How to Make Your Seder Table Cute

We've gathered all the essentials (and a few non-essentials) to zhuz up your Passover experience!

There are plenty of questions associated with Passover. Namely, why is this night different than all other nights? Why do we eat matzah or maror? Why do we dip twice? Why do we recline? The story of the four children also poses inquires: What statutes of Passover has God commanded you? What does this mean to you —and what does this mean more generally?

On a far more secular level, however, there is another important question those hosting Passover should be asking themselves: How do I make my seder table cute?

We’re so glad you asked!!

Below, Hey Alma has gathered a list of the chicest Passover seder essentials (and a few non-essentials) to zhuz up your table:

Seder plates

Chagall Seder Plate Set by Bernardaud (The Jewish Museum, $1,485)

OK, so this particular seder plate is probably out of all of our budgets. But it’s inspired by incredible Jewish artist Marc Chagall!! We can dream, can’t we?

Modern Natural Seder Plate (Modern Tribe, $230)

If you’re going for a minimalist vibe, you can’t go wrong with this ceramic plate.

Sur La Table Passover Seder Plate (Sur La Table, $44.95)

An adorable and cost-effective earthenware seder plate that’s also dishwasher and microwave safe? Dayenu! (Though I don’t know why you’d be microwaving a seder plate…)

Kate Spade Oak Street Seder Plate (Modern Tribe, $110)

Kate Spade stans to the front!


Hamptons Placemat Set (Susan Alexandra, $128)

This placemats may not be from Susan Alexandra’s Judaica line, but they’re still gorgeous.

Funky Herbs: Matisse Edition Placemat (Society6, $25.90)

Bitter herbs? Try funky herbs!


Pom Bells Fern & Poppy Tablecloth (Pomegranate, $136)

Nothing evokes Jewish springtime more than Passover and pomegranates.

French Linen Floral Rectangle Tablecloth (Etsy, $25.98)

Or try this tablecloth for some understated style.


A Passover Haggadah by Central Conference of American Rabbis

Hey Alma associate editor Evelyn Frick’s family has used this Haggadah for their entire life. Not only does it include the entire service, songs and additional readings and meditations for your seder, but also the illustrations by artist Leonard Baskin are stunning.

Wine glasses

Morgan Wine Glasses (Anthropologie, $56)

These wine glasses will give a unique chromatic glow to each of your four cups of wine.

Dory Wine Glass (Urban Outfitters, $12)

Make a statement with these sculptural wine glasses.

Elijah and Miriam’s cups

Ceramic Elijah’s Cup with Patina Glaze (Kolbo, $63)

With an inscription that reads “Elijah the Prophet,” this ceramic, hand-crafted cup is perfect to welcome Eliyahu Hanavi.

Ceramic Miriam’s Cup with Patina Glaze (Kolbo, $63)

Miriam’s cup is a new, feminist ritual object for the Passover seder, which recognizes the importance of Miriam to the Exodus story. Matching the Elijah’s cup above, this ceramic cup bears Miriam’s name and an image of her tambourine.

Judaica Botanical Leaf Kiddush Cup (Macy’s, $95)

You could also just get multipurpose Elijah and Miriam’s cups by buying two of these Michael Aram botanical kiddush cups!

Matzah covers

Creature Afikomen Cover (Susan Alexandra, $48)

*To the tune of “Milkshake” by Kelis* My matzah cover brings all the creatures to the seder, and they’re like, it’s better than yours! This product also comes in designs with a frog and a dragonfly!

Embroidered Botanical Matzah Cover (Etsy, $34)

Florals for Passover? Groundbreaking.

Barbara Shaw Gifts Matzah Cover and Afikoman Set (Etsy, $45)

Even more florals for Passover? Doubly groundbreaking.


Archie Glass Dinnerware Collection (West Elm, $32-$60)

In clear, sage and pink, this glassware is giving 20th-century Americana soda fountain vibes (minus the overall racism and prejudice.)

Adina 16 Piece Dinnerware Set (Macy’s, $129)

The warm earth tones of this dinner set will both be striking and remind your guests of the mortar used in Egypt!

Napkin rings

Herb Garden Napkin Rings (Tea and Linen, $55)

These vintage gold-finished napkin rings are so lovely you almost won’t want to take them off!

Moore Shiny White Porcelain Napkin Rings (CB2, $35.68)

According to CB2, the “neutral colors and organic shape pair well with any tablescape.”

Candlesticks & holders

Bronze Metal Taper Candlestick Holders (Sage and Sill, $47.99)

Already having Shabbat candlestick holders is no reason not to buy more! With their sleek and classic look, these are perfect for any occasion, not just Passover.

Riya Taper Candle Holder (Urban Outfitters, $9.99)

Or treat yourself with these more artsy and playful ones.

Ombré Taper Candle Set (Urban Outfitters, $10.00)

Ombré is still in, and this is a hill we will die on. AND, these babies have an impressive 15 HOUR burn time.

Springtime Ribbed Candles (World Market, $4.99)

Coming in exclusively pastels, these candlesticks will bring an airy mood to the table.


Fruit Slice Earrings (Modern Tribe, $25)

While we’re making our seder table cute, why not make yourself even cuter than you already are! Though these fruit slices are definitely not kosher to actually consume, for Passover or otherwise.

Passover Plagues Enamel Frog Bracelet (Traditions Jewish Gifts, $15.95)

It’s like the ten plagues, but chic!

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