18 Things to Know About Jewish Actress Nicola Peltz

The "Transformers" star recently married Brooklyn Beckham in a very Jewish wedding.

In April 2022, multi-hyphenate entertainer Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, son of David and Victoria Beckham, were married in a lavish wedding.

Nicola was raised Jewish and Brooklyn has Jewish heritage on his father’s side, but it was unclear just how Jewish the wedding would be.

Until now!

Recently, British Vogue released their wedding photos of the event, and, well, you have to see for yourself.

But there’s so much more about Nicola beyond her wedding!

Here are 18 things to know about Jewish actress Nicola Peltz.

1. Nicola was born in 1995 in Westchester, NY to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother.

2. She’s a Capricorn!

3. Her father is Nelson Peltz, a Jewish businessman, and her mother is Claudia Heffner, a former supermodel.

4. She was an adorable kid — just look:

5. Nicola has one sister and six brothers! This brood includes hockey player Brad Peltz and actor Will Peltz.

6. We’re not sure whether Nicola had a bat mitzvah, but some of her siblings have!

“My family is close. But it’s crazy — are you kidding me? Dinner takes forever. But it keeps everyone young. We’ve got one set of bar mitzvahs left,” Nicola’s brother Will said in 2014.

7. She made an appearance in Miley Cyrus’s 2008 music video “7 Things.”

A must-watch:

8. In 2010, she starred as Katara in the live-action “The Last Airbender.”

Watch the trailer here:

9. In 2014, she starred in “Transformers: Age of Extinction” as Tessa Yeager.

Check out this very intense scene she’s featured in:

10. She’s a fan of RBG, just like the rest of us:

11. In addition to acting, Nicola is also a model:

12. Want to look like Nicola? Check out her make-up routine:

13. She has a tattoo in Yiddish that reads “family first” on her ribcage!

You can see it here if you look closely!

14. We’re not sure what event this photo is from, but it appears that Nicola is joining her dad on the bimah while he reads from the Torah:

You love to see it!

15. If Nicola weren’t in entertainment, she’d want to be a homicide detective!

Learn EVEN MORE facts about her in this video where she and Brooklyn Beckham take a couple’s quiz:

16. Speaking of Brooklyn Beckham, the couple met in April of 2017 at Coachella.

We didn’t get along at first,” Nicola recalled for British Vogue.

17. Still, they started dating, got engaged in June 2020 and were married in 2022, under a chuppah, in a ceremony officiated by a rabbi.

18. Nicola will make her directorial debut in the upcoming indie film “Lola James,” which she also wrote and is set to star in!

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