What Should Your Dog Wear to the Passover Seder?

One tank top has "I just went to the dog park and now I'm here to beg for hard boiled eggs all evening" vibes and frankly, I respect that.

There comes a time in every pet parent’s life when you look at the calendar and exclaim, “What on earth is my dog going to wear for the Passover seder this year?!” We have some suggestions.

Matzah Collar, $37.95

Four different buckle options for a simple pet collar?! The luxury of choice your baby deserves.

Matzah Bow Tie for Pets, $10

Do you need to put your pet in a matzah-print bow tie? Be honest.

Passover Pet Bowl, $39.99

You can personalize this gorgeous white ceramic matzah-print bowl for your pet! Which of course is leading me down an anxiety spiral wondering if my dog is supposed to keep kosher for Passover, and if so, should I plan to skip kibble all week and feed him matzah ball soup instead?!

Matzo Matzo Man Dog Tank, $13.95

This gym-bro tank top says “I just went to the dog park to run laps and now I’m here to beg for that sweet sweet protein in the form of hard boiled eggs and brisket all evening,” and frankly, I respect that vibe in a piece of pet apparel.

Matzah Crumb Collector Dog Bandana, $18-$24

Is your pet a pro when it comes to collecting matzah crumbs? Have you always wished you could mold a piece of literal matzah and tie it around your pet’s neck? Do you anticipate the toddler at your seder crumbling a piece of matzah over the dog/cat/lizard/etc. while yelling “snow, snow, snow”? If you said yes to any of these questions, this bandana is the right choice for your fur baby.

Yarmulke and Tallis Pet Outfit, $11.39

If your pet is feeling particularly religious this year, maybe they’d be most comfy in this extremely casual situation?

Passover Dayenu! Frog Hoodie for Pets, $26.99

If your pet doesn’t attempt to bite your whole hand off if you so much as say the word “hoodie,” first of all, I’m jealous, and second of all, please dress them up as a frog this Passover for all of us pet owners who could never get an over-the-head clothing item onto our precious yet ferocious angels.

Jewish Pet Dress with Optional Personalization, $24+


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