11 Reasons Linda from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is a Jewish Mom

The first time I watched Bob’s Burgers, my Jew-dar went off. Not just because the Adult Swim animated comedy was created by a Jew (Loren Bouchard) or because the struggling restaurant owning family is voiced by a mostly Jewish cast. My Jew-dar was ringing for the characters themselves, especially Linda Belcher, the matriarch of the quirky Belcher family.

A wine aficionado and synchronized swimming enthusiast, Linda is an over-the-top, theatrical woman full of life and laughter. She’s a hardworking entrepreneur, devoted wife to Bob, and loving mother to their three rambunctious children: Tina, Gene, and Louise.

Despite the numerous Christmas episodes, it’s clear that Linda is Jew-ish. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. In an interview with John Roberts — Linda’s voice actor who rose to fame for his dead-on impression of his own doting, kvetching mom — Queerty asked if he came from a big Jewish family on Long Island.

“A lot of people think I’m doing a stereotypical Jewish mother in my videos, but she’s an Italian from Brooklyn,” Roberts said.

Okay, so she’s not technically Jewish. But even Bouchard said that in a perfect world, Bob’s Burgers would be “about a sort of Greek-Armenian-Italian-Jewish-German polyglot.”

Anyway, let’s get to what y’all came here for — all the reasons why I firmly believe Linda Belcher is a quintessential Jewish mom:

1. She casually drops Yiddish words. 

In the fourth episode of the current season, the Belchers are robbed by a dine and dasher. The culprit strikes Bob’s Burgers not once, but three times. And when Linda sees him entering the family restaurant for the last time, she scoffs and says, “Now that’s chutzpah!” It sure is, Linda.

2. She’s a mensch. 

Linda goes to ridiculous lengths to support her emotionally unstable younger sister, Gayle. Under the influence of anesthesia following a dental operation, Bob confuses Gayle for his wife and makes out with her. The next day, Gayle declares that they’re in a relationship. When Bob confesses the mistake to Linda, she convinces him to continue “dating” Gayle, and even suggests having sex with her to give Gayle a much needed boost of confidence — what a mensch!

3. She’s obsessed with babies.

Babies are always on Jewish mothers’ minds, and with her oversized collection of porcelain babies, Linda is no exception.

4. She’s full of wise tidbits.

Jewish mothers are known for being chockfull of advice, and every so often Linda graces us with something useful. For example, “Only strippers shave above the knee.”

5. She’s hilarious. 

Tina, Louise, and Gene definitely got their wit from Linda.

6. She looooooooves food. 

When Linda’s not sipping on a glass of wine, she’s stuffing her face with free food (sometimes by literally crashing bat mitzvahs).

7. She loves the theatre.

As Jews are patrons of the arts, Linda’s obsession with musical theatre isn’t surprising. She’s always breaking out into song, and in one episode, she transforms Bob’s Burgers into a dinner theatre restaurant and hosts an interactive play with her kids.

8. She collects her kids’ baby teeth.

I’ve noticed that Jewish moms love holding onto their kid’s baby teeth. I don’t know why, but it’s a thing. Even Linda does it!

9. She’s supportive. 

One of my favorite things about Linda is that she accepts her quirky kids and supports everything that makes them unique. When Tina told her she was going to write an erotic friend fiction story, Linda said, “All right! Freaky friend fiction!” What a cool mom.

10. She’s protective. 

Linda would do absolutely anything to keep her brood of children safe, but she’s not a helicopter mom.

11. She’s a yenta. 

If there’s one thing Jewish moms are known for, it’s gossiping. And boy, does Linda love to gab. She can get information out of anyone or anything, including raccoons.

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Arielle Kaplan

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