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Since Hey Alma launched in 2017, we have tried various approaches to covering what can often be a contentious topic in the Jewish community and beyond: Israel. From Israeli arts and cultural coverage to a robust guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, our goal has been to provide a variety of content on our website and social media platforms that speaks to our audience and can be a resource while navigating tricky conversations and evolving news landscapes.

Now, we’re hoping that you, dear Hey Alma readers, can help us better understand how you interact with Israel-related stories online, and how we can best serve our audience. We’re interested in things like where you get your news about Israel, how or if you engage with the topic on social media, and the kinds of pieces you’d like to see Hey Alma produce in the future.

We’d be incredibly grateful if you would take this short survey. Your honest feedback can impact the kinds of conversations you’ll see on Hey Alma.

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