18 Things to Know About Moe Jeudy-Lamour

The Haitian Canadian Jewish actor is having a breakout moment as the goalkeeper in "Ted Lasso."

“Ted Lasso” is one of the best shows on TV right now — that’s a fact. But recently, the show got even better when this news broke. Sports Broadcaster Corey Cohen tweeted: “Breaking Jews in sports news from @LassoCast: [Moe Jeudy-Lamour] who plays Thierry Zoreaux the Canadian GK on Ted Lasso, is Jewish!!!”

Yes, you read that correctly. Brett Goldstein isn’t the only Jewish representation in “Ted Lasso.” Actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour, AKA Canadian goalkeeper Thierry Zoreaux, is also Jewish!!

In celebration of this exciting revelation, let’s discuss 18 things to know about Haitian Canadian Jewish actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour.

1. Moe Jeudy-Lamour was born in Montreal to a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father.

2. Moe is of Haitian descent. As he said, “Haiti is my #1 place to visit because it’s my home.”

3. In an episode of the “Lasso Cast” podcast, Moe revealed that he “grew up Jewish,” and he hasn’t “been to the synagogue in awhile,” BUT also said that he feels he “definitely should [go to synagogue.]” Moe: We will go to synagogue with you!!!!

You can listen to the full episode here:

4. In French, his last name translates to “Thursday-Love,” hence his Instagram handle (@moethursdaylove) and Twitter handle (@Moethursday).

5. Since childhood, Moe has loved action movies. He has cites Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis as his inspirations. AND, in 2017, Moe was in the film “Death Wish” where he had a seen with the “Die Hard” star. Here’s their scene together (trigger warning for gun violence):

Brb, just thinking about Moe’s childhood dreams coming true…

6. Moe didn’t think it was possible to pursue acting, until he ran into actor Orlando Jones. Jones convinced him to give acting a shot and recommended he try working in Vancouver.

“That same summer I just moved to Vancouver for a month, had a blast there, loved it, loved acting,” Moe recalled in an interview for The Man Cave Chronicles Podcast. “[I] fell in love with it out there and was like, ‘Yeah this is exactly what I need to be doing.‘”

Listen to the full interview here:

7. He looks great in a Star of David necklace, because of course he does:


8. In addition to acting, Moe has also done some modeling, or #Moedeling, as he calls it.

Canada’s Next Top Moedel? We think so.

9. Moe is close friends with French actor Julien Marlon Samani. Here’s the birthday greeting he sent his friend:


10. Moe is fluent in English, French, and Creole. Plus, he can read Hebrew! Very casual.

11. In 2018, Moe played a soldier named “Grim” in “Jack Ryan.” Check out this BTS look:

Very intense! (Also, just note the hashtags: #IWasSweatingBullets, #Acting. Moe, never change.)

12. Also in 2018, Moe took a rare trip to the stage in the Pasadena Playhouse’s production of the play “Belleville.” Look at this superstar cast!!

13. But Moe’s breakout role, and why we’re here, is as Thierry Zoreaux, AFC Richmond’s French-Canadian goalkeeper, in “Ted Lasso.” Here he is with the whole “Lasso” squad:

14. He actually worked with Jason Sudeikis before Ted Lasso. In 2016, Moe played Ohio State University runner Mel Walker in the film “Race,” alongside his now-“Ted Lasso” co-star. In an episode of “The Lasso Cast,” Moe discussed meeting Jason for the first time saying, “Jason is like, the most generous person, I’ve ever met. And I’m not talking about money, or anything like that.”

Here they are on set together, featuring Moe’s beautiful wig:

15. Moe had a very interesting research technique for playing Zoreaux: “Honestly, as a kid, I only watched the NFL. I played American Football as a kid. Then, when I was going to do this part, I had to really… the thing that saved me is that Jason [Sudeikis] plays FIFA a lot. So, me and Jason played FIFA a lot. I learned about the teams, positions, stuff like that. Then, when I was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to be the goalkeeper.‘”

You can listen to the full interview here:

16. Moe gave some pretty great spoilers for the second season of “Ted Lasso.” (Seriously, read the caption!!)

He’s so proud of his Haitian Canadian Jewishness and it makes us feel like this emoji at all times: 🥺

17. Moe is extremely gracious. Just look at this poise:

18. In October 2021 you can expect to see Moe in the Canadian horror film “The Devil’s Music Remixed.” The movie is described on IMDb as such: “A group of friends on a weekend getaway are caught between a hulking serial killer and one of their own possessed by a recording of an ancient ritual.”

Not gonna lie, that sounds extremely scary. But we’ll see it just for you, Moe!!

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