Oh My God, The Pfeffermans Are Going to Israel

My heart stops every time I see a new trailer for the forthcoming season of “Transparent” because, for many, many reasons, I am obsessed with this show. I’ve watched the previous three seasons each at least twice (and often in one sitting), taking in the incredible acting, storytelling, humor, and pitch-perfect Jewiness that is has to offer. At this point, Jill Soloway could do whatever she wanted with this beloved, completely fucked up family clan and I would kiss her feet.

So it may come as no surprise that I literally screamed when I saw this morning’s latest trailer release, which gives us more insight into the storylines we’ll be seeing this fall. Namely, the Pfefferman family are going to Israel. I love the nuanced eye this show has already given to the experiences of a Jewish American family–one that I relate to so much, from their hodgepodge holiday meals to their constant questioning of everything–so I can’t wait to see how it tackles a trip to Israel, which frankly is a pretty ballsy move. You may be aware that Israel is a bit of a political hot topic these days (haha, has it ever not been?). I have no doubt that “Transparent” will give it the complex take it deserves.

Watch the trailer below and join me in squealing all the way until autumn when the season is released:


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