This ‘FBoy’ Said Jewish Blessings Over Challah and Wine on TV

Israeli locksmith Noam Atzil led fellow contestants in the kiddush and hamotzi in hopes of staving off elimination.

Last year, Hey Alma spoke with Israel Dimri, an Israeli contestant on the first season of reality dating show “FBoy Island.”

“Can I tell you a secret? My real dream, eventually, is to one day be the prime minister of Israel,” the FBoy (who was eliminated in episode two) told us. “That’s my real dream. So far we’ve had terrible prime ministers, so easily I could do a better job.”

Incredible stuff.

But if you loved that Hebrew representation on the show, just wait. “FBoy Island” is now back for a second season and is somehow even more Jewish!

In case you missed it, here’s how the show works (per my colleague Molly Tolsky):

“Three lovely ladies live in a villa in the Cayman Islands while [26] men compete for their attention and affection. But of course, there’s a twist!!! Of the men, half of them are self-declared “Nice Guys,” there with the hopes of finding a genuine love connection with one of the women. The other [13] are self-described ‘FBoys,’ as in fuckboys. The FBoys are there to manipulate their way into the ladies’ hearts with the ultimate goal of winning a $100,000 cash prize. Once the women start eliminating the men, they find out if each came as a Nice Guy or an FBoy.”

This season, there’s another Israeli in the villa: 27-year-old Noam Atzil. While it’s unclear whether or not he aspires to lead Israel, it’s extremely clear that Noam is connected to his Judaism. Before the elimination ceremony in episode four, Noam, wearing a kippah and holding a siddur, recites either an abridged or edited-in-post kiddush for a few of his fellow “FBoy” contestants. After pouring the fullest glass of wine I’ve ever seen in my life, Noam passes the cup around and says a blessing over the challah.

“Do you think this will save us from elimination?” one of the boys asks.

“I hope so, guys,” Noam responds, “I feel now I am safe.”

Unfortunately for Noam, his Shabbat intuition was a little off. Mere moments later, he was eliminated by one of the women.

“Noam, I really think you’re a nice guy,” Louise gave as her reasoning, adding, “I just don’t know if you’re the guy for me.”

Shockingly, Noam then revealed that he had actually come to the show as an FBoy! Does this mean that his Shabbat blessings performance was all part of a Nice Jewish Boy shtick?!

Either way, as of now, 100% of the Israeli men on “FBoy Island” have been revealed to be FBoys, and to that, we say: Dayenu.

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