Announcing Alma’s Second Annual Hanukkah Movie Pitch Challenge

Win the digital poster of your (Hanukkah movie) dreams!

Oh, Hanukkah. You’re a minor Jewish holiday that gets way too much attention thanks to your proximity to Christmas, but still, you deserve to be celebrated. You deserve the spotlight. You deserve the silver screen.

Last year, even after being promised two “Hanukkah movies” from Hallmark, we were still waiting for the gloriously cheesy, predictable, and heartfelt made-for-TV Hanukkah movie we deserve. And so we turned to you, dear Alma readers, and launched Alma’s Hanukkah Movie Pitch Challenge, to get amazing cheesy Hanukkah Hallmark films. We got over 100 submissions, let you all vote on the top eight, and the winner was Let It Beshert. Here is the digital poster for the perfect movie that does not exist:

let it beshert alma hanukkah movie winner

This year, we’re bringing back the contest, but expanding it: We don’t care what genre of film you pitch, just make it Hanukkah. Give us a gritty Hanukkah action film. An epic historical romance. An animated family film. Or, obviously, you can still give us your best ideas for cheeseball Hanukkah Hallmark films. We want all your Hanukkah films, okay?

Will the winning movie idea get made? Absolutely not. Who do you think we are? We’re a tiny Jewish non-profit that runs a website. But the winner will get fame, glory, and a custom-designed digital movie poster for their idea that they are free to brag about until the next Festival of Lights.

The deets:

  1. Enter by using this form. Submissions will be open until Sunday, December 6 at midnight EST. We are looking for the name of your ideal Hanukkah movie and a one-paragraph description of the plot. Take inspiration from last year’s finalists.
  2. On Thursday, December 10, check back here at for how to vote on the Top Eight.
  3. We’ll announce the winner on December 15.

So, warm up some hot cocoa, put on your Hanukkah jammies, and start thinking up your dream Hanukkah movie!!!

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