18 Things to Know About Jewish Actress Emmy Rossum

As a child, the "Angelyne" star used to sing operatic arias to earn hot dogs!

Raise your hand if you miss seeing Emmy Rossum in a leading role.

OK, same here!!

From 2011-2019, Emmy starred in “Shameless,” but since then, we haven’t seen her take on any main roles in films or on television. Until now, that is!

In May 2022, Emmy will be starring in a brand new television series; don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

But for now, while we wait, let’s learn more about the Jewish actress!

Here are 18 things to know about Emmy Rossum.

1. Emmy was born in New York City in 1986 to a Jewish mother and a Protestant father.

2. She is of Russian-Jewish descent.

3. Emmy was named after her maternal grandfather, Emanuel.

Very sweet!

4. Emmy’s parents split up when she was in utero, and she was raised completely by her single mom.

Here is the dynamic duo on a t-shirt:


5. She was an adorable little girl!

All we have to say is: THOSE CURLS!

6. Emmy began performing at age 7 with the New York Metropolitan Opera’s Children’s Choir.

During her time with the choir, she sang in six languages in 20 operas, making anywhere from $5-$10 a night.

7. As a child, Emmy had a very fun after opera practice snack.

Check out this clip where she discusses singing arias for hot dogs and uses the Yiddish word “gatkes,” or underwear:

8. Check out how her Jewish heritage plays into her day-to-day life:

“My mother instilled in me the Jewish code of ethics and morals,” Emmy said in an interview. “That stays with me very strongly every day. I enjoy having Shabbat dinner with my close friends, even though it is not something I grew up doing weekly.”

9. Emmy’s film debut came in 2000 in the movie “Songcatcher.”

For the movie, she sang a song with Dolly Parton called “When Love Is New,” which you can listen to here:

10. In 2004, Emmy played the role of Christine Daaé in the filmed adaption of “Phantom of the Opera.”

To get the role, Emmy had to audition for composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in his home!

And of course, check out this clip from the film:

11. Emmy has released two full-length albums.

The first, from 2007, is entitled “Inside Out.

Listen here:

And the second, from 2013, is called “Sentimental Journey.”

Listen here:

12. Perhaps Emmy’s most notable role was Fiona Gallagher in “Shameless.” You can listen to her talk about the character here:

13. Her favorite movie is “When Harry Met Sally,” written by Jewish queen Nora Ephron!

14. Emmy is married to Sam Esmail, the creator of TV show “Mr. Robot.”

The couple were married on May 28, 2017 in Manhattan’s Central Synagogue, and their chuppah is absolutely wedding goals:


And their party looked fun too:


15. Just shy of four years later, Emmy and Sam welcomed a baby girl on May 24, 2021!

Here is Emmy’s post announcing her pregnancy and the birth:


16. Emmy has publicly spoken about what it’s like being a Jewish woman in Hollywood.

“On multiple occasions I’ve had people — both in the industry and not —  be surprised to learn that I’m Jewish. They usually react with ‘Oh! Wow. You don’t really LOOK Jewish,'” Emmy said in a now-deleted tweet.

Responding to herself, she added, “And when I offer no response and let the statement linger they continue with some kind of defensive qualifier like I mean that in a GOOD way! As if ‘looking Jewish’ — whatever that means to them — is something I should want to avoid. This makes me sick.”

17. Emmy is also a director!

In 2019 she directed fellow Jewish actress Julia Garner in an episode of “Modern Love.”

Here she is behind the camera:


18. Emmy will be playing the titular role in “Angelyne,” a new Peacock show about an LA’s 80’s billboard icon.

Check out the trailer here:

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