7 Drake-Themed Hanukkah Cards for Everyone In Your Life

What’s the coolest thing to happen to Jews since Lenny Kravitz? Drake. Around the world, Members of the Tribe are proud to claim Drake as one of our own—and he’s clearly proud of it, too, throwing himself bar mitzvah-themed birthday parties and the like. So obviously when it comes time to celebrate the holidays, people have found ways to incorporate Drake into just about everything.

Sending out Hanukkah cards isn’t quite the tradition that sending out Christmas cards seems to be, but maybe it’s time to up our holiday cheer with these epic Drake Hanukkah cards. There’s something for everyone!

1. Jewish Star Drake ($6)

drake jewish star card

Simple and sophisticated, this card featuring Drake’s punim in a blue Jewish Star is safe enough to send to parents, grandparents, and co-workers.

2. If You’re Reading This Happy Hanukkah ($3.75) 

if you're reading this happy hanukkah

For the true Drake fans, this one mimics the cover of Drake’s 2015 mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

3. Drake Happy Hanukkah ($4.99)

drake happy hanukkah

Another one with the “If You’re Reading…” font, paired with a happy-go-lucky Drake clad in a white yarmulke for your spunky friends.

4. Happy Hanukkah Drake in a Hoodie ($5)

happy hanukkah drake card

Featuring cute bubble letters and a sweatshirt I can only hope Drake actually owns, this one’s perfect for the littlest Drizzy fans in your life.

5. Printable Hotline Bling Drake ($3.65)

hotline bling drake hanukkah card

Slightly less problematic than wondering if you’re “gettin’ nasty for someone else,” this is the perfect Hanukkah card to print out and send to your ex or that one Tinder date who said you guys should definitely go for dim sum next week but then failed to return any of your texts.

6. Drakel Card ($5.31)

drakel card

Buy one for the whole team, cause you started from Hebrew school and now you’re here.

7. Sweater Drake ($8)

drake hanukkah card

For your friend who won’t shut up about sweater weather.


Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

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