18 Things to Know About Jewish Comedian Sabrina Brier


So you want to learn more about Jewish comedian Sabrina Brier? Oh!

Here are 18 things to know about her.

1. Sabrina was born on Aug. 4, 1994 to a Jewish family.

2. She’s a Leo!

3. Her mother is playwright Susan Cinoman.

“It was always easy to identify her as someone who was performative,” her mom told the New York Times. “She wasn’t an extrovert per se, but half of Sabrina was looking out the window at all times. Some other set of realities were impinging on the one that we were all in with her.”

4. Here she is in a play as a child! According to her mom, she was playing Jill in “Jack and Jill” and learned her lines perfectly in two days.

A star in the making!

5. She attended Amity Regional High School and later graduated from Smith College in 2017. She was a theater major.

6. After college, Sabrina worked in talent management for two years and was a writers’ assistant on the ABC show “For Life.”

7. She started posting videos on Instagram when the pandemic started. She has since moved to TikTok, garnering nearly 775K followers and 76M likes for her comedic POV videos. She’s best known for her characters like The Friend Who is Always Overdressed, The Girlfriend Who Always Ruins the Moment and The Passive Aggressive Roommate.

8. Her characters’ de facto catchphrase is “Oh!

9. Sabrina is analytical about getting into character.

“The first thing I ask myself when I’m getting into a character is: Does she have the upper hand or is she the loser in the situation? I definitely identify with her more when it’s the latter… when she’s desperately wanting something from the other person in the scene,” she told Interview Magazine.

10. One of her earlier characters was very Jewish inspired:

11. She’s been compared to Greta Gerwig because of her style of comedy and characters.

“It’s always kinda funny to be told you’re like someone else because you’re like, ‘am I me?’ Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that I’m extremely flattered. I look at her as a multi-hyphenate in a way that I want to be,” Sabrina told Dazed. She added, “I also get some comparison with Carrie Bradshaw and Girls. To me, that’s all exciting because those were really formative things for me, and the hope is that I make it my own.”

12. She can’t help asking whether randos at the bar are Jewish.

Neither can we TBH.

13. Sabrina played Biljana Electronica in a teaser for viral sensation “Planet of the Bass.”


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♬ Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica) – Kyle Gordon

14. Sabrina wrote an essay for Elle’s column “Front Row Virgins,” where those who have never sat in the front row of a fashion show have the opportunity to do so.

“When I was a kid, I had a Build-A-Bear cardboard box where my sister and I used to store all of our dress-up materials, including accessories from my old dance recitals and princess dresses from Halloween. The outfits I put together were ridiculous. But I only cared how the clothes made me feel, and the different imaginative worlds I was transported to by wearing them,” she wrote, comparing her experience at the Wiederhoeft show to playing dress-up.

15. She has the best takes on Reddit drama.

16. Sabrina guest starred in the Steven Soderbergh web series “Command Z.”

17. In 2024 she had a cameo on “Abbott Elementary” as substitute teacher Jessca. (Yes, that’s Jessca, not Jessica.)

18. And last but not least, Sabrina has a very important reminder for you:

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