39 Latke Recipes To Try This Hanukkah

From classic potato to veggies to kimchi to cheese, there is simply no end to the latke possibilities.

One Hanukkah, when I was in my synagogue’s children’s choir, we performed a song creatively titled “Lots of Latkes.” I don’t remember much about our performance other than endlessly yell-singing the lyrics, “Lots of latkes, lots of latkes, lots of latkes / Let’s all eat ’em up!” But what I do know is this: “Lots of Latkes” instilled in me from a very young age the very important lesson that there are simply never enough potato pancakes in the world.

So, this year, why don’t you try eating a new kind of latke or making latkes by a method you’ve never tried before?

Of course, you can never go wrong with this classic latke recipe from Hey Alma’s partner site, The Nosher. (And, latkes are not the only Hanukkah food bimuelos, sfenj, sufganiyot, tostones, zangula and piroshki and more all make delicious, oily treats for the Festival of Lights.) But if you’re in the mood to be a little adventurous, I’ve compiled and categorized a list of 39 different latkes recipes, from both The Nosher and Hey Alma, that you should absolutely try.


Veggie Latkes

Photo by Sheri Silver

1. Colorful veggie latkes

2. Summer corn and zucchini latkes

3. Green latkes

4. Beet latkes

5. Spinach latkes

6. Broccoli stem latkes

7. Vegan latkes

8. Sephardi leek patties* 

*This recipe is actually not for latkes, but rather keftes de prasa (leek patties in Ladino). However, keftes de prasa are also eaten for Hanukkah and so they make a delicious latke alternative.

Sweet Potato Latkes

Photo by Baila Gluck

9. Sweet potato latkes with maple cream

10. Sweet potato latkes with toasted marshmallows

11. Beet and sweet potato latkes

12. Parsnip-sweet potato latkes

13. Curried sweet potato latkes  

14. Gingered sweet potato latkes

Cheese Latkes

Photo via The Nosher

15. Cheese latkes

16. Cheesy-stuffed latkes

17. Grilled cheese latkes

Multicultural Latkes

Kimchi Latkes
Design by Evelyn Frick; Photos by Miya Libman

18. Kimchi latkes

19. Indian-spiced cauliflower latkes

20. Cajun potato latkes

21. French onion latkes

22. Spaghetti latkes

23. Plantain latkes with avocado cream

24. Japanese-style latkes

Personal Recipes

Photo by Shannon Sarna

25. Chef Andrew Zimmern’s latkes 

26. Chef Bill Telepan’s latkes

27. Cookbook author Claudia Roden’s potato latkes 

Unconventionally Made Latkes

Photo by Emily Paster

28. Rectangular latkes

29. Latke hotdish

30. Air-fried latkes

31. Baked latkes

32. Mini latkes

33. Creamy potato latkes

Latkes With Unique Ingredients or Toppings

Photo by Sonya Sanford

34. Everything bagel latkes

35. Coconut latkes

36. Loaded baked potato latkes

37. Pulled brisket-topped latkes

38. Ramen latkes

39. Apple latkes

And click here to download The Nosher’s free, digital cookbook “8 Latke Recipes for 8 Nights of Hanukkah.”

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