18 Things to Know About Margot Bingham

"The Walking Dead" star has the perfect response for those who question her Jewishness.

“The Walking Dead” has been a fixture of American television for well over ten years, and soon we will be saying goodbye to the beloved post-apocalyptic horror show after its 11th and final season.

However, don’t get too sad while you’re watching, because this final season features incredibly talented Black Jewish actor Margot Bingham.

What’s that? You’d like 18 things to know about her? Well, you’re in the right place.

Here are 18 things to know about Margot Bingham.

1. Margot was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a Jewish mother of German and Russian descent and a non-Jewish father of Jamaican descent.

2. Her father is former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Craig Bingham.

Check this throwback picture she posted:

3. In her interfaith household, Margot grew up learning about lots of religions.

“My father is Baptist, so I grew up with all accounts of religion. And I made sure that I studied everything — Hinduism, Buddhism, everything,” Margot said an interview. She went on, “My dad would come with us to synagogue, and I’d go with him to church.”

4. She had a bat mitzvah ceremony.

5. As a Black Jew, Margot has run into those who question her Jewish identity. But in a radio interview, she let us in on her absolutely perfect response:

People are like, oh are you Jew-ish? And I’m like, no bro. I’m a Jew.

Brava, Margot. Absolutely no notes.

You can watch the full interview here:

6. Margot graduated from the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts in 2006 and then attended Point Park University.

7. However, Margot left college after 2 years to move to New York City, where in 2011 she was cast in the revival of Jonathan Larson’s “Rent.”

See if you can pick Margot out of this first look:

8. Before getting consistent work as an actor, Margot used to teach classes at a JCC.

9. In 2013, Margot was cast as jazz Daughter Maitland on “Boardwalk Empire.”

Just listen to her singing in character:


10. Margot isn’t just a singer on TV, she is also a singer-songwriter in real life!

Check out her cover of “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree:

11. In 2013, Margot said that she tries to attend Shabbat services every Friday night.

12. She wears the evil eye well — just peep her clutch in this selfie!

13. As a Pittsburgh native, Margot felt the shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation was personal.

Margot tweeted this statement following the attack:

14. From 2017-2019, Margot starred in Spike Lee’s Netflix show “She’s Gotta Have It” as Clorinda.

Check out her and the other leading ladies:


15. She was featured in an episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” as a singer at the Steiner Mountain Resort!

16. In 2018, Margot was cast as Evie Garrison on the medical drama “New Amsterdam.”

A lot of drama in her character’s storyline sparks from this moment:

17. Margot currently stars in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as Stephanie Vega.

Check out the trailer for the final season:

18. And this behind-the-scenes photo, in which she appears to be training to kick some zombie butt:


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