Billie Lourd Says She Peaked During Bat Mitzvah Season

The year is 2007. Bat mitzvah season is in full swing. Rihanna’s “Umbrella” is bumping and dancers are handing out Costco socks. Kids are playing coke and pepsi, and someone’s uncle had a few too many whiskey sours. And me? I’m twirling a straw in my Shirley Temple, picking spinach out of my braces, and hoping the rabbi’s son I have a crush on will tell me he likes me back (he did not). 

While bat mitzvah season was excruciatingly painful for me as a chubby middle schooler, it’s not surprising that Jewish actress Billie Lourd, a stunning Hollywood queen, thrived at the weekend bashes. I mean, her mom is Carrie Fisher — how could she not be the belle of every bat mitzvah ball? 

In her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her role in American Horror Story’s latest season (1984), Lourd told the talk show host that she used to think she peaked during bat mitzvah season. Never have I ever heard that one before.


“It might be weird for some of you, but if you’ve been to a bat mitzvah, they’re amazing,” Lourd said. “I peaked then, but then I had Booksmart and I peaked again, which is kind of like bat mitzvah season — if you’ve seen the movie, I’m kind of just insane in it.” 

It’s true: In one of the greatest movies ever made, Lourd plays Gigi, a character in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart who can only be described as an enigmatic and insanely intelligent party girl. 

“That’s what mitzvah season is?” Fallon asked Lourd. “What do you mean?”

“Yeah, it’s just me kind of running around being my id, you know?” Lourd explained. “Dark, but true.” 

If anyone has footage of Billie Lourd running around being her id at a bat mitzvah party, please DM me.

Image via Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment

Arielle Kaplan

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