Mandy Moore Bagged Herself a Nice Jewish Fiancé on Instagram

It was September 2015 and Amanda Leigh Moore was sad. Her career was stalled. She was separating from her husband Ryan Adams, who would later come out with an album about their relationship entitled, ‘Prisoner.’ Her Instagram was mostly pictures of small animals and humorous Ryan Gosling memes referencing astrology.

But! There was a song that was inside her soul.

Thus begins a great love story for our time, as chronicled by Jenny Singer in the Forward. The romantic leads: Mandy Moore, pop princess turned television actress, and Taylor Goldsmith, nice Jewish boy turned folk rock band frontman. The meet-cute: a single Instagram post, captionless but for a bullseye emoji and a tag, posted by Mandy after enjoying the smooth tunes of Goldsmith’s band, Dawes. The happy ending: He put a ring on it.

The best 2 years. Never not smiling with you, T. ❤💜💚💛💙

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What happened in between was your classic tale of sliding into DMs, FaceTiming for hours, and falling in love before you even meet.

The whole world was able to see this romance blossom, as long as they knew where to look (Instagram, always look at Instagram).

They traveled together:

They went to fancy famous people thingies together:

They met each other’s friends:

They lovingly embraced each other:

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OMG I am so sorry that is Mandy Moore with “A Walk to Remember” co-star Shane West, I have no idea how that got in there.

They even swapped childhood photos:

It’s this cool dude’s birthday and he’s my favorite person ever. Happy Birthday, T!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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And now, they are engaged to be married. Will there be a chuppah? A smashing of the glass? An epic hora? Honestly, I couldn’t care less. All I want is for them to write their own vows and for Mandy to finish hers with, “Love always, Mandy.”

love always mandy

Mazel tov to the happy couple. Thank you for giving us the love story we deserve.

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