18 Things to Know About Jewish Reality Star Alex Hall

She hosted a Shabbat dinner during season 3 of "Selling the O.C."

The entertainment industry has no shortage of Jewish stars, and reality TV shows are no different. Julia Haart and her family captured the world’s interest in “My Unorthodox Life.” There have been a plethora of Jewish contestants on “Survivor,” including four in 2021’s Season 41 alone. (Who else remembers Tiffany Seeley’s iconic “Baruch Hashem” moment on the beach?) And dating shows from “The Bachelor” to “The Ultimatum: Queer Love” to “Love is Blind” have featured Jewish stars like Alexa Alfia, Jason Alabaster, Lexi Goldberg and more.

So, of course, everyone’s favorite O.C.-based reality real estate show also has a Jewish star that we have to talk about.

Here are 18 things to know about Alex Hall.

1. According to ScreenRant, Alex was born on June 10, 1988. That would make her a Gemini.

2. She’s a proud single, working mom to two kids! She has a daughter Gianna and a son named Jacob.

3. She considers her hometowns to be Merced, CA and Laguna Niguel, CA.

4. Per her LinkedIn profile, Alex has been a licensed real estate agent since 2013.

5. She also has a background in interior design.

6. Alex says that it seems like everything in her life was pointing to joining the Oppenheim Group in 2021.

“I spoke to Jason [Oppenheim] for about two hours before we ever met in person, and we just really, really, really hit it off. That, in conjunction with the show, it was a no-brainer [to join the team and the cast],” Hall said in an interview.

7. She has an extremely adorable dog named Gus.

8. Based on this TikTok, Alex’s Yom Kippurs must be… interesting.

9. Please enjoy drag queens Trixie and Katya reacting to Alex and “Selling the OC” season one:

10. Alex had a will-they-won’t-they situationship with co-star Tyler Stanaland after a steamy hot tub kiss in season two. However, the pair are no longer trying to make it work.

“Our relationship never fully went where we thought it was going to go. We would rev up our engines and hope for the best, but we were never really in alignment. There was always something off,” she told Bustle.

11. Alex is sometimes considered a villain of “Selling the OC” because of allegations that she broke up Tyler’s marriage with actress Brittany Snow. Snow herself discussed the situation in an episode of “Call Her Daddy.”

12. But you can read Alex’s post below clarifying the situation.

13. After Tyler, Alex briefly dated a guy whom she described as a “Global Marketing Director” at TikTok. When asked if they were still dating May 2024, Alex clarified, “He’s pursuing his career and dreams in London.

“As a working single mom, my priorities are here. So, unfortunately, that became unrealistic,” she added.

14. In 2023, Alex made Variety’s list of the 40 most powerful women on reality TV.

15. If Alex could be on another reality show, it would be “Queer Eye.”

“I love the energy they all bring and it’s just such a positive, heartwarming show. Along with laughs and lightheartedness, it’s also making such a difference in people’s lives,” she told Variety.

16. Alex hosts a Shabbat dinner for her family, friends and Oppenheim Group co-workers in a season three episode of “Selling the OC.”

In my family, there’s no greater honor than being invited over for Shabbat dinner,” she said on the show.

17. In the episode, Alex puts kippot on all her male co-workers and Gio reveals it’s his first Shabbat!

18. We also meet Alex’s sassy Jewish-Italian grandma, Tosca.

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