The 2023 Ultimate Hanukkah Gift Guide

The Festival of Lights begins on Dec. 7, and Hey Alma has all the gifts you need for friends, family and yourself.

Baruch Hashem, it’s almost Hanukkah! This year, the Festival of Lights starts on the evening of Thursday, Dec. 7 and ends on Friday, Dec. 15 – which means that you still have a few weeks to get all your Hanukkah shopping done!!

Here’s the definitive guide for all the best Hanukkah gifts for everyone in your life. Happy shopping!

For your cozy loved one

Hanukkutie Sweater (Hey Alma, $41.49)

This one goes out to all the Hanukkuties out there. (All proceeds from our merch shop will go towards running Hey Alma, your fave non-profit Jewish culture site, so we thank you in advance.)

20 Pairs of Hanukkah Socks (Amazon, $39.99)

You can never go wrong with a pair of festive socks to wear while you’re curled up with a hot cocoa to watch “A Rugrats Chanukah.” Now multiply that sentiment by 20!!

Classic Lined Hanukkah Clog (Crocs, $64.99)

These crocs are kitschy and cute, and look unbelievably cozy. Sorry not sorry.

For the Babs ultra fan

“My Name is Barbra” (Bookshop, $43.71)

All 970 pages of Barbra Streisand’s memoir, filled with juicy anecdotes like how she did not find Mandy Patinkin attractive in “Yentl,” will truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

8 Nights of Hanukkah Tea (Etsy, $42.39)

Because every bookworm needs a cup of tea.

For the cool Jew

Good Jew Hat (Susan Alexandra, $48)

There is nothing that it not cool about Susan Alexandra. Per the store’s website, this baseball cap is “A hat for good Jews and anyone who wants to look like one.”

Hanukkah Joy Garden (Lula’s Garden, $40)

Give your loved one the gift of two freshly planted succulents because we are a desert people, after all.

Evil Eye Box (Michael Aram, $235)

A chic container that can hold whatever you want and ward away bad energy? It’s a win-win!

For your furry friend

Mommy / Daddy’s Little Matzoh Ball Tee (Susan Alexandra, $38)

Has there ever been a cuter dog tee in existence? We think not. (Though this tee is specifically listed as “for dogs,” we think it could also work on a cat.)

Hanukkah Gelt Organic Dog Treats (Lord Jameson, $12.99)

Forget dogs playing poker, these treats are perfect for dogs playing dreidel! They are made from organic blueberries and organic coconut layered with hand-selected super-foods.

For the fashionista

Star of David Pendant (J. Hannah Jewelry, $565)

If you have a larger budget for Hanukkah gifts, might we suggest going all out? This pricey Star of David pendant from J. Hannah is very Jewish summer camp charm bracelet meets business bitch, and we’re here for it.

Pomegranate Stud Earrings (Sarah Day Arts, $20)

TBH, pomegranates will never go out of style.

For the person who could nosh

Hanukkah Marzipan Fortune Cookies (Modern Tribe, $48)

Celebrate the beautiful Christmas connection between the American Jewish and American Chinese community with these marzipan “fortune cookies.” They come in blue and white, are sprinkled in edible glitter and contain fun Hanukkah messages.

Dreidel Mini Waffle Maker (Crate&Barrel, $9.95)

Step aside Belgian waffles, the Jewish waffle is our favorite breakfast food now.

“Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome’s Jewish Kitchen” (Bookshop, $34.88)

For your loved one who could nosh, why not bring them some flavor from Europe’s oldest Jewish community, Rome! “A leading authority on Jewish food, Leah Koenig celebrates la cucina Ebraica Romana within the pages of her new cookbook,” Bookshop says on their site. “Leah Koenig’s recipes showcase the cuisine’s elegantly understated vegetables, saucy braised meats and stews, rustic pastas, resplendent olive oil-fried foods, and never-too-sweet desserts.” Yum!

For the kids in your life

Barbie Hanukkah Set (Etsy, $13.50)

The “Barbie” movie may have come out last summer, but Barbiemania will simply never die.

PEZuzah Mezuzah: Muppets Rare Gonzo (Jewish Museum Shop, $275) 

Per the Jewish Museum Shop’s site, “The PEZuzah starts with a collectible PEZ dispenser featuring a beloved character. A specially designed brass shin is crafted and applied to fit perfectly to the front of the dispenser; a specially designed hanging device snugly fits the dispenser, so it can be attached to the doorpost.” Plus, a kosher mezuzah scroll is included!

For the quirky Jew

Mahjong Rubik’s Cube (Chop Suey Club, $15.00)

This isn’t your bubbe’s mahjong set!

Sarah Squirm Sticker Sheet (Sarah Squirm Merch Store, $6)

There’s perhaps no Jew quirkier than “SNL” darling and straight-up weirdo comedian Sarah Sherman. Show your love for her by getting these fun and gross stickers!

Volodymr Zelensky Mug (Fishs Eddy, $23.95)

This gift is especially perfect if the quirky Jew in your life is Ukrainian Jewish.

For yourself

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser (Amazon, $25.99)

Get yourself an essential oil diffuser and calm the fuck down this holiday season.

“The Woman in Me” (Bookshop, $30.68)

It’s Britney, book!

Your Touch Brought Forth An Incandescent Glow Candle Holders, (Taylor Swift Merch Store, $49)

As Hey Alma associate editor Evelyn Frick wrote last week, “Did Taylor Swift make Shabbat candlesticks?!” While technically Taylor is not marketing these as for Shabbat, these candleholders look like basically every other pair of Shabbat candlesticks ever. (Excluding the lyrics from “ivy.”) There are no specific requirements in Jewish law for what constitutes Shabbat candlesticks, so… Shabbat shalom, Taylor, and Happy Hanukkah to you!

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