All the Jewish Kitsch You Need This Summer

Happy summer, Alma readers! Sure, the season may not be quite as fun when you’re an adult and still have work to do and bills to pay — and yes, humidity is the actual worst — but hey, at least sandals are cute? To get you in the summer spirit, we’ve rounded up our favorite tanks, beach gear, summer camp throwbacks, and more — all with a decidedly Jewy twist, because, well, obviously. Happy shopping, happy summer, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!!!


Holy Schvitz Tank (Etsy, $22)

holy schvitz tank

Because no matter what you’re doing this summer, there will be schvitzing involved.

It’s All Tov Tank (Etsy, $25)

it's all tov tank

Tov is Hebrew for good, so you can feel tov about this one.

Shalom Tank (Etsy, $24)

shalom tank top

Love the retro rainbow design!

Bagels Tank (Etsy, $30)

bagels tank

This is simply a shirt that says “BAGELS.” Do I really need to explain why it’s on this list?

Beach Buys

Bagel Float (Amazon, $15)

bagel float

First things first, no beach trip or pool party is complete without an everything bagel flotation device. That’s just a fact.

Shalom Rainbow Hearts Beach Towel (Etsy, $32)

shalom rainbow hearts beach towel

Hearts! Rainbow colors! An ever-so-subtle “Shalom” written in Hebrew in the middle! What a find!

Surfboard Mezuzah (Etsy, $42.96)

surfboard mezuzah

Bless your home with some far out surfer vibes.

Matzah Beach Towel (Etsy, $28.90)

matzah beach towel

But Alma, you’re thinking, matzah is only for Passover! Why would I want a matzah beach towel in the middle of summer? The answer is: BECAUSE YOU CAN.


Challah Tote Bag (Etsy, $24.95)

challah at ya girl tote bag

Every nice Jewish girl needs a nice Jewish tote (to carry around your carrots, apparently?).

Schlep Tote (Etsy, $22.27)

schlep tote

For your serious schlepping needs this summer.

Pomegranate Tote (Amazon, $22.90)

pomegranate tote

Did you know pomegranates are Jewish? Well, they are! And also make for a very cute tote print.

Hot Dog Tote (Amazon, $16.99)

hot dog tote

Hot dogs are also Jewish, and the ideal summer food, naturally.

Summer Accesories

Hamsa Dad Hat (Etsy, $16.99)

hamsa dad hat

Keep the evil eye out of your life (and the sun out of your eyes).

Rabbi Sandals (Amazon, $24.88)

rabbi sandals

Alright, I’ll admit that these are buy far the strangest item on this list, but I find them weirdly adorable? Anyone else?

Spiked Seltzer Koozie (Etsy, $4.99)

spiked selzer koozie

It’s the summer of spiked seltzer, people.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Water Bottle (Etsy, $23.99)

ruth bader ginsburg water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated this summer. Might as well do it in RBG style.

Relive Summer Camp

Tie Dye Crop Top (Etsy, $25)

tie dye crop top

You’re definitely not too old for tie dye, okay?

Soffe Shorts (Amazon, price varies)

soffe shorts

Can we seriously, pretty please, bring back Soffe shorts?

Tevas (Amazon, price ranges by size/color)


They were in style then, and they’re in style now.

Tie Dye Crocs (Amazon, price ranges by size)

tie dye crocs

The epitome of camp. (And Camp?)

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