SEEKING COMMUNITY IN MONTREAL. Let’s kvetch & connect. 27, nonbinary, and ready to find my tribe. Let’s meet up for bagels, banter and a bissel of fun! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on November 2, 2023:

BISEXUAL BOSTONIAN CHINESE JEWISH MUSCLE MOMMY (23). Looking for people similar and/or into heavily tattooed Jewish/Asian American women with ADHD + IBS. Neurodivergence preferred but not required. Reply here.

NJB WHO LIKES LONG WALKS ALONG LAKE (26M): I’m a fun, pretty busy guy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, looking for a NJG in her 20s. Been dating around for a few years with the goyim. Open to something with a little distance, but not too far. Enjoys going to Shabbat, sporting events and Broadway shows. Reply here.

ISOLATED JEWISH YENTA (24) in Dublin — looking for like minded people to meet up over coffee and connect with the community. Ideally looking for people who share a desire for a liberated Palestine and for peace in the Middle East 🤍 Reply here.

SEPHARDI FEMALE, POLITICALLY CONFUSED CREATIVE (30s/London) looking for company for Shabbat dinners, hang outs, discussion, museum trips. Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR A NJG IN MORMONLAND (21MTF). I’m a trans girl (still pretty early in transitioning) living in Salt Lake City, Utah and looking for a nice sapphic relationship. I like watching Star Trek, going on hikes and apparently studying all night. Don’t be a TERF, for obvious reasons. Reply here.

AMERICAN HUMANIST, ZIONIST JEW IN SCOTLAND (late-20s/nonbinary) feeling really isolated due to Edinburgh’s virtually non-existent Jewish community. I’m looking for people to connect with either in-person or even just UK/Scotland IG friends! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR A FRIEND (LONG DISTANCE OR IN-PERSON) IN THE NETHERLANDS (19F). Looking for someone to bake challah with, celebrate shabbos and just connect and talk! Reply here.

BIG APPLE BEAUTY SEEKS NJB CUTIE (25F). Looking for a guy to hold me accountable for finishing my book and to have long-winded debates over who went to the better summer camp. My family lives locally and my mom will cook you a fabulous Passover meal. Reply here.

GAY JEWISH MAN IN LONDON (31) looking for a date with a handsome, smart, funny Jew. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on October 25, 2023:

CANADIAN SEPHARDIC IN MADRID (31F) looking to connect with my community during these tense and isolating times! Happy to make some Adafina and chill. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR FRIENDS AFTER MOVING TO FAIRFAX, VA FOR GRAD SCHOOL (she/they/22). Extremely Reform and just looking for people to have a low key Shabbat / watch the Prince of Egypt with. I love cats, writing and those little fairy choose your own adventure TikToks. Reply here.

STUDENT FROM BREMEN, GERMANY (24f). as a jew in germany (half of my family is from here/half is from israel), i found it hard to find other jews to connect to! (also people that feel similar right now.) would love a penpal but also open to meet in person!! <3 Reply here.

25 Y/O ANTI-ZIONIST NJENBY IN INDIANAPOLIS LOOKING FOR COMPANY AT SHABBOS DINNERS! Come over for challah, wine and a good time as we reflect on the week that passed and ease into rest 💛 Reply here.

PASSIONATE LEFTIE ZIONIST (20s/London) looking for people to have cute shabbat dinners with, bake delicious treats (challah? apple pie? croissants?) and explore museums together! All ages and genders are welcome. Let’s celebrate culture, heritage and life’s beautiful moments. 🕊🕯🧁✨ Reply here.

AMERICAN WOMAN IN PARIS (30s) looking for friends or more to share meals and holidays, Shabbats, bake challah, cycling, nature walks and other escapes from the city. Reply here.

JEWISH SAHM IN CENTRAL TX SEEKING FRIENDSHIP, LONG-DISTANCE OR IN-PERSON (mid-30s). I love art & music, family, iced coffee and highlander romance novels. Need a human distraction from doom-scrolling and would love someone to play mah-jongg with. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR JEWISH BUDS IN WESTERN WASHINGTON (36/non-binary/Olympia). I’m in need of Jewish community, open to any form of connection from just IG friends to finding my beshert! I’m into music, art, walks, good food, movies, learning and new experiences. Let’s hang out! Reply here.

JUST YOUR EVERYDAY MONTREAL JEWISH BOY LIVING IN OTTAWA (28). Looking for a community to share Jewish joy, get up to fun shenanigans, question if Kettlemans makes the best bagels in town and find support during the unprecedented times we are living in. Reply here.

MAINE JEW (20F) hosting a Shabbat dinner in Central Maine in an effort to center community during these times. Reply here.

YOUR FAVORITE JEWITCH (25F). Book-loving, coffee-shop-going college student (located in Davis) looking for friends/pen pals. Have always wanted to have friends all around the states/world so would love to connect! Would be nice to have friends to do Shabbat dinner with! Reply here.

DC TRANSPLANT SEEKS NICE JEWISH FRIENDS IN THE BAY (34/F). Secular Jew in the East Bay ISO Jewish pals! Let’s chat about our favorite comedy podcasts, go for a hike and find the best bagels in the area. Other interests include baking, Bravo and being a general goof. Reply here.

JEWISH WOMAN IN NOLA LOOKING FOR HEBREW LESSONS (31). I’ve been wanting to improve my Hebrew and had a dear Israeli friend teaching me but he sadly moved away this past year. I want to feel more connected to my Judaism by building my confidence in my Hebrew. I’m open to any in-person or online lessons. Reply here.

MILLENNIAL JEW-ISH MOM IN WILMINGTON, NC (34) seeking fellow yenta to have fancy coffee/dinner dates with or just veg out on my couch together and complain. Reply here.

SINGLE, 40-SOMETHING WOMAN LOOKING FOR FRIENDSHIP. I’m a writer, editor, communications pro. I live in Reno, Nevada. I love to read, do embroidery and spend time with my family. Reply here.

NJG ISOLATED IN THE SOUTH WANTING TO CONNECT WITH THE TRIBE (27F). Essentially 2hrs from Charlotte or Atlanta aka the middle of nowhere. Avid reader, baker, hiker and animal lover. Conservadox. Leftist. Oh and PBS documentary watcher. Reply here.

EAST LONDON NJG (30F). If you’re also feeling depleted and isolated by recent events (and subsequent instagram repost trends, iykyk), hit me up so we can arrange some wholesome Jewish activities together! Now more than ever am I looking for Jewish friends in London and yearning for community. Reply here.

JEWISH INDIE FILMMAKER (she/her, 27) seeking like-minded creatives to make artsy and Jewish projects with. Located in San Antonio, TX but down to meetup in surrounding cities. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on October 4, 2023:

SOFT LIKE SILK CHALLAH (32) femme rabbi looking for my sapphic life hevruta. fall in love deeply and suddenly, will shower you with taurus energy and good communication. in the philly area but open to other spaces. looking for 30+ ppl of all genders, plz know what you want. must love dogs + glitter. Reply here.

SEEKING FRIENDS IN CAMBRIDGE UK: British-Israeli in her twenties looking for friends and/or other couples to speak Hebrew with and celebrate some Shabbats and the fun holidays with. Love cooking, binge-watching TV and dog walks. Anyone with a good gluten-free recipe for challah also welcome. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH GIRL FROM MEXICO (18F) seeking love or friends for penpal fun! Looking for new friends or a NJB to talk about books, culture and food. Let’s exchange recipes, share book recommendations and send each other long letters! Reply here.

CHAOTIC LEFTIST JEWESS SEEKING SIMILAR. Big-haired bisexual early 30s New York native living in Pittsburgh, PA. Cat mom of two w/ a dark sense of humor and a penchant for baking. Looking for a kind, emotionally intelligent progressive to go on long walks, eat babka and watch Crossing Delancey. Reply here.

JEWISH GIRL LOOKING FOR SOME MIZRAHI PALS TO EMBRACE HER HERITAGE (Boston/20-something). My family is Moroccan but assimilated pretty hard in the last generation and I just want to embrace my culture! Hit me up if you are Mizrahi and want to start a Mizrahi in Boston group! Reply here.

NJB NERDY DOG DAD (26) looking for a 20-something NJG to cook for and go to concerts with. Can be found trying out new recipes, reading Percy Jackson or exploring Chicago — show me your favorite “hidden gem” spot! Reply here.

NYC LEFTY IN SEARCH OF LUST AND LOVE (29M). Seeking an intellectual and adventurous woman into politics, pegging and poetry. Let’s take refuge from the world while trying to change it for the better. Please be COVID-conscious. If interested, send your favorite outdoor spot for a first date. Reply here.

ASHKENAZI NJG IN DETROIT LOOKING FOR FEMME & QUEER JEWISH PALS (27) I’m a fun-loving Jewitch in search of Jewish friends! I did not grow up religious so I’ve been exploring on my own what it means to be a Jew. Looking for friends who like to go on walks, read tarot, go to concerts and attend Shabbat services. Reply here.

BI NJG SEEKING QUEER NJP OF ANY GENDER (28). LA based romance + thriller novelist, Reform, nerdy in many ways, owner of super cute dog looking for a potential romantic partner for exploring LA, using AMC A-list liberally and building a life together. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on September 28, 2023:

SOON-TO-BE KIWI (22F) LOOKING FOR JEWISH PALS: Moving to Auckland in January and hoping to build intentional, progressive Jewish community. I love coffee, spending all my money on travel and blending my religious practices and leftist politics. Reply here.

DENVER NJB LOOKING FOR A NJG TO DO CUTE FALL ACTIVITIES AND CO-ACTIVITIES WITH (23). Can be found at the botanical gardens, a local museum or a thrift store. I love early morning hikes, baking, skiing, bouldering and nights in watching movies. If we get along I can make you nice Shabbat dinners w/challah. Reply here.

TORONTO NJG (24) grad student, recently appointed student body president, and seasoned DM looking for a person of any gender who’d be down to eat cake from Sobeys on a whim. Bonus if you have a piano at home 🙂 I’ll impress you with my extensive knowledge of Queen’s discography (this is unrelated to the piano). Reply here.

30+ JEWISH LATINA (she/her, Berlin, Germany) into visual arts, photography and sporty-nature activities searching for a “Mensch”: same age range male~boyfriend material/sb open to commitment (or more). Someone to keep Jewish traditions with (and break them in the sheets). Would consider relocating. Reply here.

SEPHARDI WEIRDO (28F) MOVING TO PORTLAND, OR FROM AZ WITH MY PARTNER (34M). Looking for other interracial/interfaith couples and other friends for low-key Shabbat dinners and cozy winter vibes. Help us make Portland home! Reply here.

GENDERQUEER YESHIVA FELLOW LOOKING FOR ROOMIES, APARTMENTS OR FRIENDS IN NYC (22/he/they). Moving to the Big Apple from Ohio to learn Torah and teach Hebrew school. Looking for apartment leads if you have them, but mostly looking for people with whom I can enjoy a coffee or a walk or a Shabbos meal. Reply here.

SOUTHERN CELIAC SWEETHEART SEEKING A NJB. Early 20s Ashkenazi gal seeking a nice, gluten-free dinner with a genuine guy. Tennessee is dragging me down so I am willing to move when we inevitably fall in love and get married. Be whatever, just don’t be conservative. Reply here.

ANGELENO IMA SEEKING MOM FRIENDS (36F). East Coaster in Pico-Robertson looking for “shul-curious, but also might brunch on Shabbat” mom friends to find the actual best bagel in LA. Bonus if you like art museums, live music, girl dinners with wine and kvetching over infertility struggles. Reply here.

SEEKING SHALOMIES (23/F/Iowa). Reform conversion student looking for friends to bake challah with, do some Torah study, learn to wrap a tichel or just kvetch. Long distance welcome. I’m into TV shows about gay pirates, writing bad poetry and always having a little treat. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on September 21, 2023:

DALLAS AREA NJB LOOKING FOR A NJG TO BE THE YEE TO MY HAW (25M). I enjoy expensive coffees, long walks and traveling to new places. Looking for a trivia partner & someone to kvetch about family with 🥰 Would be open to long distance. Reply here.

THE DATING APPS AREN’T WORKING SO IT’S TIME TO LOOK CONFUSED ON HEY ALMA. Early 30s Ashkenazi Leftist babe (she/her, Seattle, WA) searching for sweet dates and pals. Into homemade challah, cozy bookstores, Jewish ritual and deep-cut Buffy the Vampire Slayer references. Not into diet culture, TERFS or SWERFS. Reply here.

NJ EXPAT GIRL (37) IN SEARCH OF NJM (NICE JEWISH MOM) PEN PAL! Currently living in Denmark and missing American Jewish life. Looking for a mom friend to kvetch, celebrate and be neurotic about raising kids. Reply here.

CHICAGO JEWESS (40) with a strong sense of humor and love of matzah ball soup seeks connection in this thing called life with like-minded male identifying people. Reply here.

JEW BY CHOICE LOOKING FOR FRIENDS — AND MAYBE MORE — OF ALL GENDERS (29F/Dallas). I’m in the process of converting and want to immerse myself in Jewish culture. I enjoy anything artsy-fartsy, tabletop games (bonus points if you enjoy D&D, I need someone to teach me), yoga, finding new coffee shops, horror stuff and volunteering. Reply here.

NJG IN PHILLY (27) looking for a NJB to co-parent a cat, eat our way through the city and watch reality TV with. Into crafts, cooking, museums and road trips. Not afraid of horses is a plus. Reply here.

30BI NJG SEEKS SPOUSE (LI/NYC). I like Disney, baking, old movies and D&D. You like whatever, just be Reform with a 401k. I don’t want kids. Must be considerate, easygoing and passionate about our relationship. I need a “Yes dear” in the streets so I can “Yes Daddy” in the sheets. Serious inquiries only. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR INSOMNIAC FRIENDS TO TALK TO (25F). Rabbit mom and lover of Star Trek. Midwest based. Reply here.

31-YR-OLD SECULAR NJG SEEKS NJB (29-40ISH) TO BUILD A FUTURE. Based in Boston, looking for love & someone to go on adventures with me & my dog. Let’s go to a game, take my dog for a hike or try a new cocktail bar! Boston is full of fun so let’s make some! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on September 14, 2023:

NJG FROM SWEDEN (20s) traveling to South America for a couple of months. Looking for a NJG to wander the desert with for 40 years, as traveling buddies or whatever else! My callings are travel, sunrise surf, live music and Googling if that one background actor actually IS Jewish (answer’s always yes). Reply here.

HALF JEWISH GAL IN ATL SEEKING A NJB (late 20s) who enjoys niche TikTok humor and long walks to Alon’s. Bonus points if your dream is to raise New York scooter children. Reply here.

21-YEAR-OLD NJB LOOKING FOR A NJG TO GO TO TEMPLE TOGETHER. I’m in the US Coast Guard and got stationed in Charleston earlier this year. I have yet to make any friends or go on any dates so if you’re in the Charleston area I’d love to hear from you 🙂 Reply here.

JEW-HAUL? (34yo she/they). Post-Soviet Jew-ish babe seeking masc-of-center sweetie pie (any gender) for good conversation, belly laughs, monogamous partnership & parenthood. Into GF cooking, Buddhism, disability justice, lake swims and cats. Currently based in Madison, WI but open to relocation. Reply here.

QUEER COUPLE ON AN EPIC CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP (both 23F) looking for buddies to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with near Lone Pine. We’ve got the honey and a soft spot for singing Avinu Malkeinu! Reply here.

GOT THE “GET” (almost 62). Newly divorced Jewish woman relocating to DC area. Seeking Jewish housemate(s) for sharing tea, conversation and apples dipped in honey. Reply here.

AMERICAN ASHKI GIRL OUT FOR HER GENTLEMENSCH: (19, she/her, cis woman seeking 18-early 20s NJB, something virtual for now). I’m a bit of an old soul. By that I mean I spend my days kvetching about “kids these days.” Care to join? Reply here.

NJB (NICE JEWISH BABE) SEEKING NJG (NICE JEWISH GUY) (29, LA). An honorary Ashkenazi after trying kugel 😉 Can be found at any independent bookstore — the romcomier the book, the better. Let’s learn Hebrew, dance, paint and play piano duets together! Ultimately looking for the Nino to my Amélie ❤️ Reply here.

LOOKING FOR A PAWRENT FRIEND? (32F, Westchester, NY). Introvert looking for friendship for nature walks with pups, shared kvetching about our partners and/or family, Jew(ish) baking, coffee & cocktail dates, book discussions and exploring Westchester! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on September 7, 2023:

NEW TO PANAMA AND LOOKING FOR MY PEOPLE! 25yo introverted New Jersey Jewess recently relocated 40min outside of Panama City for work! I heard that there is a large Jewish community here, looking for people to connect with! Hoping to make friends, find the best restaurants and overall just feel at home! Reply here.

PINK-HAIRED REFORM JEW LOOKING FOR A NICE JEWISH PERSON TO LOVE (F/mid-20s). Living in Arizona, loving life (and my cats). Ask me about the history of Jewish punk, my love for Hayley Kiyoko or about why I had my hands in a lion’s mouth for way too long. Reply here.

COVID-CONSCIOUS NJB IN NYC LOOKING FOR NJG (25M). Looking for a COVID-conscious NJG in NYC, Long Island, or the surrounding area to go on adventures with in nature, play games and pretty much anything else, all while wearing a mask indoors! Reply here.

ITALIAN SEPHARDI LOOKING FOR A NJB IN LONDON (27F). Looking for someone in their late 20s to have shabbat walks with and to give my jewish parents some peace. Reply here.

32F DEMISEXUAL WRITER IN NYC LOOKING FOR M(20S-40) TO START A MODERN ORTHODOX LIFE WITH. Trying to find a queerfriendly life partner to travel and host Shabbat meals with. Reply here.

LATE 20S NJG LOOKING FOR THE JERRY TO MY ELAINE: (Dating? Friends? Just eating a lot of diner food?). Based in the greater Boston area. Send me your worst puns and best drink recommendations! Reply here.

EARLY 20S NJB IN MASSACHUSETTS LOOKING FOR NJG. I enjoy board games, discussing politics, playing basketball and talking during movies. Will see Taylor Swift with you. Reply here.

BISEXUAL AND MIZRAHI MORTICIA-TYPE SEEKING NEW LOVE OR NEW FRIENDS IN NYC. Lateish 20s, native to Queens, obsessed with knowledge, nature and dancing 💃🏻 Can teach you how to cook if you teach me how to swim. Looking for my silly, smart and patient Gomez. Extra COVID-cautious people to the front, please. Reply here.

IT’S HARD BEING JEWISH IN THE SOUTH, SO I WOULD LIKE SOME LONG DISTANCE LOVE FOR NOW (she/her, 22). Looking for a NJB who watches films as hopelessly as I do, or can talk indie and punk like no tomorrow. I’m a director and theater educator. If we hit it off, I’ll send you my knish recipe… Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on August 31, 2023:

QUEER SOLO MUM IN LONDON (43/F/cis) looking for a NJG, ideally in London but not a necessity. A love of adventure and food is a must. Bonus points for practicing at least a sprinkle of Judaism and a dab of Buddhism. Reply here. 

REFORM JEWISH AMERICAN (female, mid-40s) married to non-Jewish French man and raising two Jewish daughters looking for family friends to celebrate Jewish holidays, Shabbat and our beautiful heritage together. Based in Lille, France near the Belgian border. Reply here. 

QUEER PUBLIC HEALTH JEWDENT SEEKING FRIENDS AND PARTNER (20/genderfluid/Walnut Valley, CA). Recent Anthropology graduate entering into Public Health Masters. Seeking fellow Jewish sweethearts with long curly hair and altruistic spirit. Likes: botanical gardens, museums, stargazing. Dislikes: smoking. Reply here. 

NJG IN COLORADO ISO A NJB (early 20s) who enjoys early morning hiking, breakfast for dinner, talking during movies, folk music and falling off of plastic rocks. Reply here. 

FTM GIYUR STUDENT LOOKING FOR COMPANY (London/18). Lover of board games, science and theology. Hater of the gov. Alternafrum. Open to all walks of life, IRL, virtual, platonic or otherwise x Reply here. 

FILM-LOVING, COFFEE-DRINKING NJG MANHATTANITE (early 20s, she/her). Short, frizzy-haired filmmaker and lover of bookstore/coffee shop combos, 70s folk music and indie movies. Looking for early to mid-20s NJB to analyze movies with, read side by side on a park bench and share stories with. Don’t worry, my grandma will love you! Reply here. 

WLW NJG (22F) looking for another NJG in the southern CT/NYC area. Let’s sing Shabbat tunes and explore bookstores! Bonus if you love hummus. If our first date goes well, I’ll let you see the dorky shul-attendee version of me! Reply here. 

WIDOWED BUT STILL FUN (32F/Boston area). Looking for friends, hot dates, grief buddies, otherwise NJPeople. Into intimate Shabbat dinners, long walks, dogs, poetry, ice cream. Attended socialist summer camp and The Eras Tour. Comfortable discussing the dark, sad, embarrassing, painfully beautiful. Reply here. 

AGNOSTIC NJG SEEKING JERSEY/NYC BASED NJB (29/Jersey City). I am a former archaeologist turned independent and outgoing foodie and travel lover, seeking a NJB (28-38) who can keep up with all the reservations I want to make. Sense of humor and confidence are a must! Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on August 24, 2023:

LIBERAL ASEXUAL MIDWESTERN NJG (23) looking to escape my comfort zone. Kosher-keeping and grew up Conservative, now fairly secular. Short social battery but lots of love for dogs, olives & nerdy stuff. Looking for a NJB willing to have silly text chats, play co-op games and take it easy with me. Reply here. 

REFORM AMSTERDAM NJB (23) looking for love. Decent (and straight) American guy with 4 years in Amsterdam! Way too into punk shows, tattoos and overanalyzing the quality of vegetables at the markets. Let’s compare b’nai mitzvah pics! Reply here. 

GAY CHAPSTICK GIRLY LOOKING FOR LOVE IN THE BIG PRETZEL (35/Philly). New to town, show me and my pup around! I play guitar, write sappy sapphic poetry and am looking forward to cool girl fall. Looking for the one 🙂 Reply here. 

NICE JEWISH BUTCH SEEKING SHALOM BAYIS (22, he/him). likes: bagels (duh), cats, art museums and late night escapades. ex-orthodox egalitarian looking to make the jewish lesbian home of my dreams! Reply here. 

NJG SEEKING NJB (London, 40-ish). I’ve been loving single life for a while. I’m ready to be with a committed partner & grow a family. I am looking for someone kind, loving and passionate. Someone, near or far, to discover great connections and experiences whilst laughing and growing with is the fire. Intimacy, honesty and a passion for learning and life are our spark. Reply here. 

CHILL NYC CORPORATE GIRLIE (28) searching for a funny, patient, caring Mauricio Umansky/Adam Sandler type. Reply here. 

AMERICAN FORMER CHEF (late 20s) recently moved to Utrecht to go back to school and looking for local friends. Likes: exploring new places, food, leftist politics, the color pink and sad indie music. Dislikes: cinnamon raisin bagels, shitty beer and movies that take themselves too seriously. Reply here. 

QUEER FEMME IN PHILLY (mid-40s) seeks masc-leaning queer woman or non-binary/GNC person for dating (& interest in monogamous relationship) who delights in food, the ocean and liberatory/radical politics. Turn me on with your self-inquiry, empathy & listening skills. Challah at me with your Jewish humor! Reply here. 

CULTURALLY JEWISH, INTROVERTED, NERDY STAY AT HOME MOM (34 y/o). I’m married to a supportive non-Jew but I’m looking for Jewish mom friends in between the East Bay and Central Valley! Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on August 17, 2023:

GOT A SINGLE FATHER, PREFERABLY WITH A WELL-HONED APPRECIATION OF THE ABSURD? Late-60s kosher pescatarian widow, music-loving, Birkenstock-wearing, self-sufficient denizen of the lower Hudson Valley looking for a man to join me in big and small adventures. Conservative Jewishly but not politically. Reply here. 

CANADIAN OLAH CHADASHA (24, she/her) seeking community in Tel Aviv. Into music, crochet and listening to people talk about their passions. Let’s explore the city, or just go to the beach (or be roommates idk). Reply here. 

MJG (MEAN JEWISH GIRL) SEEKING NIJB (NICE-ISH JEWISH BOY). Just a Susie Greene looking for my Jeff 💖 Grad student (26f, Philly) with a repertoire of useless fun facts and a reality tv addiction. I will make fun of you but will also laugh at your jokes. Let’s get drinks! Reply here. 

JEWISH THEY NEWISH TO LA (22) seeking all kinds of connections. Schitt’s Creek sun, A League of Their Own moon, The Good Place rising. My Shabbats consist of movies and milkshakes. Take me somewhere fun in LA and in exchange I’ll teach you the Jewish history of your favorite pop culture icons 🙂 Reply here. 

JEWGAL LOOKING FOR FRIENDS AND WHATNOT IN THE DC AREA TO EXPLORE (23F). Always in the mood to find a new coffee shop, revisit a museum, wander through a bookstore or debate which shop in DC has the best bagel. Reply here. 

PHILADELPHIA TRANSPLANT LOOKING FOR LOVE (29/female/bi). I moved to Philly about 1.5 years ago. I work in higher education. I love walking my dog, knitting and reading a good book. I am looking for a partner who will go on hikes, take trips outside of Philly and likes sports, specifically football. Reply here. 

LIBERAL & NERDY NJG (34) who loves being active as much as reading a book or cooking an overly complicated meal. Moving to the east bay looking for an NJB to show her the best running trails and places to kayak. Looking for a fun, active, loves a ‘make your own Shabbat’ style practice, and an intellectually and emotionally deep connection. Reply here. 

REFORM NJG IN THE DMV LOOKING FOR HUSBAND MATERIAL (33). I love lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun. Find me at the closest Shake Shack. Reply here. 

NJG IN NYC! 24 y/o curly-haired artist girly living in Manhattan looking to find her local NJB so her mom will stop asking “have you met anyone yet?” Likes: bway, sushi, dogs, someone w/ a sense of humor. Dislikes: delayed subways, peanut butter, being gluten intolerant (meet me at Modern Bread & Bagel?). Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on August 10, 2023:

JOIN ME ON A ROAD TRIP ACROSS THE U.S. TO THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY JEWISH SPOTS. Free this fall/spring? I, J 30 y/o WOC, artsy, language nerd, seek a musical driving buddy to hit it off and hit the road with. Driving is a must, friendship a dream, & mi yodea – maybe down the road love will be a bonus track. Reply here. 

BISEXUAL GRAD STUDENT IN TALMUD, WRITER, AND FUTURE FARMER (30M) looking for a partner and/or penpal of any gender. Located in upstate NY but frequently in the city. Let’s talk poetry, Kropotkin, vegetables, punk music, rabbinic literature, Fran Drescher’s best outfits, or whatever you’re passionate about. I’ll use my best stationary on you. Reply here. 

FEMME ENBY THERAPIST AND ARTIST SEEKING LOCAL MONOGAMISH PARTNER OR QUEER FRIENDS FROM ANYWHERE (29/San Diego). 420 friendly and music festival regular. (I also make killer cupcakes.) Let’s be sensitive together! Reply here. 

NICE JEWISH TRANS GIRL (25, Austin, TX) looking for a Nice Jewish Polyamorous Partner. Looking for someone kind and observant of Jewish traditions in their own way. I like reading books about Jewish philosophy, playing tabletop games, and going on pleasant bike rides. I’m politically active in progressive spaces and could talk about public transit for hours. My ideal first date would be a picnic in the park (preferably in the shade). Reply here. 

CAMPFIRE VIBES SEEKS SAME (42F for M, NYC). Loves to gather, ignite and generate warmth and sparks. Also loves: ferryboats, hammocks, cocktails, truly good talk, liberatory justice, joyful messiness and crowded-table family of many kinds. Looking for a beautiful balance of intimacy and independence with the right guy – maybe together we burn even brighter? Reply here. 

EARLY 20S NY JEW (he/they) looking for love and other ex-frummies in the big city. Gender? I hardly know her. I am passionate about pizza, Jewish languages, and film photography. Let’s go to Yiddish concerts and read old sci-fi together. Reply here. 

JEWISH LEFTIST IN SEARCH OF LIKE-MINDED JEWS IN PROVIDENCE (23/M). Been living in Providence for almost a year and am struggling to find like-minded people to do things with (romantic + platonic). I volunteer at the Red Ink Community Library, work for the USPS, and usually have free afternoons. Reply here. 

ACTRESS LOOKING FOR LIFE PARTNER (22). I prefer a fellow artist or someone in my industry. Los Angeles based. Lebanese. Bonus if middle eastern or Israeli roots. Reply here. 

LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN CENTRAL JERSEY (25F). Let’s bake challah, watch movies, go to cute cafes and craft festivals, and take trips into the city. Reform/being OK with interfaith is preferred (perhaps necessary), as is preferring to go get ice cream over going to a bar. Also I’m anti-diet culture, liberal, and into intersectional feminism. Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on August 2, 2023:

NJB VERSION OF ORANGE CAT LOOKING FOR THE NJB VERSION OF BLACK CAT (19/Bay Area/Valley in California). I love to write, read and binge watch. I love to be funny and I love to laugh. I’m a diabetic and would love to/need to be with a nurse. I’m in the bay area and only looking for something serious 🧐. Reply here. 

WINDY CITY NJG (31) seeking partner in crime to win at trivia night, take walks along the lakefront, and debate where the best Chinese food in the city is. Bonus points if he likes comics and can speak a second language! Reply here. 

ACE WILLOW LOOKING FOR HER TARA OR OZ (30F, bi-romantic, asexual). Living 15-45 minutes, depending on traffic, south of Boston. Likes books, both reading and buying, and traveling as often as possible. Hoping to find that romantic someone to join me on excursions, including finding all the bagels! Reply here. 

JEWISH LESBIAN LOOKING FOR A MONOGAMOUS LADY/ENBY PARTNER (24, Philadelphia). Likes: animals (ask me about my cat!), scented candles, tattoos. Passionate about the color yellow. Let’s laugh together <3 Reply here. 

NJB FOR NJG (29, LA). I’m in the arts w/ a few hidden tattoos, which makes me edgy enough for you but tame enough for my future MIL. Let’s enjoy our pre-global warming deaths with movies and museums. I’ll wait in line at Courage Bagels for us if you come to my improv shows (I know, I’m so sorry). Reply here. 

LET’S MAKE OUR LOVE STORY A JEWISH HALLMARK MOVIE (26/F). NJG ready for love in Philly/Jersey. Me: Crafty and outgoing teacher. You: ambitious, left-leaning NJB with a great sense of humor. Must love dogs as my Yorkie and I are a package deal. Joke submissions required for applicant to be considered. Reply here. 

CALI QUEER JEWISH QUEEN (32, femme enby, socal) looking for a long term relationship. I’m currently a Reform jew but would love to become more frum. I love reading, watching reality tv, and walking at the beach. Open to long distance. Looking for a spiritual, fun, devoted, deep connection of any gender. Reply here. 

CHEEKY NJG (late 30s) seeking NJB partner in the Boston area. Fun-loving, quick-witted, and cooking enthusiast. Loves trash TV & coffee. Looking for a partner who’s down-to-earth, kind-hearted, and a little bit snarky. Let’s spark joy together! Reply here. 

LESBIAN PHD STUDENT IN CHICAGO LOOKING FOR A LONG-TERM PARTNER (23). Hoping to raise dogs and, someday, a child in Yiddish. Excited about literary translation, baking, and creating inclusive, vibrant Jewish community. Let’s trade poems! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on July 27, 2023:

NJB GRANOLA JEW (24) who’s been traveling solo / couchsurfing between San Diego / PHL / CHI / anywhere with friends, and wants a travel buddy. LOVES Radical Amazement (but raised under USY/Ramah). Must be good with lack of plans, love for animals & hiking & other cheap travel. Got any plans? Reply here.

SILLY JEWISH GIRL SEEKING LOVE OR FRIENDS OF ANY GENDER (22F). New to Bay Area from Chicago! Occupation: Band Director. Hobbies: Hiking/camping, board games, amateur crafting and talking about Jewish overnight camp. Bagel: everything bagel, chive cheese, capers, onion, cucumber and lox. Reply here. 

QUEER FEMME SPORTY JEWESS (30s, London) seeks romantic or platonic connections. Monogamish, non-monogamish, we’ll see. Let’s laugh, kvetch, fight injustice and eat home-cooked Ottolenghi. Up for adventures, into kindness, not really into Talmud. Yom Kippur is my favorite day of the year. Reply here. 

LONESTAR NJG SEEKING NJB TO BE CURIOUS WITH (20). Born, raised and living in Austin, Texas. Let’s try to understand each other and the world and have fun doing it. I’m currently learning more about ecology, constitutional law and Jewish studies. Include your favorite music in your reply! Reply here. 

JEWISH ARIZONA STUDENT LOOKING FOR A DANCE PARTNER (19F). Seeking Jewish cowboy in Phoenix metro area to swing dance with every now and then. I’ll teach you some of my moves and you teach you some of yours. Preferably someone early 20s. Reply here. 

SHE/THEY MIDWESTERN CAMP COUNSELOR SEEKS JEWISH FRIENDS/COMMUNITY ON STUDY ABROAD THIS FALL (20/studying in Quito, Ecuador). Let’s explore or have Shabbat dinner together. Ask me about my pet worms, temporary tattoo collection or favorite poems. Reply here. 

EASYGOING MEXICAN FEMALE NEW TO TEL AVIV (27) looking for friends to hang out around town with. Get a couple of drinks, sunbathe on Gordon Beach or have a deep talk over a few shawarmas with me. I’ll even cook some enchiladas for you, if that’s your cup of tea 🙂 Reply here. 

AGENDER PARISIAN OMW TO CONVERT TO JUDAISM (21). Would love to create friendships with queers practicing Judaism or people that convert! I need a community<3 Reply here. 

NICE JEWISH LESBIAN LOOKING FOR LIKE-MINDED HVNY JEWS (22). Likes: dogs, museums, Israeli breakfasts. lover of music, art and all things creative. Mainly looking for positive friendships, interesting connections and short term fun 🙂 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on July 13, 2023:

NJG SEEKING FELLOW KVETCHERS IN THE TWIN CITIES (28) Seeking pals or maybe more. Looking to explore new places and kvetch about family, politics, bagels, etc. Reply here. 

FRENCH NJB LOOKING FOR NICE JEWISH QUEER (late 20s/Nice, France) Chinese medicine practitioner, Conservadox Jew (égalitarian) with a Reform mentality. Enjoys cooking, walking, swimming and rollerblading. Looking to build a nice relationship over the long term. Reply here. 

LATE BOOMER NY JEWESS (60s) Vivacious, statuesque, professional, solvent mom of grownups seeks an equal partner of any gender to indulge in art, music, books, comfort, exploration and life. Solid libido a plus – senses of humor and spontaneity are vital. Reply here. 

UES KAB SHAB: My friend and I (recent grads, castaway Hillel leaders) are starting an Upper East Side Friday night minyan. Why let Brooklyn get all the fun? Vibes: egal, progressive, lots of singing, veggie potluck. All ages welcome, expect early 20s energy. We’d love to chat if you think you’d vibe! Reply here. 

NICE JEWISH COWGIRL LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REAL (22F) Austin based cat mom looking for my nice Jewish dreamboat. Lover of all genders. Medium (Conservative) Jew in grad school studying to be a therapist (basically your mom’s dream). Talk Yiddish to me. Reply here. 

SEEKING BESTIE, BAGEL, AND/OR BASHERT (25F/eastern Alabama/western Georgia) Grad student with blue hair doing her best, about to pursue a M.A. in history. Looking for friends (and possibly more)! I’m into writing, hiking, historical costuming and houseplants. Let’s exchange old-timey recipes from our grandmas and get just a little lost in a state park? Reply here. 

QUEER, NEWLY SINGLE JEWISH MOM OF TWO SEEKING FRIENDSHIP OR MORE (38/Detroit) Gender isn’t a dealbreaker and I’m hoping to find a fellow LGBTQ+ Jew (30-48). Reform, progressive, inclusive and looking for someone to be the poppyseeds on the everything bagel that is my life. Reply here. 

PHILLY JEW LOOKING FOR MORE PHILLY JEWS (26F) I’m looking for more Jewish friends in the City of Brotherly Love! Let’s go get coffee and walk through Rittenhouse, binge watch SATC and find the best bagel in the city! Only requirement is that you must laugh at my jokes! Reply here. 

NJG MOVING TO BOSTON FROM LONDON (20) I already have my NJB  (sorry!) but would love to find friends in the Local Jewish community, and maybe roommates?! I’d also love to keep in contact after I move back – maybe even penpals!! Queer friendly, Reform, mildly religious. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on July 6, 2023:

A VERMONT JEW IN SEARCH OF FRIENDS. Genderfluid, neurodivergent, reconstruction-ish 32yo Jew new to Vermont looking for friends online or in the Burlington area! Enjoys metal, dogs, outside, Zelda, Jewish folklore, and complaining. Covid conscious. Bonus if you’re learning/want to learn Yiddish. Reply here. 

NJG SEEKING FRIENDS AND POSSIBLY MORE IN RENO, NV (36). Reform, tattooed, graduate student who enjoys grabbing any kind of drink, discussing books and movies, and checking out local events and hiking spots. Reply here. 

HISTORIAN NJB COLLEGE COWBOY LOOKING FOR A NJG (23M/San Antonio, TX). Just a Texan Jew looking for love. Prefer to be in SA but fine with a partner in Austin or Houston areas. I am Modern Orthodox but grew up Reform and seeking a Jewish girl of any movement. Reply here. 

ISO URBAN KIBBUTZNIKS IN BROOKLYN. Family with two kids (7 and 2) in Bed Stuy looking to build intergenerational intentional Jewish community. Let’s share resources, childcare, Shabbat meals, and more. It takes a village, so let’s build one. Reply here. 

QUEER 30-SOMETHING NJG LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN THE DMV (32, she/her). Recent NoVa transplant looking to find a theater or museum buddy or someone to go to shul with on Friday nights. Reply here. 

I’LL BRING THE FARMERS MARKET VEGGIES, YOU BRING YOUR FAVORITE PLAYLIST. 30 y/o woman new to New York City seeking community for casual Shabbat dinners, low key hangs and general summer exploring. Let’s build some sweet Jewish community together! Reply here. 

JEWISH LESBIAN NEW TO THE SOUTH BAY AREA (22) seeking queer, leftist, creative folks to build community with! Open to friends, whirlwind romances, mysterious dinner party guests, and sworn enemies. Bonus points for reformed theater kids and knowing where to find a decent bagel out here. Reply here. 

BISEXUAL FEMALE LOOKING FOR MORE FRIENDS IN THE PHILADELPHIA AREA (20). Possibly looking for more than friends if the right NJB comes along. Looking to go out (or even stay in) and for friends to eat the baked goods I make! Reply here. 

MID 20S NJG LOOKING FOR NJB IN BOSTON. I’m nerdy, opinionated, and a great hostess. Looking to explore new bars + museums in the area, and bond over mutual loves of travel, comic books, and the gym. Cat lovers please apply. Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on June 29, 2023:

PRE-EVERYTHING TRANSFEMME LOOKING FOR QUEER JEWISH ROMANCE IN ATLANTA (22, she/they). Soon-to-be college grad looking for someone who loves bagels, concerts, and talking all things nerdy. Bonus if you like animals 🙂 Reply here.

JUST A JEWISH GIRL LOOKING FOR AN NJB SO MY MOM LEAVES ME ALONE!!! (20/CT). Raised Reform and would love a friend to go to synagogue with! I like hiking and yoga and reading a lot. Reply here. 

CIS QUEER JEWISH FEMME (34, London) looking for more local friends because mine keep selfishly moving out of London. Let’s have gentle hangs, run errands together, see movies, swim, and chat about intergenerational trauma over good coffee/food/organised indoor projects. Reply here. 

LATE 20S DUDE IN BROOKLYN (Prospect Heights area) looking for community in the form of secular-leaning Shabbats! I’ll bring the wine and the vibes. Reply here. 

ISO A NJZ (NICE JEWISH ZEYDE) FOR MY BUBBIE (80 years young, Boston area). Anyone with a zeyde out there in search of an adventurous gal? My bubbie makes a mean (dense) matzah ball soup, loves cruising, traveling and skiing — and went skydiving for her 80th bday. Looking for a nice man to ~merge Costco memberships~ as the kids say. Must love to travel. Bonus points if he’s Canadian! Reply here. 

QUEER NJG LOOKING FOR NJB OR NJG IN PHILLY/SOUTH JERSEY AREA (early 20s). Currently studying to be a therapist. Kind of a nerd but in a cool way. Has a cat and a turtle. Looking for someone who respects a non-traditional Jew with tattoos, is politically liberal, and willing to have a Spielberg movie marathon together. Reply here. 

NJG LOOKING FOR LUV. Early 20s, New England-based, aspiring anarch-ish community organizer seeking a partner of any gender to share a lovely Jewish life with. Must love cats and appreciate my cooking and baking skills. I’ll marry you on the spot if you can help me learn Yiddish. Reply here. 

SEEKING ROOMMATE IN NYC! Queer, Jewish 26-year-old working in medicine seeking roommate for August 1! Would love to live with other (queer) Jews seeking a calm, clean, happy, lox-filled home. Reply here. 

FRESHLY-32 NYC PHD JEWISH LADY LOOKING FOR COMMUNITY. Recent transplant to NYC looking to diversify my activities (the hermit tendencies are strong with this one). Searching for some friends to go out with, have movie nights, and share baked goods. Hit me up and let’s hang out! Reply here. 

Reply to a classified posted on June 22, 2023:

QUEER SCI-FI WRITER SEEKS FEMME BASHERT (41/F/California) My ideal family is a poly one with music, nature, poetry and many kids. I am a lay leader at a synagogue who cooks, knits, makes art and is sexy. I have a wonderful husband (he won’t be involved) and a musical mensch of a toddler. Long distance ok. Reply here.

LATINA JEW LOOKING FOR LOVE IN CHICAGO (25F) Searching for a man who loves going out to dance and listening to live music as much as a cozy cooking night at home or reading together at a bar. Bonus if you speak Spanish too and love the lake as much as I do. Reply here.

GEEKY QUEER AUTISTIC OTD IN JERUSALEM (28, he/they) looking for a relationship or friends of similar age. I am a massive nerd, love books, science, history, D&D, comics and animals (I have a cat). Let’s get high, watch shows and eat non-kosher. Reply here.

NICE RUSSIAN JEWISH LESBIAN SEARCHING FOR ANOTHER NICE JEWISH LESBIAN (20). Atheist and observes some holidays but from a Russian Jewish secular family. Goes to college in MA but originally from NY. I love reading, watching movies and you must be into hockey (I’ll get you into it don’t worry). Reply here.

YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN (24M) New York Jew. Ivy League-educated. Hillel president. PhD student in the Boston area. Something of a scientist myself. Searching for my MJ. Reply here.

TRANS-FEYGELE IN TECH LOOKING FOR AN ENERGETIC TYPE-B PERSON TO RELAX INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH (30). Must love dogs, the outdoors and egg bagels with scallion cream cheese. Reply here.

NJENBY PROFESSIONAL SEEKING LOCAL FRIENDS/LOVE INTERESTS (27, they/he) Just moved to Princeton, NJ from NYC & looking to explore the area w/other queer, lefty, creative Jews! Bonus points for musicians, foodies, D&D players and Pete Seeger fans. Reply here.

PUSHING 30 GAY JEW FROM SEATTLE (29M) looking for NJB to tell me my jokes are funny (or not!) and hang out with my mom. I bake, I sing and write songs and recently discovered I’m a jock! Join me for yoga, long walks, eating cake, drinking coffee and obsessing over the time RuPaul wore a Magen. Reply here.

CO-PARENT MY HOUSEPLANTS? (25/F/Storrs, CT) Ecology PhD student is looking for a green-thumbed hero willing to partake in silly themed parties, cozy morning snuggles, elaborate dinners and good banter. Mostly in search of a friends-to-lovers situation with good communication & lots of sweetness but open to any type of community in CT!! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on June 8, 2023:

RECENTLY MOVED TO ISRAEL (Jerusalem/Tel Aviv/28/M) for a postdoc in math, looking for new friends of either gender/female romantic partner. Very typically nerdy: read lots of books of every kind, know lots of science etc. Reply here.

ASIAN AMERICAN JEWISH GAL LOOKING FOR ANOTHER JEWISH UNICORN (28). Raised Conservative (Jewish, not politically) and want someone to sit next to at the High Holidays but will also grab a cheeseburger with me. I love going to the movies, exploring new bookstores, and eating Thai food. Originally from LA, which I miss dearly. Make great matzah ball soup and muffins. Reply here.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY SEEKING SUNDAY NIGHT HBO WATCH PARTNER (29F/Austin). Wanna take our dogs to the park? Looking for a values-driven NJB who’ll join me for concerts, bar trivia, farmers market trips, and any chance to cheer on our fave teams. Let’s risk our lactose intolerance & grab queso together. Reply here.

CHRONICALLY ILL CONVERT IN SEARCH OF OTHER QUEER FRIENDS, DATES, AND PEOPLE TO STUDY WITH (23). Located in eastern Maryland, open to virtual and in-person meeting. A lover of cats, art history, crochet, and coffee. I don’t have a lot of other Jewish people in my life, please help me amend that! Reply here.

QUEER SEEKING PORTLAND COMRADES (18ftm) moving to Portland, OR this fall, looking for radical queer Jews to be nerdy and fight capitalism with. Likes books, d&d, and Jewish history/folklore. Can also babysit if needed. Reply here.

HOT RUSSIAN-SPEAKING JEWISH GIRL ORIGINALLY FROM KYIV (22) looking for a pretty good-looking 22 y/o boy from Long Island. Must be a computer programmer, enjoy staying in and watching Arrested Development, and strong desire to be happily married and have 3 amazing children. Bonus if you grow a beard. Reply here.

FLORIDA EXPAT ISO OTHER JEWISH, LACTOSE INTOLERANT CHEESEHEADS. Madison, WI based interfaith couple (22F, 23M) seeking fun, friends, and Shabbos dinner invites. Freshly moved for my fiancé’s tech job, I’ve found myself lonely and wanting friends of my own. lovers of reality tv, thrifting, and moscato — look no further! I want to be your friend! (So does my dog!) Reply here.

VERS SCHMEAR SEEKING VERS BAGEL (31). NYC based, romantic NJ(gay)B seeking same. Working full time as an art curator. Let’s play tennis, watch scary movies (or not!), call each other beautiful, cuddle, go for walks, and enjoy the spoils of life together. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 25, 2023:

NJB LOOKING FOR NJG TO TAKE ON ADVENTURES AND BUILD A HOME (28M/Toronto) Currently thinking of getting new kittens, expanding & connecting with my Jewish roots & pursuing a real estate career. Nerdy at heart, with a love for art, music & philosophy. I will make you roll your eyes with puns, so be ready. Reply here.

OUTDOORSY JEW & A CAT (26F) living in Oakland, looking for a NJB who enjoys hiking & who will always bring the snacks when we wander through the desert. Reply here.

EARNEST SEMI-FERAL JEWESS SEEKS CONSISTENT, JOYFUL, COMMUNICATIVE WEIRDO (36/cis woman in San Francisco/Bay Area) Warm, generous, kind lover of fun, movement, cats, delicious food, bodies of water, being present in the moment & witty banter. I’m looking for a partner in love, parenthood, adventure, conversation, intellectual, artistic & physical exploration, etc. Reply here.

JEWISH GUY SEEKING LA GAL (29M, Los Angeles) I’ve realized the type of person I want to date probably reads Hey Alma! Los Feliz-based lawyer who loves karaoke, public transit & long walks swapping from podcasts to sad girl music. Looking for a partner for dancing, hikes & hosting Shabbat dinners 🙂 Reply here.

CONVERT LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN BRAZIL (30F) This Jew-by-choice-in-the-making is looking for people interested in swapping tacky Shabbat Shalom gifs, having meaningful conversations, tagging along for movies & plays, & also kvetching a lot! If you’re located in São Paulo, SP, I can also bake you challahs & give you flowers. All ages & identities welcome! Reply here.

NJG IN LAW SCHOOL SEEKING NJFS (NICE JEWISH FRIENDS) IN PHILLY!! (20F) Moving to Philly this August for law school & need some friends in Philly! Let’s be friends if you like hyper-specific Spotify playlists, exploring the city, being silly or just having a good time 🙂 Reply here.

NICE JEWISH FTM QUEER (28) looking for someone in Montreal to settle down with. I am traditional & secular. I’m looking for someone nice who I can vibe & connect with. Reply here.

COMIC-LOVING GOOFBALL WEARS HIS HEART ON HIS SLEEVE (31/NYC) ISO a future wife who will answer thoughtful questions like, if cats could read, what would they think of Garfield? Love spirited debate, Friday night dinners & catching a Saturday matinee. Into applesauce on my latkes, sour cream need not apply. Reply here.

ISO NEW FRIENDS IN ISRAEL! (28F)  Just moved to Tel Aviv from the States & in search of new friends who like to build community, watch trashy reality TV, eat dairy even though it hurts their stomach, go for long walks on the beach & host extravagant Shabbat dinners! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on May 11, 2023:

WEIRD, QUEER, DIASPORIST JEW-WITCH (33/enby) settling in Madrid for the foreseeable future. I work remotely for Jewish orgs, but miss IRL community. Dreaming up new rituals that are grounded in this land & seeking kindreds for hikes, bike rides, karaoke, radical seders & long, meandering Shabbat dinners. Reply here.

GOTHIC ROCKER JEW (43M) Work in IT, currently living in Chicago, originally from Miami. Looking for someone loving my age or younger. Want kids & to raise them Jewish. Don’t eat pork or shellfish. Don’t mix milk & meat. Willing to relocate. Reply here.

SECULAR TATTOOED NJB IN PORTLAND, OREGON (34) looking for interesting conversation, chill vibes & a partner for both movie nights & adventures. Reply here.

POST-DENOMINATIONAL JEW LIVING IN BERKELEY, CA (32F) looking for the sweetie who wants to build that poetry kibbutz together. East coast native, but got that West Coast vibe now. Big fan of intention. Here for the long walks & long convos about books, liberation, living a life of integrity, is love really blind — all the cultural discourse. Reply here.

IN SEARCH OF NJB WHO LIKES THE WINDOW SEAT (F/mid-20s/Israel/traditional) Like the window? Great, then we won’t have to argue (over that at least) when traveling. I’ll be in the aisle, either sitting or dressed in white 👰‍♀️ Open to long distance. Reply here.

JEW-ISH GAL MOVING FROM SF & STARTING GRAD SCHOOL (25/Richmond, VA) looking for friends & roommates!! Live with me if you like trying new coffee shops, hiking, watching trash reality shows & simultaneously crying bc of grad school! Reply here.

N(ISH)JG, LOOKING FOR A NJB IN THE BALTIMORE AREA (30) Must love dogs, hockey & reproductive freedom. Looking for a perfect blend of wanting to go to happy hour while also wanting to spend the evening on the couch. Bonus points if you take me to your favorite local coffee shop! Reply here.

NJGB (NICE JEWISH GAY BOY) IN SEARCH OF A NJGB TO EVENTUALLY BRING HOME TO THE FAMILY (29) I love theater, writing & art, & work with the elderly full time. Have tried online dating, but sadly not much luck. Giving it a try here to find my “beshert.” Reply here.

JEWS IN RALEIGH?! Let’s be pals! NJG new to the area. I’m (32F) looking for community & the best bagel in town! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 27, 2023:

PIZZA BAGEL LOOKING FOR LOVE (22, she/her, upstate NY) Banker by day, amateur chef by night. I’m the one your parents always hoped you’d bring home. Just a Jewish Italian girl looking for an NJB or NJG to cook for, go on adventures with & have the time of our lives. Reply here.

SECULAR ENGINEERING STUDENT SEEKING FRIENDS IN THE SAN JOSE AREA (19M) Hoping to meet some friends during a tech internship this summer! I love art & STEM & would love to connect with young Jewish people in the area! Reply here.

(SUPER) REFORM JEW LIVING IN RALEIGH, NC (23M) looking to go on a date with a Nice Jewish Girl. I think I look like Andrew Garfield, but my friends say more Nathan Fielder. Graying already, but I think it matches my personality. Masters student at NC State, so love talking about anything nerdy. Big fan of space. And bagels. Also books. Reply here.

N(ISH)JG LOOKING FOR FRIENDS, DATES OF ANY GENDER, ENEMIES? (23, she/they, Toronto) Love reading, thrifting, film photography & spending time in my city’s parks & beaches! I’m a preschool teacher, so chaos is my natural environment. Moved here during the pandemmy so I’m still trying to meet people 🙃 Reply here.

INTROVERTED, NERDY, BI, LEFTIST NJG (27)  in Philly seeking a partner in either Philly or NYC to go on cute dates, spend lazy afternoons at home & be weird with (please be weird). Reply here.

NJG BASED IN LONDON (25) looking for a NJB who wants to go to different parks to read books with me, and who likes going to see different shows/exhibitions. Reply here.

SINGLE NJG LOOKING FOR SINGLE JEWISH MEN (32, Twin Cities/surrounding area) Looking for love, open to friends! Love traveling, music, food, games, hiking & more! Looking for a NJB with similar morals & values. Family and friends are everything! Reply here.

LATE(R) 50s JEWISH VEGAN LESBIAN. Traded New England winters for St. Petersburg sunshine & new beginnings. Seeking a kind, generous woman who digs dogs; loud, loving Jewish families; & my one-of-a kind energy. Deeply spiritual but not religious. R u her? Reply here.

NICE JEWISH GIRL SEEKING NICE JEWISH BOY (22F, Los Angeles) Moving back to California from the Midwest to get my masters and be closer to family! Avid beach goer & yoga instructor. Love a Shabbat picnic. Hoping to find someone who enjoys spending quality time outdoors & having meaningful conversations (specifically pertaining to Judaism!) Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 20, 2023:

24 YEAR OLD NJGB (NICE JEWISH GAY BOY) looking for a boyfriend in the OC/LA area of California. I am Israeli, can cook & am a Jewish educator. Love to hike, go to the beach & read. Reply here.

NJENBY LOOKING FOR NJG/ENBY IN PENTAGON AREA (19) I’m a neurospicy animal lover who will happily cook & bake for/with you. Disclaimer: I will love your animal more than you, but not by a whole lot. Reply here.

NJG SEEKING NJB/NJG (33/London) for post-shul dinners, museum adventures, going to the theater now and then & a general good time. Reply here.

LEFTIST NERD NJB (35M/married) new to LA from Chicago seeking friends & couple hangouts. Loves mid-east cooking, great books, anarcho-queer Talmud study & surviving late-stage capitalism. Always down for museum visits, comedy shows, dinner parties, coffee, hiking & criticizing the goyim. Reply here.

CHICAGO NJB ISO NJG PARTNER IN CRIME (33) for trying new restaurants, movie nights (in or out), summer beach/pool days, 420-friendly hangs & more. Love a good book, a Washington Post or NYT think piece & wasting days scrolling through Defector. Reply here.

CURRENT MED SCHOOL STUDENT NJG (25) moving to Milwaukee, WI this summer for research. Looking for friends with whom to explore the city, eat good food, go on easy hikes, bake, watch movies & try new things! I like going out & being active, but can also be a homebody 🙂 Reply here.

FRENCH TEACHER WITH MAJOR LIZ LEMON ENERGY (31F) looking for a NJB to share her night cheese with in NW Indiana/Chicagoland area. I love traveling, taking my dog for long walks, discussing anything Jewish-related & writing jokes. Looking for my ultimate writing partner & muse. Reply here.

SECULAR/RECONSTRUCTIONIST-ISH WOMAN (30F) seeking friends (preferably around my age) & single men of all backgrounds between 29-40 years old to date in Ithaca, NY & surrounding area. I’m an introverted, lefty, outdoorsy, active cat mom and science PhD student. Let’s hit the trails & then feast on some babka by a waterfall. Reply here.

NYC QUEER LOOKING FOR A PARTNER AND FRIENDS (28/Enby) I like to read, swim, run & write. Am currently getting my 2nd masters while teaching full-time. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on April 6, 2023:

CHICAGO BIKER NJG LOOKING FOR HER CHICAGO BIKER NJB (27F) Huge public transportation and biking nerd who loves being active, going to White Sox games (for the beer), dancing to live music & bike-packing. Hopes to live in cities forever & never own a car. Looking for a man who is excited to adventure & explore with me for a lifetime. Reply here.

JOBURG JEWISH PRINCESS LOOKING FOR HER JEWISH PRINCE (21) Must love animals (including cats). Must be supportive of my studies & be willing to keep Shabbos and kosher. Reply here.

ASHKENAZI/MIZRAHI ISRAELI-AMERICAN (late 30s/F/Richmond, VA) in an interfaith marriage (early 40s/M) seeking friends. It’d be rad to meet other interfaith couples. I am an awkward liberal dork trying to decenter Ashkenazi culture. In this house, we practice radical compassion, body neutrality & yelling at sports. Let’s try a new recipe and catch a ballgame. Reply here.

NJB LOOKING FOR FUN NJG TO DILLY-DALLY, MEANDER & MOSEY IN LONDON (27) Must appreciate artistic escapades, musical adventures & travel. Reply here.

ASPIRING JEW-BY-CHOICE (31F) searching for community, but stifled by social anxiety & a fear of DMV-area traffic. I’m a spiritually curious nerd passionate about mental health, public health & repro justice. Would love to connect IRL/online/penpal-style. Reply here.

SINGING HORSEWOMAN (31F) searching for NJB farmer, cowboy, rancher, kibbutznik or general animal lover as a life partner in crime. Recently moved back to the midwest from California. I have been working in tech for the past 5 years, but daydreaming of a simpler life outside of the city with trees, animals, coffee on a wraparound porch & lots of laughter. Reply here.

RECENT COLLEGE GRAD & PROUD JEWISH QUEER WOMAN FAIRLY NEW TO MIAMI, FL! (22/from NJ <3) looking for friends to explore the city, craft, thrift & chat it up with. Reply here.

NJG SEEKING NJG IN CO (41) Looking for my adventure partner to explore hikes & life in CO. Dinner parties, outdoors & Jewish holidays are my ruach. Yours? Reply here.

JEWISH MOTHER’S DREAM SEEKING COMMUNITY IN PORTLAND, OR (32F) Progressive West Coast Jew finishing medical residency & looking for Jewish community for Shabbat dinners, after-hours museum hangs & leafy hikes (preferably with four-legged friends) starting this summer. Friends of all genders & potential partners of the NJB variety welcome. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 30, 2023:

MUSIC AND SPORTS LOVING NJG LOOKING FOR HER NJB (29, Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach area) Let’s have a ball at a game or twirl in the moonlight at a concert soon? Reply here.

LONELY NJB IN THE CHICAGO SUBURBS (26M) Hey everyone. I’m a musclehead, animal lover, concert goer, graduate degree-holding Jewish guy looking for any Jewish women in the northern Chicago suburbs who would like to meet or talk and get to know each other. Reply here.

AMERICAN-ISRAELI COUPLE (23F & 24M) looking for other couples to go out to dinner, escape rooms, mini golf, concerts, hikes, etc. within North Jersey (Bergen County). We both speak English & Hebrew. Reply here.

WANDERING NJG (30) looking for love (all genders & locations welcome). Into reading, writing, biking, experimental vegetarian cooking. Love nice candles, creating/engaging with art & being in the sun. Must love learning & liberation for all. Reply here.

LITERATURE PHD STUDENT & NJB (25M/New England area) London is home. Swimming, indie pop, photography & baking. Highbrow & lowbrow. Will you be my American boy? Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR A FUN, CUTE & HUNGRY NJB IN OKLAHOMA CITY. I (29) make a mean chocolate babka, rugelach, challah, etc, so be prepared to be fed! Former ballerina of 17 years; current ceramicist, OR nurse & proud mother of 3 Sphynx kitties. Let’s get together to eat yummy food in the sunshine! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR FELLOW COVID-CONSCIOUS JEWS TO CREATE VIRTUAL COMMUNITY (21/genderfluid) for celebrating holiday traditions, learning & general camaraderie. Take a break from the grief, or vent about it. We’re still in it together! Reply here.

ISO WEIRD SECULAR JEW-ISH DADS FOR MUTUAL KVETCHING (39M/Montgomery County, MD) Fluent in sarcasm, progressive. Life is a mess & you need a friend & so do I. I’m not practicing — I’ve perfected it. Reply here.

TWO MARRIED-TO-EACH-OTHER INTROVERTED JEWESSES (36F & 33F/Phoenix) ISO friends — bonus if you are a couple with kids! Seeking play dates, game nights, dinners, new activities & kvetch friends. Can we host you for Shabbat? Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 23, 2023:

JEWITCH DADDY SEEKING NJB (30, Denver) Looking for queer cuties who understand Yiddishkite but don’t mind some occasional heresy. Into coffee, Kate Bush & chutzpah. They/them, but you can call me a nice Jewish boy. Reply here.

JEWISH COUPLE LOOKING FOR SOUTH BAY FRIENDS. (30s/San Jose) Two dudes looking for Jew(ish) friends for game nights, Shabbat dinners and/or Passover Seder. We love vegetarian cooking, queer Talmud, hiking, cats & board games. Reply here.

QUEER EAST COAST JEWESS (30F) relocating to LA for work is seeking other queer Jewish friends to partake in bong rips, brunch & Mel Brooks movies (potentially in that order). Sarcasm: definitely helps, good chiropractor recommendations: highly prized, chutzpah: required. Reply here.

ISO BOSTON FRIENDS (27F) New to Boston and looking for friends to have Shabbat dinners, go out to eat, get coffee, see movies & theater, play board games, & enjoy New England nature! Reply here.

LA JEWESS LOOKING FOR NJB (29) I’m a female-presenting nonbinary human looking for an NJB to go to cute coffee shops with! Ideally someone to gallivant around town on Saturdays & see movies on Sundays with. I love live music & stand up comedy & quote a lot of TV/film. In short, I’m a total goof & would love for you to be one too. Reply with your fave “30 Rock” quote. Reply here.

PASSOVER IN PITTSBURGH (27F) I’m looking for Jew(ish) friends for seder! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR JEW(ISH) FRIENDS IN CENTRAL FLORIDA! I’m a 27 y.o. female who loves animals, the outdoors/adventure, reading, art & local coffee shops. Looking for new relatable friends to hang out with. I work in the medical field & find it’s hard to get out there & make friends on my own. Reply here.

ISO JEWISH BOOKS, BRUNCH & GOLF IN AR (22F) Looking for likeminded people to brunch, share books or play golf with. Young professional connecting with Judaism while navigating my career after college. Interest in Pilates or hiking is a plus. Love the WSJ, NYT, & ag. Located in NWA/OK. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR LOVE IN LA! 24F searching for NJB/G/ENBY/anyone to drink wine, watch movies, try new restaurants & kvetch about family with. I know there are Jews in this city but I haven’t really met any! Help me change that <3 Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 16, 2023:

JEWISH COUPLE LOOKING FOR SEDER FRIENDS (20s/Honolulu). Two midwestern mensches now living on Oahu, looking for Jew(ish) friends to host for a Passover seder. We only ask that you’re kind, fun, and won’t mind a large, needy Newfoundland who thinks he’s a lap dog! Reply here.

LOOKING TO SET UP MY WONDERFUL, BRILLIANT, KIND MOTHER. Liberal Jewish New Yorker, wry sense of humor. Recently retired and ready for what’s next. Laughs at: New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs, Colbert, and on rare occasion, SNL. Enjoys theater, reading, jazz, learning, travel. Critics call her “the best.” Reply here.

SETH ROGEN LOOKALIKE ON A QUEST FOR LOVE (M/24/Toronto). ISO someone who loves dates to nice restaurants, wholesome home-cooked meals, science fiction, theatre or any combination of the above. I’m a teacher & theatre director and would love to share my passions, and learn yours! Would love to meet someone who understands our culture of humour, resilience and can keep up with some good Jewish banter! Reply here.

LOOKING FOR BALTIMORE FRIENDS (24/F). Hoping to expand my social circle of 20-somethings! I’m into making music, lil hikes, Yentl, my kittens, and reading sci-fi books only if they’re written by women/POC. Tell me what you’re into over Shabbat dinner or an inner-harbor stroll! Reply here.

FABULOUS IN MY 40S (DC). Nice Jewish Woman seeking a male partner in crime to enjoy life and have adventures with. Ideally you’d like to skip happy hour and go to museum after parties with me. I enjoy going to Adas, walks through Rock Creek Park and the Kennedy Center. Reply here.

CHICAGO-BORN, BOS TRANSPLANT, CIS GAY PROFESSIONAL JEW (27/M) ISO same to go recording shopping, watch L&O reruns, play Switch, visit breweries and more! I enjoy the New England nature, hosting themed Shabbat meals for my friends, and dreaming of indie/pop concerts. Looking for a partner for it all! Reply here.

ISO BESTIES IN THE RALEIGH AREA! 24 yo NJ Jewess living in Raleigh, NC looking for the Abbi to my Ilana. I moved here during lockdown and haven’t found my people yet. I’m not big on night life, I prefer coffee dates and game nights! If you think we’d hit it off, send a message! Reply here.

NJG IN THE SYRACUSE AREA (27/F) looking for NJB. I rarely see posts for this area, but I know you’re out there. I enjoy road trips and outdoor activities, but also a good Netflix binge. Reply here.

BAGEL ON A PLATE FULL OF ONION ROLLS (27/F) in Park Slope, BK seeks all-gender friendship, and/or an NJB to smooch! Auditioning MT theater actress & by-day historian who loves trivia, board games, chutzpah and hijinks. Fan of cryptids, fosterer of cats, possessor of burlesquey showgirl sensibilities, and looking to find goofy, earnest connections. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 9, 2023:

JEWISH TEACHER/MUSICIAN LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN VALENCIA, SPAIN (36M) I’m here until May & it would be nice to have a Jewish community, or at least a couple folks, to hang out with & maybe do Shabbat. I’m a heavy-traveled punk rock/classical musician who is finishing up a master’s in music education and am vouched for by many as a pretty good hang. Platonic friendships only. Reply here.

DEAR JEWS IN OTTAWA, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU! I’m a 30 y.o. queer woman who just moved here & I’m looking for friends & community (and also dates if the vibe is right). Let’s celebrate Shabbat together & hit up this town’s bagel spots! I can also talk to you about literature, movies, pop culture & how I’m not used to this much snow. Reply here.

BROAD IN THE CITY (22F, NYC) Me: post-grad tall girl with Abbi energy, thinks in terms of Sondheim, does improv (sorry), wore earplugs to bar mitzvahs but is more fun now, I promise. You: super smart, hilarious, weird, kind big city broad. Let’s be friends, talk theater & enable each other’s antics. Reply here.

QUEER GIRLIE LOOKING FOR DATES (25F/London, U.K.) Down to earth queer girl looking for someone to explore the world & go on fun dates & live that queer Jewish fairytale with. Love dogs, plants, good films & food. Let’s chat! 😊 Reply here.

NEW TO THE EAST VALLEY OF PHOENIX SEEKING JEWISH COMMUNITY (30F) Recently moved from CA, working fully remotely, & in search of new pals. I’m a huge reader & lover of 90s movies, & I’m eager to explore more AZ nature spots. My (non-Jewish) husband & I would love to host Shabbat dinners or chill babka/challah/wine nights at our place. Reply here.

YOU & ME? ME AS IN MAINE! Seeking queer cuties for dates/smooches and/or Jewish community :))) Me: Queer, mid-20s soft butch who has recently fallen in love with saunas, contra dances & bookmarks. Reply here.

LIBERAL DOCTOR ISO NJB. 29F in Durham, NC for residency, hoping to find her forever match who also wants to raise a family in the NY/NJ area & send our kids to ski school/summer camp. Must love to laugh, travel & be active (but athleticism not required). I’m great to bring home to parents! Reply here.

LESLIE KNOPE SEEKING BEN (28F/LA) Looking for a NJB to make the world a better place. Love being active, so let’s go for a hike, surf or let me kick your tuchus in a game of HORSE 🏀 Reply here.

DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE? NJG (34) looking for NJB (30s) in SF Bay Area for fun days out & romantic nights in. Must love dogs, sports, food & Jewish jokes. Let’s take a leap of faith & combine our Costco memberships! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on March 2, 2023:

LOOKING FOR AN NJG TO SERENADE ON GUITAR & TRADE COOKING IDEAS (23M/Bellingham, WA)  If you would rather drink tea & do a crossword together than get sloshed at the bars, I’m your guy. Interested in mindfulness, big trees, days spent watching the seasons change, & long talks about nothing. Open to friends, lifelong love & whatever lies in between. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH LADY (31) in Berlin seeking to expand my community. Transplant here for the long haul looking to find more friends to celebrate Passover & eat bagels with. Likes: arts & crafts, museums, cats, kush, civil rights for everyone, park walks, picnics, thrifting. Dislikes: the police. Don’t be shy! Reply here.

20-SOMETHING CONVERT (she/her, queer) looking for people in London to eat bagels together, do cute Shabbat dinners, go to too wild Purim parties & explore the city. I’ll bake you vegan babka &bring you flowers when you’re sad. All ages & identities welcome. Reply here.

JEWISH GUY LOOKING FOR A JEWISH GIRL IN TORONTO (24) Looking for a female friend but hopefully it becomes much more. I’m half Ashkenazi, half Mizrahi & moved here from Israel in 2007. I love astrophotography. I play guitar & love exercise. A bit of a nerd, I study Computer Science at UofT. Reply here.

GAY NJB WITH THE FLOOFIEST JEWFRO (26M/Dallas) looking to meet other queer Jews in the DFW area. Down for friends, Shabbat dinner dates, or more… Loves cooking, exploring museums, & obsessing over “Drag Race.” Huge foodie & cocktail geek. Works in aviation & loves to travel. Come fly with me? Reply here.

NEWLY OUT NJG LOOKING FOR LESBIAN & QUEER FRIENDS (early 40s, looking for 30s & 40s) & maybe more in the Twin Cities. I come bearing humor, quirkiness, cat hair & a host of talents and hobbies. If you’re authentic without taking yourself too seriously & appreciate a little snark, let’s kvetch & nosh. Reply here.

BABY MD SEEKS TLC (26F NJG in NYC) Looking for that special someone (NJB 26-32) to watch “When Harry Met Sally” so I can stop being an embarrassment to our people. I bake & I bitch (in a charming way) (I think). Reply here.

FEEL LIKE CRAP, JUST WANT A BIG GROUP TO GO TO BUTT MITZVAH WITH. Myself: South Londoner, early 20s, interested in rad Jewish politics & dancing the night away. Butt Mitzvah hasn’t sold out their Purim event yet — who wants to make a group to go with? Reply here.

CEREBRAL, PLAYFUL NJG SONGWRITER (28F/West LA) seeks NJB ages 27-33 with a high EQ, progressive values, a growth mindset & great communication. Let’s laugh our asses off, cook up a storm, hit the beach, nerd out over music, share books, go on adventures & make out. Avoidant men need not apply! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 23, 2023:

SEFARADI LEFTIST (20, they/he, Los Angeles) Artist, college student & queer Talmud nerd; trad-egal hashkafa. Learning Hebrew & Arabic/struggling to learn Ladino. Looking for love interests and platonic pals. Let’s send letters to each other! I will make you a vegan tagine & bourekas! Reply here.

LOBSTER-LOVING NJG (35F) in Philadelphia seeking NJB who appreciates the finer delicacies in life (like pierogi), enjoys running, travel & summer weekends on LBI, & loves to co-host parties. Must love dogs. Reply here.

SOUTH AFRICAN ORTHODOX JEWESS (nearly 21F). Looking for a man in South Africa whom I can form a connection with (hopefully romantic) that wants to keep Shabbos & kosher together. Reply here.

6FT CAPETONIAN-UCT STUDENT-PAUL NEWMAN WANNABE-MOMMA’S BOY (19M, MLM) seeks romantic or platonic partnership. I love bagels, falafel & long davening sessions on the beach.  My Duolingo streak is more important to me than my salary. I’m most often found in bed watching Trixie & Katya. Reply here.

SUBMITTING A CLASSIFIED FOR MY DAD! Mid-60s NJB in the southwest who loves the outdoors, food, photography & has a kick-ass daughter 😉 Fluent Spanish speaker, SIX feet tall & I promise you will never be bored. Are you the future step-mom of my dreams? Kidding, but hey, ya never know. Reply here.

NJB LOOKING FOR FRIENDLY FACES AND HOMEY FEELS IN SYRACUSE! (23) I’m a transmasc queer painter who will be relocating to the area this month so I’d love to connect to some fellow Jews. Reply here.

29 Y.O. GUY IN CHICAGO SEARCHING FOR HIS NJG! I’m currently a med student & I enjoy solo hiking/road trips whenever I can find free time. I value family, Judaism, Zionism, kindness & community. Looking for a 23-30 y.o. to do life with. Reply here.

NYC-BASED INA GARTEN ISO HER JEFFREY, WITH AN EDGE (34F, Brooklyn) Seeking an NJB (33-45ish) dinner party co-host, travel companion, museum enthusiast & basketball (Knicks) fan. Let’s explore new places while eating, drinking & laughing. How easy is that!? Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 9, 2023:

NEWLY-OUT NJG LOOKING FOR LESBIAN & QUEER FRIENDS & MAYBE MORE (early 40s/Twin Cities) I come bearing humor, quirkiness, cat hair & a host of talents & hobbies. If you’re authentic without taking yourself too seriously, in your 30s or 40s & appreciate a little snark, let’s kvetch & nosh. Reply here.

KNOCKOFF ILANA GLAZER SEEKING FELLOW YENTAS & JEWITCHES  (28, she/her, Charleston) Seeking new pals of all identities to co-craft with, sling oysters & bloodies, do cute Shabbats/dinner parties (to make up for eating the shellfish), go thrifting & explore the city! Reply here.

NJG LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN MILWAUKEE! (26, she/her) Trying to expand my social circle & meet new people, online & IRL too! Interests include reading, musicals, baseball & comics. I’m a HS English teacher, also taking grad school classes for a Masters in English education. Reply here.

40 Y.O. NJB FROM MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. I’m looking for a NJG to bake babka for & eat challah French toast with on lazy weekends. I’m friendly, love cooking & being in nature. Let’s make friends! Reply here.

KNITTING & HISTORY LOVER IN BOSTON (29F) area looking for fiber friends (virtual or IRL) who want to explore how crafting & Judaism can come together. Reply here.

LOOKING FOR FRIENDS IN DENVER (25F) I moved here a few months ago & haven’t found my people yet. Love not-too-hard hikes, exploring new places & day trips. If you want to order takeout & watch “New Girl” for the hundredth time, I’m your gal! Reply here.

ISO MY NJPERSON IN LEEDS (30s/F) New Yorker in Yorkshire looking for her Andy Samberg/Abbi Jacobson to share everything bagels (I will provide) & knishes (hopefully you will provide; please tell me where to find a knish in this country). Likes dogs, hiking & Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Reply here.

LONGTIME SEATTLEITE, FIRST-TIME CALLER. Mid-30s with Progressive Jewish Guy syndrome seeks 29-36ish female best friend/life partner/someone to start a family with. I’m kosher style, usually participate in Shabbat-related activities & most holidays. I don’t have a car, so Bellevue & West Seattle would be considered long-distance. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on February 2, 2023:

WOODS WITCH WITH AN AFFINITY FOR DISCO BALLS (24, she/her, NYC) seeking an NJG for a Morticia/Gomez Addams kind of love & someone to knit near. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH LESBIAN WITH WANDERLUST (26) looking for equally adventurous connections. Let’s be Instafamous “friends of Yentl” together. Reply here.

NJG IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA LOOKING TO MEET NJP, romantically or otherwise. In my mid-20s & down for anything. I love music & going to gigs, scoping out the best food in Sydney, scenic walks for the view, movies, picnics… Reply here.

GEEKY WELL-OFF NJB SEEKS NJG IN CENTRAL NJ (27) Someone to build pillow forts with, have late night conversations, geek out about our hobbies, explore the world together & create great stories we’ll exaggerate to our friends. (Ideally looking for someone just Jewish to conservative.) Reply here.

ENBY TRANSMASC (23) brand new to Pittsburgh & in desperate need to meet some friends! I’m an illustrator who loves all things Jewish culture and history, & I’m obsessed with antique / thrift stores — I need someone to show me all the best spots (& to hang out with me and my cats ❤️‍🔥)! Reply here.

ISO: PURIM PLANS IN ROME! (26F, NYC-based) I’m going to be in Rome for one night only — which happens to be erev Purim! Looking for any suggestions, nice Jewish Italian 20-somethings to celebrate with, food recommendations, or even a couch to crash on. Reply here.

ANY LEFTY JEWS IN/NEAR ATHENS GA? (31F) I’m new to Athens. Looking for progressive Jews in the area interested in doing Shabbat dinners & holidays together! A lil DIY casual minyan of sorts. All ages & backgrounds welcome! I’m 31, female & queer. Let’s build community 🙂 Reply here.

NJG FROM THE U.S. SEEKING JEWISH FRIENDS IN IRELAND (she/they, 23). Moving to SW Ireland for grad school in September & hoping to connect with other progressive, lox-bagel-loving folks who like to be outside, explore local bookshops & have wine + charcuterie nights. Reply here.

NICE-ISH JEWISH FEMME LOOKING FOR A NICE JEWISH BUTCH (18, Montréal) Very into queer Jewish history & would adore having someone to talk to about it and to sing zemiros with on Shabbos. We can be that annoying Jewish butchfemme couple of my dreams! Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 26, 2023:

INTENSELY ROMANTIC 30F SEEKS TALL STRONG JEWISH FARMER TO LIFT HER OVER HIS HEAD AND BUILD A FARM. Must love Springsteen and Dylan and good ol’ country music. Quiet sitting in coffee shops and late nights laughing. A well-placed hand and a mushy heart. Have love will travel. Reply here.

BRAZILIAN NJB SEEKS RECIPES, SEPHARAD AND COMPANIONSHIP. Looking for a NJP, romantically or not, at my age range (18-23ish) to explore Jewish cuisines. I’m a fan of Sam Aronow, Labour Zionism, niche manga and studying predenominational 7akhamim out of Ashkenormativity’s scope. Open to online or local connections! Reply here.

21M LOOKING FOR JEWISH WOMAN FROM SOUTH AFRICA (I’m 6ft ladies calm down). Currently based in Cape Town, but would be happy to hear from/talk to anyone from Johannesburg or anywhere else in the country. Let’s chat! Reply here.

NJG WITH ELAINE FROM SEINFELD POTENTIAL (32, she/her, NYC) seeks kind NJB for a relationship who thinks neuroticism is sexy. Bonus points if you have a sense of humor, know how to cook or can sing love songs at me. Reply here.

LAW STUDENT NEW TO LONDON, NEED CARB SEEKING BUDDIES (She/her, 20s). Looking for some NJH (Nice Jewish Humans) in their 20s/30s to explore the big city with, grab bagels and have a good time. 1x divorced, baker, bad painter, and now terrified road cyclist. Reply here.

FEMME ENBY LOOKING FOR JEWISH FRIENDS IN THE NJ AREA (22) hoping for coffee dates, book clubs, song sharing and crochet buddies!! Reply here.

NJB ISO CUTE FEMMES IN LA WHO LIKE SPORTS, ESP. WOMEN’S SOCCER (23/Transmasc). Moving back to West Hollywood this spring and searching for a +1 to go to NWSL games and other sporting events. Lover of music, girls and exploring local cuisine. Reply here.

NJB LOOKING FOR A NEW JERSEY BASED NJG (26M). Northern NJ engineer who enjoys outdoorsy activities, crosswords, college sports, and seeing live music. Not extremely spiritual, I go to services about once a month, but being Jewish is important to me, and I hope it is to you, too. Reply here.

JEWBOY WANTS JEWFRIENDS IN THE DC AREA (26). No preference for age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Would love a group for (extremely) laidback Shabbats, pretending to understand modern art, and moderate amounts of hiking. Bonus if you have an interest in Yiddish. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 19, 2023:

SWEET AND SALTY SOFTWARE ENGINEER (33, she/they, Brooklyn) seeks silly, intelligent and kind masc-ish partner for bike adventures to exciting new spots in the five boroughs and staycations filled with cooking, climbing and crosswords. Lefty politics preferred. Must love puns. Reply here.

NJG IN BANGKOK LOOKING FOR OTHER JEWS TO ENJOY ALL THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HAS TO OFFER (30). Yoga, dance, food and language enthusiasts especially welcome. Willing and wanting to host Shabbos meals while I’m there from mid-January to late March 2023. Reply here.

NJB CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST (28/M/San Francisco) looking for something serious with an NJB who is far from serious. Let’s make each other laugh, cook an elaborate meal, listen to indie music on vinyl, rewatch our favorite comedy shows for the 50th time, go on hikes and compete for NYT crossword times. Reply here.

GRAD STUDENT AND NJB STUDYING JEWISH HISTORY (22/NYC) looking for a NJG to go to cute coffee shops, check out book stores, explore the city, and to finally make my Bubbe stop asking why I’m single. If you enjoy classic rock and conversations about history and politics, I might be the person for you. Reply here.

NJG FILM MAJOR IN BOSTON LOOKING FOR NJFS (nice Jewish friends) to eat bagels with, go to the movies, and discuss how sad it is that Jennifer Coolidge isn’t Jewish. Reply here.

A QUEEN TO BRING HOME TO MY JEWISH PARENTS: she/her/F/20/western MA blue-eyed femme lesbian sports journalism major (hebrew minor) craving comfort from preferably a masc, jewish person to share in funny religious school horror stories and pumping some iron! OR try new things?! plus I’m a brunette tehe. Reply here.

MIDGE MAISEL LOOKING FOR HER LENNY BRUCE (w/o the substance abuse and impending tragedy), 29/NJG/NYC. Writer on the UWS looking for a NYC NJB with a sense of humor, strong Jewish identity and a passion for the arts. Ambition and honesty is hot, snobbery is not. Let’s show up for each other. Reply here.

WISH I COULD FIND A NICE JEWISH LOVER HERE IN THE SOUTH (22/they/them/South Carolina). I know a very small population of other Jewish folks, especially LGBTQ+ ones. I like reading, films, whiskey, staying in on Shabbat, and I work in the theater industry. Reply here.

THE MEANEST NJG (28). Pansexual pretend-musician/writer/comedian who is much funnier than she seems, sorry. Possibly the only Jew in Arkansas, so willing to travel. Love having super intense opinions on musical theater and television. Tell me your favorite movie so I can tell you why you’re wrong. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 12, 2023:

LATE BLOOMER SEEKS HIS HONEY BEE (61M, Chicago). Grounded affectionate polyglot gay widower. Raised Catholic; 2017 learned I was born Jewish! Religious Neo-Traditionalist. Seeks rugged Jewish green thumb to share blissful private garden. Reply here.

CUTE BLACK CONVERT (IN PROGRESS) living in Crown Heights. I’m a 26M actor seeking a female romantic companion. HMU if you’re interested in dating an NJP in-training. Reply here.

SECULAR LAWYER AND NJB (32) looking for a fun, epicurean, intellectual NJG to explore life and New York City with. An ear for absurdist humor is a plus. Reply here.

REFORM NJB HOPING TO BRING AN NJG TO SEDER THIS YEAR (25, Boston). Future psychologist into coffee, cocktails, and theological conversations. Looking for an NJG I can cook breakfast for while we listen to podcasts and do crosswords. Reply here.

LET’S EAT BABKA AND BAGUETTES! (36/F/Paris). Bonjour! Looking for English-speaking, culturally Jewish friends in Paris. Let’s enjoy all that Paris has to offer and commiserate over the lack of matzo ball soup available. Also in the market for a French Bubbie! Reply here.

JENNY SLATE WANNABE (25). Queer gal in Portland for grad school looking for folks to eat their way through downtown, spend time hiking/camping, and send too many memes/videos to. Always down to go to a record or book store! Let’s swap stories about awkward stuff we did at Jewish Summer camp! Up for friendship or something more serious! Reply here.

SEARCHING FOR A PARTNER TO TRAVEL THE WORLD. Nice Jewish Girl, 32, currently Berlin-based, looking for a Nice Jewish Boy to explore the world from October onwards. Ideally you love nature, have a sense of adventure and are a bit crazy. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH GIRL SEEKS GIRLS AND GAYS (mid-20s, Nashville, TN). Recently out of the closet bi girl looking for friends (or more than friends) to explore the South with or drink alcohol. Hoping to find enough Jews to have a seder. Reply here.

NICE JEWISH MEDICAL STUDENTS seeking community in St John’s Antigua for Passover seders, Purim parties, and other fun Jewish shenanigans. Cat lover is a bonus! All ages, genders, and orientations welcome. Let’s bond over cholent. Reply here.

Reply to a classified posted on January 5, 2023:

SEARCHING FOR A GROWN-UP SETH COHEN: Medium-Nice Jewish Girl, 33, BK, seeking MNJB in NYC or surrounding areas to try every bagel in Brooklyn, search for the best Chinese restaurant & go to indie concerts with. Looking for a culturally Jewish 30-something guy with a slightly snarky personality. I can be the Summer to your Seth. Reply here.

LEFTIST (VERY LEFT) ANGELIC ZAFTIG DEMON SLOWLY RECONNECTING WITH HER ROOTS (27/F/Chicago) seeking NJB, NJB, or NINB for something meaningful, debachaurous & exciting. Let’s get coffee & talk favorite movies, history (bonus points for Chicago leftist history nerds) & food. Can’t wait to meet you 🌹 Reply here.

SHALOHA! (NJB, 31, Honolulu) A punny, fun-loving, fire-spinning guy looking for the right NJG to build a life with. Reply here.

SAD IN SCANDINAVIA (27/F/Stockholm). Looking for (English-speaking) friends & adventure in Sweden. Lonely & haven’t been able to crack into the Jewish community here. We could be besties if you like coffee & museums & are willing to discuss your latest fanfic reads. Reply here.

CALLING ST. PAULITES AND MINNEAPOLIS FOLK! Me: 22 y.o. tatted & pierced force of nature (F). You: 20-something goofy NJB lookin for snugs. Pastimes include: triathlons, sourdough baking & maps. Fan of reading, plant caretaking & shenanigans. Lover of big trees, jam brambles & socks. Extremely sarcastic with heart of gold. Reply here.

WANNABE NORTH LONDONER LOOKING FOR LOVE (PLATONIC OR ROMANTIC). 21F, bi convert-in-progress with trad egal hashkafa. Into bookstores, hikes, arguing over Jewish law & other basic girl activities. Will trade tours of the Jewish East End for a guide to food à la North. Reply here.

GJB (GAY JEWISH BOY), 29, who recently moved to Chicago looking for a partner in crime. Enjoy cooking, sports & I/P politics. Grew up with a lot of religion & have been trying to find the right balance ever since 🙃 Reply here.

BI VEGAN GOOFBALL WHO LOVES MIDWEST EMO (23/M/St. Louis) seeking friends & romance in the city! Just moved here, would LOVE to check out the coolest breweries, coffee shops & and restaurants. Love juggling, running, seeing movies/plays/live music & nerd stuff broadly. Hit me up if interested! Reply here.

QUEER CONVERTING JEW LOOKING FOR PALS IN BERLIN, DE! (24/Femme) Interested in intersectional feminism, anime, underground punk/goth music or film? Then I’m your person! I’m always up for city exploring or museums. Let’s grab ein Kaffee! Reply here.

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