Let’s Watch The Rugrats Passover Episode Together

Here's your chance to rewatch this '90s masterpiece with the virtual Hey Alma community.

As Passover approaches (not to stress you out but it’s literally less than two weeks away) it’s important to get your holiday plans solidified. If you’re hosting a seder, you must plan the menu. If you’re keeping strictly kosher for Passover, you must figure out what to do with all the hametz in your home and also stock up on matzah. And if you’re a member of the Hey Alma community, you must find a time to watch the “Rugrats” Passover episode! We don’t make the rules around here — Tommy Moses Pickles does.

Last month, we hosted Hey Alma’s very first watch party and it was a roaring success! We got together (virtually) and watched the VeggieTales Purim episode on YouTube while chatting on Discord. It was a little chaotic and a lot of fun, and we decided we want to do more virtual watch parties with our community because you’re all very funny and we love doing Jewy pop culture stuff together! Which brings us to our next virtual event, happening next week on Wednesday, April 17 at 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PST.

Because this is only our second watch party ever, we’re still experimenting with the format. This time we’re going to try meeting up on Teleparty instead of Discord, for a (hopefully) more seamless viewing experience! The “Rugrats” Passover episode is streaming on Paramount Plus, which you’ll need access to in order to watch with us. If this feels a little overwhelming, fear not! Here’s a very simple and very detailed checklist about how you can participate.

1. RSVP to this free event! You’ll get a confirmation email that you’re signed up as soon as you register, and then you’ll get two more confirmation emails: one the night before as a reminder, and one an hour before the party begins. The link to the Teleparty will be included in the email you receive one hour before the party begins.

2. If you don’t have Teleparty, no worries — you can easily download it for free. You do not need the Premium version to join our watch party! Feel free to download it in advance if you want to be super prepped for the day of the watch party, but it’s genuinely very easy and you can do it the day of if you prefer.

3. What if you don’t have Paramount Plus? Great q. We have some suggestions! Do you have any friends with Paramount Plus who might want to join the watch party? You could get together and make it a cute group activity. Do your parents have an account they’ll grant you access to for a special Jewish activity? As a last resort, Paramount Plus does have a seven-day free trial option — we know it’s annoying, but isn’t the “Rugrats” Passover episode worth it?! Just make sure to set yourself a reminder to cancel your free trial before the seven days are up.

4. Once you’ve downloaded Teleparty and secured a Paramount Plus hookup, the rest is easy peasy. You literally just have to show up and enjoy. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you — you won’t even have to hit play.

Register here for Hey Alma’s screening of the Rugrats Passover episode.

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