Calling Jewish College Students: Apply to Be an Alma Ambassador!

Are you a Jewish college student who is interested in digital media, journalism, publicity, or marketing? We’re looking for a group of college ladies with chutzpah to join our team for the year as Alma Ambassadors. All levels of religious observance/non-observance are welcome to apply (i.e. it’s okay if you haven’t thought about being Jewish since your bat mitzvah, or if you never even had a bat mitzvah).

This will be a remote program (obvs, you’re at school), where you’ll be in regular contact with our editorial team. As an Alma Ambassador, you’ll help get the word out about Alma, share stories on social media, and be part of a sounding board for the Alma editorial team. And, if you’re interested, you would have the opportunity to pitch and write for Alma!

**This is a non-paid position for the 2018-19 school year**

To enter, just fill out this form (also below), and we’ll get back to you before you go back to school. (AKA by the end of August!)

Please submit your application by August 10. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

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