You Need to See This Video of Zac Efron’s Jewish Grandpa

Turns out Zac Efron grandpa content was the joy we didn't know we needed.

Zac Efron is a lot of things. He’s a former Disney Channel star, recent environmentalist and certified Jewish hottie. But recently, we also saw what a lovely grandson he is, and got a peek into the relationship he has with his Jewish grandfather, Hal Efron.

On July 13, Efron posted a video to Instagram purporting to “bust” his grandpa out of his assisted living facility. Complete with “Mission Impossible” theme music, acrobatics and an overall high production value, Efron and his brother Dylan “steal” a key from a nurse in order to whisk away their grandfather. “Let’s get out of here,” the elder Efron quips, once in the care of his grandsons.

Later in the video you learn the adorable reason for the heist: Zac and Dylan wanted to watch the final of the 2021 European Football Championship with their grandpa. The video ends with one parting thought from Zac: “Damn, grandpa’s better at acting than I am.”

We think the short film is Zac’s best role yet and you should definitely take a look here:

In the mood for more Zac Efron’s Grandfather Content? Voila:

Peep the Tiger Beat-esque posters of Zac behind his grandpa:

I mean, come on.

Clearly, Zac feels a strong connection to his grandpa Hal, who is, in turn, Zac’s connection to his Jewish roots. And we think that’s just beautiful.

Zac, next time you’re in the mood to break your grandpa out of his nursing home, definitely give us a call.

Evelyn Frick

Evelyn Frick (she/they) is a writer and associate editor at Hey Alma. She graduated from Vassar College in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. In her spare time, she's a comedian and contributor for Reductress and The Onion.

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