This 2000s Child Star Just Had a Very Jewish Wedding

Abigail Breslin's nuptials to husband Ira Kunyansky featured a chuppah, ketubah and a very relatable hora chairlift moment.

In the early to mid-2000s, I yearned with all my theater kid heart to be just like Abigail Breslin. Seemingly universally adored, Breslin hit that sweet spot of booking movies that I watched, like “Princess Diaries 2” and “Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl,” as well as receiving critical acclaim for roles like Olive in “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Flash forward to now and I basically still thought of Abigail Breslin as a child actor. That is, until recently, when she did something that both made me feel low-key old and high-key excited that we are more similar than I thought: She got married and had a very Jewish wedding!

Via a series of Instagram posts, Abigail (whose father was Jewish, though I’m unsure how she identifies) revealed that she and her Jewish partner Ira Kunyansky tied the knot on January 28. Kunyansky, who is 31, is originally from Odessa, Ukraine and is a cryptocurrency investor, per Newsweek.

In addition to Abigail’s gorgeous Simin Couture wedding dress, Ira’s Instagram revealed that the nuptials featured a rabbi officiant, a giant floral chuppah, a colorful ketubah and a vigorous glass smash, complete with a loud “Mazel tov!” from the guests.

Scroll through the carousel to see just how beautiful it all was:

The reception appeared to be equally Jewish, with food from kosher caterer FoodHeart and a hora chairlift moment in which Abigail is extremely relatable:

Mazel tov, Abigail and Ira! May married life be a blessing for you both!

Evelyn Frick

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