15 Menorahs That Are Lit AF

Hanukkah! Yet another Jewish holiday in which we celebrate that time somebody tried to destroy all the Jews and we miraculously survived. Time to eat fried foods, spin the dreidel, and light the menorah. You’ll be staring at your menorah for eight days, so you better find one you like. We’ve rounded up our favorites and organized them into five handy dandy categories below.

Simple AF

These designs will match your home decor no matter how many times you change out the curtains.

Solid Wood Menorah ($118)

solid wood menorah

Ceramic Wavy Menorah ($130)

ceramic wavy menorah

Copper Pipe Menorah ($80)

copper pipe menorah

Cute AF

Cute obviously = animals. Here are the cutest animal menorahs out there.

Octopus Menorah ($35)

octopus menorah

Menoppopotamus: Hippo Menorah ($85)

hippo menorah

Jonathan Adler Elephant Menorah ($128)

elephant menorah

Tacky AF

Sometimes tacky is just what the (Jewish) doctor ordered.

The Princess & The Castle Menorah ($44.95)

princess castle menorah

Emoji Menorah ($24.99)

emoji menorah

Donuts Menorah ($29.99)

donuts menorah

Cheap AF

Partake in the Festival of Lights for the low, low price of $15 or less.

Silver Plated Menorah ($10.99)

Wine Bottle Cork Menorah ($14.98)

wine bottle cork menorah

Metal Menorah ($15)

metal menorah

Expensive AF

Included purely for window shopping purposes.

Hand Blown Glass Menorah ($2,900)

hand blown glass menorah

Michael Aram Palm Menorah ($850)

michael aram palm menorah

Judith Holding Head of Holofernes Vintage Menorah ($1,850)

vintage menorah


Bonus: For the *most* lit Hanukkah experience, try the bong menorah:


Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

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