15 Baby Gifts Because Your Friends Are Suddenly Having Babies OMG

So all your friends are having babies. You can cope by watching 13 Going on 30 while drinking a bottle of wine and swiping maniacally on Tinder or you can join the baby fever by… shopping!!! Turns out shopping for babies is really fun because everything is SO CUTE and makes you go SQUEEEEE. And now that millennials are having babies, you better believe baby gifts have become totes amazing. Check out our favorite finds below:

1. Avocado Toast Onesie (Etsy, $35)

avocado toast onesie

For the baby who brunches.

2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent Collar Bib (Etsy, $16)

Dissenting starts early (most likely with peas).

3. Printable Beyoncé Wall Art (Etsy, $5)

who run the world girls wall art

They’ll be joining the baby bey-hive in no time.

4. Taco Booties (Uncommon Goods, $25)

taco booties


5. Taco Dreams Mobile (Uncommon Goods, $48)

Or perhaps a taco mobile is more up your alley.

6. Stranger Things Wall Alphabet Onesie (Etsy, $15)

stranger things wall alphabet baby onesie

For the upside down baby.

7. Llama baby leggings (Etsy, $18)

llama baby leggings

Llamas make everything better, I don’t know why.

8. Drake Onesie (Etsy, $12.99)

It’s a Drake onesie, come on!

9. Broad City ‘Trainer’ Onesie (Kidozi, $20.95)

broad city trainer onesie

Okay this actually kills me. Also available in Cleaner.

10. Barbra Streisand Night Light (Etsy, $28.57)

barbra streisand night light

Gotta start ’em young on the Babs worship train.

11. First Book of Sushi (Amazon, $5.94)

first sushi book

Important educational material.

12. Baby Unicorn Headband (Etsy, $16.95)

baby unicorn headband

For the baby who’s also a unicorn.

13. Tortilla Baby (Uncommon Goods, $48)

tortilla baby

For the baby that’s delicious.

14. Rockaby Baby David Bowie (Amazon, $14.99)

rockaby baby david bowie

For the baby from Mars.

And lastly, something for the new mom herself:

porn for new moms

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