Join Hey Alma and Rabbi Emily Cohen for a Moment of Collective Grieving

Let's spend some virtual time together after an incredibly tough week.

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It’s been a horrible week, and we are not feeling OK right now. We know you relate — when we asked the Hey Alma community how you’re doing, we received hundreds of vulnerable messages. And when we asked you how you’re handling your big emotions, you shared more than 50 coping strategies — some of those strategies include leaning into community, grounding yourself, practicing mindfulness and prayer.

With that in mind, we want to spend some time together before Shabbat begins this week. Please join the Hey Alma community and Rabbi Emily Cohen for a moment of collective grieving. During this 20 minute gathering we will hold space for Jews, Muslims and everyone affected by the violence and bloodshed.

Friday, Oct. 13, 12 pm ET, on Zoom.

Rabbi Emily Cohen is a rabble-rousing rabbi, podcast producer, and artist. She’s usually found in Brooklyn with her cat and lots of coffee but also tweets wherever you are @ThatRabbiCohen. She’s also a regular contributor to Hey Alma — you can read her articles here.

Sign up here for this virtual event.

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