Rabbi Emily Cohen: ‘Hope Is Something We Have to Create Ourselves’

Voice Notes of Hope is a series of encouraging words from rabbis, just when we need them the most.

It’s a scary time. Many of us are feeling despaired. Many of us are feeling hopeless. And we could all use a boost. So, we asked our favorite rabbis to send us voice notes of hope, reminders that as bad as things feel now, we must not give up. Here’s Rabbi Emily Cohen, a rabble-rousing rabbi, podcast producer, and artist. She’s usually found in Brooklyn with her cat and lots of coffee but also tweets wherever you are @ThatRabbiCohen.

“In a time where nearly everything feels broken, the only thing to do is to dig in. The fear that you’re feeling, the hopelessness that you might be experiencing, those exist because you care. If you didn’t, you would just be numb. So honestly? The best advice I have? Let yourself be terrified. Let yourself feel despair. Let it come in. Acknowledge it. And then say: “I’m gonna feel hopeless and I’m gonna act anyway. I’m gonna feel hopeless and I’m gonna stand up anyway. I’m gonna feel hopeless and I’m gonna work anyway.” Because this is our world, and sometimes hope is something that we have to create ourselves. We can’t just pick it up off the ground. We have to plan the seeds, and we have to wait, and watch, and water, and, slowly, hope will grow again. ”


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