18 Things To Know About Maude and Iris Apatow

Maude and Iris Apatow, the daughters of Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow, made their acting debut in their father’s movie Knocked Up, playing their mother’s on-screen kids at ages 10 and 5.

Now 20 and 15, Maude and Iris have grown into their own creative projects. We can’t imagine growing up in the public eye, but they seem to have a good sense of humor about it all.

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They’ve grown up so much!!

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Here are 18 things to know about these two sisters:

1. Yes, their parents are Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow. They’ve appeared in three of their dad’s movies — Knocked UpFunny People, and This is 40 – playing their mom’s character’s daughters in all three.

2. They refer to their dad as a “Hollywood Dick,” and don’t think he’s funny, as Judd explains in this 2017 interview with Conan:

3. They’re not afraid to make fun of their dad on social media. Take this June 2017 video Iris posted of Judd absolutely butchering a Jennifer Hudson song:

4. Maude is now a college student; she’s a sophomore at Northwestern University, where she does normal college student things, like post pictures of girls standing on things at pregames.


5. More Northwestern fun facts: Maude tweeted before her freshman fall, “I realized I am the nightmare college roommate you want to avoid.” Also this interview about Leslie tracking Maude is really worth watching:

6. While Maude is off at Northwestern, Iris is starring in Netflix’s Love as Aria, a child actress. It’s Iris’ first appearance in one of her dad’s projects without her sister.

7. By nature of being the older sister, Maude has more acting gigs under her belt: She’s been in GirlsOther PeopleThe House of Tomorrow, and Assassination Nation.

8. Both sisters are super active on Instagram. Maude’s first Instagram post was of Iris. They also enjoy posting throwbacks of each other. And they were very cute kids.

9. Knocked Up and This is 40 are, in part, inspired by their family. Apatow explains, “We try and tap into the arguments they have in real life.” And a profile of the Mann-Apatow family explains about their expanded role in This is 40: “Though [Maude and Iris] have all but grown up on their father’s movie sets, this latest assignment could be a more problematic blend of fact and fiction, and open them up to critiques that grown-ups are more accustomed to.”

10. On a more random note, Iris starred in Finn Wolfhard’s (of Stranger Things fame) music video Sonora.

11. Maude rose to Twitter fame after live-tweeting the royal marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and after another (kinda) royal Brit — Harry Styles — tweeted her “Happy Birthday” (her uncle is a producer on the X Factor, where One Direction rose to fame). (Unfortunately for us, it seems as if these tweets have been deleted.)

12. Maude got to interview One Direction for Teen Vogue in 2012, which she begins with a very cute disclaimer: “I have never been so nervous in my entire life. My legs did not stop shaking. When I get nervous my voice gets very high. My voice was so high that it was painful and embarrassing to listen to the tape of the interview. I have since destroyed it.” Also here’s a funny photo of Iris and Justin Bieber. Ah, to be the kids of celebrities…

13. While Twitter was where Maude expressed herself in her teenage years, Iris has found her voice on Instagram. She’s great at memes, throwbacks, posting rupi kaur poems, and capturing that ~aesthetic~ of candid-but-we-know-it’s-not-candid we’re so used to seeing. But she also posts great mini-videos, like this makeup tutorial:

14. Iris has posted two YouTube video make-up tutorials. She laughs at the start: “Oh my god I’m so bad at this.” Here’s her on Darly Murray’s channel doing an “everyday skin care routine.” Does Iris have a future as a beauty blogger!?

15. And Maude Apatow did a morning routine for Into the Gloss in 2015.

Can we have as good routines as the Apatow sisters?!

16. Many online blogs call Iris a mini-version of her mother.” This is weird to us because aren’t all kids mini-versions of their parents?! But they do look very similar.

17. Maude just wrote and directed a short film called Don’t Mind Alice (which *just* premiered at the Santa Barbra Film Festival).


18. Last but not least, this classic scene of the sisters arguing over Lost from This is 40 was based on a real-life fight between the two sisters.


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