19 Matzah Recipes That Will Make You Excited For Passover

Matzah tiramisu??? OK!!!!

Matzah is no aphrodisiac. On the first two days of Passover, it’s a novelty. Sure, matzah tastes like a Saltine tried intermittent fasting. But the fact that Jews haven’t had to eat it for a year makes it more bearable. Passover day three is when the desperation sets in. Matzah with butter can only go so far. At some point you’ll need to consume some actual nutrients. Plus, the sight of the dreaded crackers instills a deep rage within you.

Take a breath and step away from the Yehuda Matzos.

Hey Alma and our partner site The Nosher are here to help. Since anyone keeping kosher for Passover is eating a ton of matzah, you might as well get creative with it. Courtesy of The Nosher, here are 19 different things you can do with matzah to spice up your Passover.

Stay strong, you’ll get to eat grains again soon enough!

Matzah Brei

via The Nosher

1. Regular matzah brei

2. Cacio e pepe matzah brei

3. Matzah brei breakfast sandwich

4. Matzah brei eggs benedict 

5. Matzah brei with ramp pesto


via The Nosher

6. Matzah mac and cheese

7. Matzah lasagna

8. Veggie matzah lasagna

9. Sephardi matzah and cheese patties

10. Matzah pie with leek and spinach

11. Matzah chilaquiles

12. Beet and cauliflower matzah pizza

13. Matzah pizza

14. Matzah ball casserole


via The Nosher

15. Matzah tiramisu

16. Apple matzah kugel

17. Masa tiganitas

18. Matzah toffee

19. Funfetti matzah toffee

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