Meet the 2023-2024 Hey Alma College Writing Fellows

These 21 students represent the many faces of young Jews today and we can't wait to work with them!

We are beyond excited to announce the cohort for the fourth year of our Hey Alma College Writing Fellows program!

These 21 students come from across the world and from wildly different backgrounds, representing the many faces of young Jews today. As College Writing Fellows, they’ll be part of a sounding board for the Hey Alma editorial team, connect with other Jewish college students in a warm, supportive environment — and, of course, write for us!

We’re thrilled to be able to bring their voices to Hey Alma.

Anjali Agarwal (she/her) is a freshman at Haverford College, studying political science and urban planning. She can often be found practicing the guitar, working on political campaigns or trying out new soup recipes.

Twitter: @anjalimagarwal | Instagram: @anjalimagarwal

Jess Clayton (she/her) is a politics and international relations student at the University of Sheffield (in the UK). Her favorite Jewish icons include Adam Sandler, the movie “Shiva Baby” and cream cheese bagels (she’s lactose intolerant).

Instagram: @jess.claytonnn

Vivi Corre (she/her) is an aspiring psychologist, an earring-making enthusiast and a proud queer Jewish woman. She is looking forward to exploring social justice topics within Judaism during her fellowship with Hey Alma!

Instagram: @vivi.c2024

Grace Avigail Crowley (they/she) is a College Writing Fellow from Worcester, Massachusetts. They are a lokshen kugel enthusiast and spend most of their time studying political science and Middle Eastern history.

Instagram: @graceavigailll

Yael Crupnicoff (she/her) is a writer and social sciences student who also dabbles in composing and translation. She is an organizer at TEDxRíodelaPlata and a founder of environmental education startup Tekohá.

Instagram: @yacrupni

Sophie Dalton (she/her) is a queer jewess who loves seagulls, feminist theory, pop culture and taking long walks with her dog Willow. Her work has been featured in “Defiant Movement” and “Xanadu Literary Magazine” and has received an honorary mention from the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards.

Instagram: @sophieeeedalton

Tamara Doiny (she/her) is majoring in book and media studies. Her stress-hobbies include making bread, watching Gilmore Girls and telling people to wear SPF.

Instagram: @tamara.dny

Helene Erlbaum (she/her) is a sophomore at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. She is a cat person, 80s new wave fanatic, cilantro hater and budding historian.

Instagram: @sigmafreud__

Ellie Greenberg (she/her/hers) is a junior at Kenyon College studying Jewish studies and English. Fond of candles, playing guitar and her dog Sally, she is passionate about American Judaism and its inner workings.

Twitter: @elliergreenberg | Instagram: @elliergreenberg

Liliana Greyf (she/her) is a New Yorker currently studying creative writing in Rhode Island. She loves lightly toasted bagels, dangly earrings and parasocial relationships with historical figures.

Sylvie Trainor Koenigsberg (she/her) is a Hey Alma College Writing Fellow. She’s currently studying writing and film in her final year at Sarah Lawrence College. Sylvie loves to write about monsters, aliens and heroes with chutzpah.

Instagram: @sylkoenigsberg

Keren Kubersky (she/her/hers) is a second-year student at Barnard College studying art history and South Asian studies. In her free time, she enjoys venturing to new restaurants and is always eager to try new flavors. Keren is excited to further explore her mixed Ashkenazi and Indian Jewish identity through the college fellowship!

Instagram: @kerenkubersky

Emory Marks (they/he/she) is a hummus enthusiast, pickle princess and has gotten this far. They can be found in the Midwest, the Middle East and occasionally Darom. She is studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and loves history! Beware she is guarded by lions (her Israeli Mother).

Instagram: @emorywasthere

Eden Moyal (she/her) is a linguistics and anthropology major specializing in queer and Jewish sociolinguistics. She is also the curator and documentation manager at the Jewish Language Project. When not working on linguistic projects, she enjoys stand-up comedy and queer women on TV.

Sarah Nachimson (they/she) is an amateur poet and freelance journalist based in Los Angeles. In their free time, they love belting along to their musical theater and/or indie pop playlist, re-watching the episode “Good Damage” from “Bojack Horseman” or watercoloring in their sketchbook.

Instagram: @eli.nachos

Rachel Pakan (she/her) is an undergraduate student on the pre-medical track, with additional interests in English literature and journalism. She seeks to integrate these interests as she progresses in her education and career, all while continuing to explore Jewish culture and history.

Rowanne Reifman (she/her) is a mixed Jewish/Filipina girl from San Diego. She likes hanging out with her friends and going to art museums!

Nora Rosenfeld (she/her) is a second year student studying journalism, Arabic, and global health studies at Northwestern University. She enjoys exploring her Jewish identity and in her free time can be found reading, spending time with friends, listening to/discovering new music or fawning over her dog Jack.

Instagram: @norarosenfeld

Rachel Rosenfield (she/her) is a student at Brandeis University majoring in English and American studies and minoring in journalism. You can often find her writing for class, for her school newspaper, for internships or just for fun. When not writing, she is watching movies, trying restaurants or going to see musicals (she’ll take recommendations for all of these).

Instagram: @person_of_the_century

Sophia Rottman (she/her) is a second-year student in France studying political humanities and international relations. She can also be found editing her campus newspaper, going on long walks and watching old soccer games. 

Instagram: @sophiarottman

Ava Sharahy (they/she) is half Russian-Jewish, half Syrian, and all from Jersey. When they aren’t studying creative writing and filmmaking in their senior year of college, they like buying books they know they won’t read, watching slasher films and early-2000s reality TV and going to live music shows in only semi-sketchy bars and basements.

Twitter: @fairywench1 | Instagram: @r_ava_lations

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