18 Things to Know About Pauline Chalamet

Yes, Pauline Chalamet is Timothée Chalamet's older sister.

Calling all Alma pals, this is an emergency!!!! Over the years we have done our best to cover all things Timothée Chalamet, aka the heartthrob of our generation. But, be honest, did you know he has a sister?? And that she’s also an actor?? (Because we didn’t!!)

Before we lose any more time, here are 18 things to know about Pauline Chalamet.

1. Pauline was born in New York City to a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father.

2. On her mother’s side, Pauline is of half-Russian Jewish and half-Austrian Jewish roots.

3. Pauline and Timothée are “super close.

“Timothée is a hard worker. When I see him on the big screen, for me that’s just the result of his job,” she said in an interview. “As for [his A-list status], I don’t really experience the frenzy around him. I guess it’s kind of crazy, but it doesn’t affect my life at all.

4. She was an adorable child, as evidenced by this throwback on her Instagram:

5. Pauline is fluent in French! Just listen:

Ah… oui…

5. Pauline made her Broadway debut at just 10 years old, dancing in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Damn, OK, way to make the rest of us look bad, Pauline!! (JK, that is very incredible!!!!!)

6. She’s had plenty of artistic training.

From 2001-2010, Pauline attended the School of American Ballet and, also in 2010, she graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Then, she graduated from Bard College in 2014, where she double majored in theater and political science.

7. Pauline has been incredibly busy since college. In 2016, she started directing her first project, a film called, “Between Fear and Laughter.” And, from 2017-2020, Pauline starred in eight other short films!

8. She appreciates being in front of the camera and behind it.

“I love both and I admire both. When I am behind the camera, whether as a director or a producer and I see the work that the actors do, I always have a little voice in me that says to me: ‘The work of an actor is just extraordinary,'” she told magazine L’OFFICIEL. “When I act and I see what the director and the production are doing, I am so impressed by their work. I say to myself: ‘Oh my, the organization, the vision, power, knowing how to lead.‘”

9. She is a lovely singer:

Brava, Pauline!!

10. Pauline has had a wide array of jobs.

“I was a copy editor. I loved it. I love grammar. I’m obsessed. I was a bartender. I worked in a cafe. I was a dog walker. I was a babysitter. I was a tutor,” Pauline said in an interview. “Once I was asked to half-babysit, half-bartend. The parents were like, ‘Set up all the alcohol there on that table, you can bartend, but also watch these eight kids running around.‘”

11. Pauline is a bibliophile and reads one book a week, on average.

“I read both in French and English and often a couple of books at once, mixing fiction and non-fiction,” she explained in an interview.

Here’s what she was reading in August!

12. During the pandemic, Pauline starred as Helena in a Zoom production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” alongside fellow Jewish actress Tommy Dorfman.

You can watch the full production below:

13. It’s Pauline’s dream to work with French-American actress, Julie Delpy, saying, “I always thought it’d be interesting to work with somebody who could understand my two countries.”

She’s also love to work with Panamian Jewish director Janicza Bravo:

“After watching all her short films on the Criterion Channel, I came across one of her interviews,” Chalamet said. “I don’t usually like to watch interviews of directors, but I loved how engaging she was and how she spoke about working with her actors. Filming with her sounds like it’d be a really fun adventure.

14. Pauline isn’t just an actress…she’s an award-winning actress!

She won the Best Actress Award at the IndieXFilmFest section of the 2020 Los Angeles International Film Festival. She was given this award for her role in the French short film “Commes Des Grands.

Check out the trailer here:

15. Currently, Pauline lives in Paris.

I definitely feel like Paris is my home,” she told an interviewer. “Although that doesn’t stop me from wanting to do touristy stuff: sometimes I’ll text my friends to ask them to come with me and retrace Ernest Hemingway’s journey through the Left Bank or have a 15-euro slice of fruit tart at the Café de Flore, and they’ll be like ‘Why?!’”

Pauline, WE would love to do all of that with you!!!

16. In 2020 Pauline starred as Joanne in “The King of Staten Island,” the semi-autobiographical film about fellow Jew Pete Davidson.

17. Pauline and her high school friends are making an indie feature film together called “What Doesn’t Float.”

“‘What Doesn’t Float’ is really a labor of love,” Pauline told an interviewer. “Basically, it’s seven vignettes about different New Yorkers as they enter into conflict in different worlds of New York. I’m really proud of what it’s going to be.”


18. She’s starring in Mindy Kaling’s newest show “The Sex Lives of College Girls” as Kimberly Finkle. (Jewish perhaps???)

Check out the trailer here:


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