18 Things to Know About Jo Firestone

The Jewish comedian and actress is one of the most underrated comics on the scene right now.

Jo Firestone is one of the most underrated comics right now. Seriously, somehow she still manages to fly under the radar, despite having an incredible career and being hilarious in her quiet and dead-pan style.

Which is all to say: You will keep seeing Jo Firestone pop up as more and more people catch onto her genius, so it’s time to read up on the Jewish stand-up comic, writer and actress.

Here are 18 things to know about Jo Firestone:

1. Jo was born in St. Louis, MO to a Jewish family.

2. Here she is as an adorable child:

Her friend in the picture, Edina (on the right), sadly passed away in January 2017. Here is Jo’s essay about grief.

3. Growing up, Jo and her family were members of Congregation Shaare Emeth.

4. Jo got her start in comedy while attending Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

“I got started doing comedy in college with a sketch comedy group called Lunchbox,” Firestone told the STL Jewish Light.

5. Her family has a pickle, or rather “quickle,” recipe! And you can learn how to make them from Jo and her grandma:

6. Since 2011, Jo has hosted a pun competition called Punderdome 3000 in New York City WITH HER DAD!!!

“It is such a wonderful experience to creatively collaborate with my daughter,” Fred Firestone said in an interview. “I just love having this opportunity to bond and connect with her.”

7. In 2018 Jo released her comedy album, “The Hits.

Check it out here:

8. From 2016-2018, Jo was a writer on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and performed a stand-up set on the show in 2019.

9. She is extremely relatable.

Just check out this clip from her Comedy Central stand-up special:

10. Jo stays connected to Judaism through comedy!

“Each year, I teach improv to CRC (Central Reform Congregation) confirmation students on their class trips to New York,” Jo said in an interview.

More on Jo’s teaching skills later…

11. One of Jo’s closest friends is fellow comic Aparna Nancherla.

Here they are hanging out in a bed together:

They also host a comedy show together in Brooklyn called Butterboy.

12. Jo would make an incredible election debate moderator!

Take a gander at her audition tape:

13. Speaking of jobs, Jo has also been a game show host. Check out “Rate the Cookie,” where she gets people to taste test cookies and also tries to befriend them!!

Jo, we would very much like to be your friend!!! Please hit us up!!!

14. She has a classic Jewish mom.

We mean… just watch:

15. Jo has guest-starred in many TV shows, but her biggest roles have been as Sarah in the Comedy Central series “Joe Pera Talks With You” (which she also writes for and produces) and Maureen in “Shrill” on Hulu.

Check out the trailer for the season three:

Maureen forever!!!!

16. Jo has an adorable little dog named Loaf!!!

Here he is burping like a human:

And, here is little Loaf displaying different doggie emotions:

Loaf, we love you and we would die for you.

17. Jo hosted a podcast called “Everyday Decisions,” where she discussed “the eccentricities of daily routines from comedians, authors, musicians, and more.”

She currently co-hosts a podcast with Manolo Moreno called “Dr. Gameshow,” in which listeners send in games to be played with the hosts over Zoom.

18. Her comedy special “Good Timing with Jo Firestone,” which features a comedy workshop Jo hosted for senior citizens and includes their amazing performances, came out in October 2021.

It is very joyful and heartwarming — see for yourself:

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