What Spooky Jewish Figure Are You Based On Your Horoscope?

There’s a lot going on in spooky October, dearest. Since the sun moves through Libra until the 23rd, then Scorpio afterwards, it’s going to be a rather complimentary month. This means it’s time for you to be your most charming self—and get ready for a lot of social events.

On the 19th, the annual new moon in Libra will make all of us extra feisty and romantic—allowing everything to feel ultra magical (even more so than usual). Don’t forget that on the 5th, the full moon in Aries is all about freeing us from toxic situations and relationships. While it may initially feel rough, it’s definitely a month of many blessings in disguise.

And, of course, it’s Halloween at the end of the month, our favorite spooky time ever. Find out which scary Jew-ish figure you are below:


On the 10th, you become obsessed with grounded, pragmatic matters, like finances and your career. But you need to find a balance between your ambitions and your personal life. Thanks to the new moon on the 19th, the universe beckons you to treat yourself, to have some fun. We encourage this—because what’s the point of ambition if you’re lonely?

gene wilder young frankenstein

You are Gene Wilder as Viktor Frankenstein from Young Frankenstein. Ambitious, creative, level-headed, a little clumsy.


Until October 23rd, the sun will be in Libra, which is the 12th house of change. Use this to figure out what you want and need, versus what people say you want and need. We constantly change and outgrow various people and things in our lives, and that’s OK. What’s not OK is continuing friendships that aren’t good for you, or putting yourself in positions you don’t want to be in. Organize your life. Organization isn’t necessarily your strong suit, but it is so important to your happiness.

snake from genesis

You are the Snake from Genesis. Persuasive, intelligent, mysterious, tricksy.


Sag, this month is all about change for you. Since Mars is in Virgo, which is your 10th house until the 22nd, you’re all about doing what’s right for you, instead of making everyone else’s lives easier. So, for instance, if you feel undervalued in a relationship or at work, make the change. It’s hard, but it will make you so much happier. Do you.


You are Lilith from Genesis. Individualistic, free-spirited, creative, dark. 


Since the sun is moving through Libra, your 10th house until the 23rd, you are all about success and perfection, unsurprisingly. But there’s a change a comin’. Since Mars will be in Virgo, your risk-taking house until the 22nd, you are more apt to being rash and impulsive than normal, dearest darling. In this case, it’s actually not a bad thing, since you are often overly pragmatic, especially when it comes to relationships. Take a chance.

grandma addams

You are Carol Cane as Grandma Addams from The Addams Family. Strange, unusual, nurturing, grounded. 


Since Jupiter is flying through Scorpio, your 10th house of ambition and career, from October 10 to November 8, you are all about your goals. Typically, you are dreamy and more into creative endeavors, but right now, you are about your career. It can be a hard month for you to adjust to, considering your free spirit. Schedule in a short weekend trip to give yourself a little TLC at the end of the month.

sarah jessica parker hocus pocus

You are Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus. Dreamy, quirky, smart, a little anxious at times.


You are in a steamy month, little fish. Until the 23rd, the sun moves into Libra, which is your erotic 11th house. Things are about to get very sexual and very emotional—which is great, but it will be both sensual and mysterious, and also introspective and challenging. Talk about intense, right? Take things one day at a time, so as not to feel overwhelmed.

william shatner

You are William Shatner from Star Trek. Bold, inquisitive, curious, funny. 


Oh little ram, it’s time to update your life, especially your career. It’s time for a promotion to your overall game, especially since you are a gem. Don’t settle for less. Since the sun is moving through Libra, your partnership house until the 23rd, it’s also a good time to start a romantic relationship or partnership. Maybe you are already attached, but you want to make things more serious. Go for it.


You are the Satan from Book of Job. Outgoing, dominant, alpha, a little pessimistic at times.


It is time to move on from toxic situations. Now that Venus is in your house until the 14th, it’s especially time to pursue new romantic interests. Don’t get too competitive or needy, just let things flow naturally—and focus on just doing you.


You are Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. Calm, pragmatic, stubborn, opinionated.


This is your month, so it’s time to put yourself out there, instead of feeling like you aren’t good enough. When it comes to romance and creativity, you are on fire. Venus will be in your chart after the 14th, so the latter half of the month is a time you should meet and greet with as many people as possible, because good things will happen for you. You never know who may be a game-changer for you.

bette middler hocus pocus

You are Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus. Bossy, hilarious, strong-willed, complicated.


Sweet dear crab, since Libra is in your domestic fourth house all month, you crave being alone and having privacy. That’s OK. This is not a social month for you, but a month for you to plan, to create, to figure out you. We often don’t make room and time for that, but this spooky month is all about that. You crave your closest friends—have sleepovers and don’t feel as if you need to meet a ton of new people this month. If you are attached, carve out some alone time.

spock leonard nimoy

You are Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek. Altruistic, unique, introspective, smart. 


You are everywhere this month, dahling lion. You are making new connections everywhere—it’s like everyone just wants a piece of you. Take advantage of that—but also don’t burn out, bright star. When it comes to career, it’s a time for you to shine, so definitely make some time to relax in a bubble bath or yoga. But more than that, you’re craving some romance. Be careful with who you connect with this month—you don’t want to end up with an emotional vampire.


You are Theda Bara, the original vamp. Attention-seeking, vibrant, loving, dynamic.


Since Mars is fluttering through your sign until the 22nd, it’s time for you to be organized—more so than usual. You are going to have a busy month when it comes to your job and your personal projects. Drink a lot of coffee and get a lot of sleep—it’s also OK to say no to things. You can’t do and be everything to everyone all the time.


You are Golem from the bible. Obedient, submissive, honest, clumsy.


Joanna Valente

Joanna C. Valente is the author of Sirs & Madams, The Gods Are Dead, Marys of the Sea, Xenos, and the editor of A Shadow Map: An Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault.

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