Jenny Slate Says ‘Marcel the Shell’ Plays a Macaroni Shofar

In a recent podcast interview, the actress and comedian revealed there's "a lot of secret Judaism" in the movie.

Earlier this year, Jewish actress and comedian Jenny Slate spoke with Hey Alma and gave us the answer to an all-important question: Is Marcel the Shell Jewish?

“That’s not for me to say,” Jenny replied, politely indulging the question after emphasizing that Marcel is more of a personality-in-a-shell than a treyf being.

But it turns out maybe we were on to something: There might be Jewish influence in the “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” movie after all!!

In a recent interview on “SmartLess,” a podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, Jenny explained the there was “a lot of secret Judaism” in the film.

Specifically, she referenced a scene in which Marcel plays the military funeral song “Taps” on his horn, which is a piece of spiral macaroni.

“It’s like a shofar. In my culture we call that a shofar,” Jenny explains of the scene, which she also described as a favorite part of the movie.

Wow!! Does this mean “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” is low-key… a Rosh Hashanah movie? Regardless, we’re so thrilled for the insight and will keep our eyes peeled for any future secretly Jewish Marcel moments.

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