Rosh Hashanah Gifts for Your Host (Or Let’s Be Honest, Yourself)

I’m pretty sure the High Holidays are my favorite time of year. Mostly it’s because fall is my favorite time of year—the changing leaves! the crisp air! the boots and tights!—but I also love the idea of taking stock of the past year, reflecting, and making intentions for the new one (I’m getting cheesy, I know). While I don’t celebrate every Jewish holiday, I always make a point to do something for Rosh Hashanah, whether it’s going home to my family in Chicago for a traditional meal, or getting a rag-tag team of friends together for my own attempt at balabusta-ing.

If you’re heading over to a friend or relative’s home, it can be a nice touch to bring a small gift to show your appreciation. While wine or flowers always work, I rounded up some cute, thematically-appropriate options you can find online. And hey, even if you’re just dipping some apples into honey on your lonesome, you can treat yourself to something sweet as well. You do you, girl.

Pretty Pomegranates

Pomegranates are often used as a Jewish symbol around this time of year for many reasons. It’s a bonus that they just happen to be delicious and so very pretty to look at. Here are some pomegranate-y things that would make lovely gifts:

1. Israeli Pomegranate Handmade Soap (Etsy, $7)

pomegranate handsoap

2. Pomegranate Soy Wax Candle (Etsy, $5)

pomegranate soy wax candle

3. Pomegranate Tea Towel (Etsy, $14)

pomegranate tea towel


Apples to Apples

If you ever stepped foot in Hebrew School, you know that Rosh Hashanah is all about apples and honey, to represent the sweetness of the New Year. Here are some apple-inspired options:

4. Mulled Cider Soy Candle (Etsy, $14)

mulled cider soy candle

5. Quirky Apple Studs (Etsy, $35.15)

apple studs

6. Apple Pin (Etsy, $6.99)

apple pin


Oh, Honey Honey

What good are apples without the honey? Sweeten up the deal with these finds:

7. Honey Bath Bomb (Etsy, $6)

honey bath bomb

8. Honey Face Mask (Etsy, $24)

honey face mask

9. Bee & Honeycomb Embroidery Kit (Etsy, $21.77)

bee and honeycomb embroidery kit


Just Jew Things

Sometimes you just gotta rock the Jewish kitsch. You just can’t go wrong:

10. L’Chaim Bitches Tea Towel (Etsy, $16)

l'chaim bitches tea towel

11. Schlep Tote (Etsy, $10)

schlep tote

12. Hamsa Iron On Patch (Etsy, $4)

hamsa iron on patch



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