A Jew’s Guide to the 2019 Emmys

Everything you need to know to when your mom texts you to ask if that celebrity is, in fact, Jewish.

The Emmys are no Almas — our inaugural pop culture awards — but we’re still gonna tune in to see television’s big night on September 22. And as a Jewish lifestyle site, obviously we are going to be rooting on our favorite Jewish shows and actors. (So yes, internet stranger who stumbled onto this article somehow from Google: We are calling out the celebrities and shows that are Jewish because we are a Jewish site. Don’t be weird about it!)

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of everything Jewish happening at the Emmys this year.

Who already won?

Fun fact: The Emmys actually does two weekends of awards, and the Creative Arts Emmys already occurred.

And Rachel freakin’ Bloom won! Mazels! Bloom won for “Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal,” which is arguably the most important song from her very Jewish show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Maisel will (probably) dominate

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, love it or hate it, will likely dominate. Last year, the show was nominated for 14 Emmys and won eight. This year, season two is poised to take home even more awards — it garnered 20 nominations. (The only show that has more nods? Game of Thrones.) It’s already won six at the Creative Arts Emmys — including awards for Jane Lynch (Sophie Lennon) and Luke Kirby (Lenny Bruce) — and there’s a good chance it will take home a lot more.

Rachel Brosnahan (Midge), Tony Shalhoub (Abe), Alex Borstein (Susie), and Marin Hinkle (Rose) are all up for acting awards. (By the way, Borstein is the only Jewish actor among them.)

Schitt’s Creek

The delightful family show got a nod for best comedy series, and both Eugene Levy (Jewish) and Catherine O’Hara (not a Jew) got nominations for acting. (They already won an Alma for best interfaith representation on TV.)

The joy of Schitt’s Creek getting recognized at the Emmys? The excessive coverage of Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Eugene, Catherine, and everyone else.

The coverage of these wonderful people should truly never end.

Russian Doll

Both Natasha Lyonne and the very Jewish Russian Doll, about a woman who keeps reliving her death on the night of her 36th birthday, got nominations this year. Unfortunately, they’ll most likely lose to Maisel, but we can still cheer them on! Plus, Natasha (who yes is Jewish) won our Alma for best Jewish character. That’s all she needs, right!?

Other random Jews nominated

From our pals at JTA: Patricia Arquette, Sarah Silverman, Maya Rudolph, Sarah Goldberg, Adam Sandler, Amy Schumer, Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin, and Sacha Baron Cohen are all up for Emmys this year. Oh, and the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are Jews. (Here’s Jewish fun facts about the show.)


You’re welcome!

Image of Rachel Bloom in header by JC Olivera/WireImage; of Rachel Brosnahan and Natasha Lyonne screenshots via Netflix.

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