Your Definitive Hanukkah 2019 Gift Guide

The most lit recommendations for Hanukkah swag and gift ideas.

Okay pals, Hanukkah starts on the evening of December 22 and runs through December 30 this year, which means it’s time for our annual Hanukkah gift guide! Check out our recommendations for sweaters, jewelry, home decor, and more gift ideas for your friends, family, dogs, or yourself (you deserve it!). Happy Hanukkah!


We’ve brought you the Hanukkah sweaters we hate. Now it’s time to shout-out the ones we love.

Let’s Get Lit (Etsy, $22.45)

let's get lit hanukkah sweater

You’ll have one cold shoulder but worth it for #fashion.

Happy Hanukkah Ya Filthy Schmuck (Etsy, $28)

happy hanukkah ya filthy schmuck sweater

This sweater is inspired by an alternative universe in which Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister is Jewish.

Happy Hanukcat (Etsy, $41.99)

happy hanucat sweater

Most sweaters are better with cats on them!

Octopus Menorah Sweater (Amazon, $29.70)

octopus menorah sweater

Octopus sweaters are also very good!

Dog Hanukkah Sweater (Etsy, $25.99)

dog hanukkah sweater

Honestly, your dog probably needs a Hanukkah sweater more than you do.


Your Hanukkah menorah doesn’t need to be super cute, but it can be super cute, so let’s go with that.

Crystal Menorah (Etsy, $98)

crystal hanukkah menorah

This beauty will look magical against a window pane full of snow.

Ceramic Flowers (Etsy, $75)

ceramic flowers menorah

Buck tradition and go with this unique menorah comprised of nine separate ceramic flowers to arrange however you like.

Egg Shell Menorah (Etsy, $123)

egg shell menorah

The candle holders in this unique menorah resemble delicate little egg shells, squeeeeee!

Dinosaur Menorah (Etsy, $39)

dinosaur menorah

Is it weird to call a dinosaur menorah a classic? Well, it is, and we will recommend it every year.

Tree of Life “Antique” Menorah (Amazon, $54.95)

tree of life hanukkah menorah

Do you wish you had an old family heirloom menorah passed down from generation to generation, but just…. don’t? Fake it ’til you make it!


Some Jewy jewelry, just for you.

Bagel Necklace (Etsy, $14.95)

bagel necklace

The most cherished thing in your life ought to be worn close to your heart.

Chai Bracelet (Etsy, $37.76)

chai bracelet

The most dainty reminder of life.

Evil Eye Necklace (Etsy, $30)

evil eye necklace

Keep those bad vibes at bay.

Oy Vey Earrings (Etsy, $35)

oy vey earrings

Two-Piece Star of David Ring (Etsy, $110.50)

two piece star of david ring

These stacking rings come together to form a Jewish star. Neat!


Scrunchies and socks and jammies, oh boy!

We’re Getting Lit Socks (Etsy, $18.99)

we're getting lit hanukkah socks

Hanukkah socks that don’t suck!

Hanukkah Scrunchie Pack (Etsy, $11)

hanukkah scrunchie pack

Why get one Hanukkah scrunchie when you can get three?

Jewish Star Leggings (Etsy, $54)

jewish star leggings hanukkah

These knit leggings will keep you super cozy all eight nights.

Adult Hanukkah Onesie (Amazon, $44.99)

adult hanukkah onesie

More adults should be wearing onesie pajamas, that’s just a fact.

Hanukkah Party Crowns (Etsy, $10)

hanukkah party crowns

Hanukkah spirit that will go straight to your head.


A hodge-podge of Hanukkah gift goodness.

Happy Fucking Hanukkah Candle (Etsy, $12.99)

happy fucking hanukkah candle

Cinnamon applesauce scented (cause, you know, latkes!).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Notorious Hanukkah Mug (Etsy, $15)

ruth bader ginsburg notorious hanukkah mug

The RBG x Hanukkah crossover we’ve been waiting for.

Schmutz Doormat (Etsy, $45)

schmutz doormat

Keep the schmutz out of your home!

Keep Calm and Dreidel On Reversible Sequin Pillow (Etsy, $40)

dreidel sequin pillow

It will be much easier to keep calm when you can play with this sensory pillow!

Hanukkah Mad Libs (Amazon, $4.99)

hanukkah madlibs

You are never too old for Mad Libs, especially the Hanukkah edition.

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