Meet the 2021-2022 Alma College Writing Fellows

These 19 Jewish college students from all over the world will be bringing their voices to Alma this year!

We are beyond excited to announce the cohort for the second year of our Alma College Writing Fellows program!

These 19 students come from across the world and from wildly different backgrounds, representing the many faces of young Jews today. As College Writing Fellows, they’ll be part of a sounding board for the Alma editorial team, connect with other Jewish college students in a warm, supportive environment, and of course, write for us!

We’re thrilled to be able to bring their voices to Alma.

Nell Adkins

Nell Adkins (she/her) is a dance and government double major who enjoys spending her time at student government meetings and in rehearsals for Smith’s student dance ensemble. Outside of school, she enjoys practicing Yiddish, learning about Yiddish theater and visiting every Jewish deli she comes across.

Instagram: @nelladdkins


Tahlia Bowen (she/her) is an Australian writer of mixed Ashkenazi and Melanesian heritage. She is in her final year of studying a bachelor’s degree of politics, philosophy and economics with a minor in Australian Indigenous studies at the Australian National University, located on Ngunnawal Country (Canberra, Australia). You can generally find her wherever the sun is or in the kitchen attempting outrageous vegan recipes.

Instagram: @tahlia_bowen

sophia chanin

Sophia Chanin (she/her) is a junior studying English at Pomona College. She loves poetry, hiking and listening to her grandma’s stories.

Amelia Davidson

Amelia Davidson (she/her) is a sophomore studying economics and American studies at Yale. She is passionate about journalism, progressive politics, matcha lattes, local bookstores, and *basically* being from Washington DC (just over the Maryland border!)

Twitter: @ameliadavidson_ | Instagram: @_ameliadavidson_


Jane Godiner (she/her) studies English and Psychology at Bowdoin College. She is a fervent writer, an adventurous foodie, a proud New Yorker and an even prouder Jew.

Instagram: @jane.godiner

jamie guterman

Jamie Guterman (she/her) is a second-year honors student at Florida State University studying psychology and information technology. She’s passionate about the ethical consequences of new technologies and advocating for disability rights. In her free time, you can find her baking cookies, reading historical fiction and binge-watching the newest season of “Survivor” (don’t try to get in touch with her on Wednesday nights!).

Instagram: @jamie.guterman

Rachel Hale

Rachel Hale (she/her) is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying journalism, political science and Jewish studies. Her interests lie at the intersection of women’s issues and pop culture. She is passionate about feminism, the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate, and use of the Oxford comma.

Twitter: @rachelhale32 | Instagram: @rachelllhale

Sam Horner

Sam Horner (he/him) is a sophomore at George Washington University and a native of Nashville, Tennessee. He is passionate about traveling, cooking and writing. Talk to him about your go-to bagel order!

Twitter: @sammhornerr | Instagram: @sammhornerr

Tal Israeli

Tal Israeli (she/her) is a proud half Mizrahi, half Ashkenazi and full Israeli American from the Bay Area with the occasional identity crisis that comes with all of those titles. She is passionate about uplifting Mizrahi/Sephardic voices through her love of writing, as well as advocating for people with food allergies like her. She enjoys obsessing over pop culture, comedy, cute dogs and eating food while watching TV. Oh, and a good nap, too.

Ilana Jacobs

Ilana Jacobs (she/her) is a junior at Brown University currently studying literary arts. She likes to fill her time working with her hands, whether it’s painting, jewelry making or some other erratically changing hobby, so long as she can listen to a television show while she does it.

Instagram: @ilanajacobs18


Ira Kennard-Sheldon (they/them) is a third year English major with an affinity for medieval literature. They’re the foster parent to an adorable golden retriever, and spend their free time reading and gaming. They recently completed their conversion to Judaism after two years of hard work and study.

Twitter: @iranaomiks | Instagram: @iraanaomi

Mara Kleinberg

Mara Kleinberg (she/her) is a senior at Mount Holyoke College. When she’s not delivering hot takes and analysis on Jake Gyllenhaal movies and all things pop culture on Twitter, you can find her interviewing artists on her radio show Manischewitz with Mara on 91.5 FM South Hadley WMHC.

Twitter: @marasagek | Instagram: @not_mara_


Alexa Kupor (she/her) is a freshman at Stanford University planning to dabble in French, political science, ethics and feminist literature. When she’s not perusing her Spotify Discover Weekly or the aisles of Trader Joe’s, you can find her reading memoirs and defending the Oxford comma.

Twitter: @LKupor | Instagram: @LexiKup

Caroline Levine

Caroline Levine (she/her) is a language-obsessed junior at the University of Florida. When she’s not studying linguistics or foreign languages, you can find her sewing a new costume or trying out different Jewish recipes from around the world.

Instagram: @chasinalevine

Adam Possener

Adam Possener (he/him) is 20 years old and is a composer based in the U.K. He is studying music at university and in his free time can be found cooking, reading or geeking out over Japanese hip-hop.

Instagram: @adampossener

Emma Rosman

Emma Rosman (she/her) is from Arlington, Virginia and is a freshman at Virginia Tech studying business. At any given moment, Emma is likely hanging out with her four dogs, trying new vegetarian foods or color-coding spreadsheets.

Twitter: @em_rosman | Instagram: @emrosman

Rachel Rumstein

Rachel Rumstein (she/her) is an insatiably curious NYC NJG with a passion for Jewish mysticism and eastern philosophy. An aspiring journalist, she hopes to help bridge the gap between contemporary expressions of religion and contemplative spirituality. Her hobbies include taking long walks with her bubbe, hiking and reliving her high school glory days as a yeshiva league debater. Always down to talk Scholem/Dan/Buber!!!

Instagram: @rachyfromtheblock

Tatum Schutt

Tatum Schutt (she/her) is an organizer and writer from Delaware double majoring in sociology and race, colonialism and diasporic studies. Passions include but are not limited to: local politics, bread, wealth distribution, slick sporadic dance moves, James Baldwin, critical whiteness, women.

Twitter: @tatumschutt | Instagram: @tatumschutt

ezzie seigel

Ezzie Seigel (they/she) is a junior and creative writing/foreign languages major at William and Mary. They love to swing dance and tend to the plants in the campus greenhouse. Ezzie’s favorite thing about Judaism is how it inspires us to act as a community.

Instagram: @ezzie_ezxj

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