A Timeline of Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s Relationship

From beginning to end, the internet has seriously disliked this romance.

Florence Pugh had an unbelievable 2019. She starred in “Midsommar,” “Fighting With My Family,” and “Little Women,” and received her first Oscar nomination, for her role as Amy in “Little Women.” Oh, and she started dating Zach Braff. Cool? No one on Twitter seemed to like this relationship!

“people keep acting like the problem with Florence Pugh dating Zach Braff is the age difference when it’s clearly the fact that she’s dating Zach Braff,” Twitter user @hannah_blooms wrote in 2020.


Pugh has also had an equally impressive 2022. Just last year she starred in MCU film “Black Widow” and is expected to be in SIX huge films over the next two years. This list includes “Don’t Worry, Darling,” with Harry Styles, “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” “Oppenheimer” and “Dune: Part Two” with Timothée Chalamet.

And, she and Zach Braff broke up.

Anyway, Zach is Jewish, so we decided that was enough for us to investigate their relationship. And we discovered they had been talking, if not dating, for a lot longer than people think. Shall we get into our Unofficial Official Timeline of Florence Pugh and Zach Braff’s Relationship?


June 7: Florence likes Zach’s Instagram for the first time.

florence pugh zach braff

In June, July, August, and September, she likes a smattering of his pictures. Very random; definitely picks up as we go into August.

August 26: Zach likes Florence’s post for the first time.

florence pugh zach braff

Now, he’s liked *most* of her posts after this, which means he could’ve scrolled back and liked them from a later date — but he doesn’t like every single one, which goes against that theory. If you backstalk someone, you like everything! Not just pick and choose. This makes us think he has been following her since at least August 2018.

florence pugh zach braff

He continues to like basically half  of her posts in September and October.

October 8: Florence comments on Zach’s posts for the first time, a pizza emoji. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

florence pugh zach braff

October 10: She comments again!

florence pugh zach braff

This time, she writes, “I love this” with the “I love you” (!!!) emoji. She’ll use it again soon…

November 17: Zach posts a picture of the Scrubs cast, and Florence comments with the waving face emoji. Zach responds with a hand wave. People, we are in the EMOJI COMMENTING PHASE of a relationship.

florence pugh zach braff

November 19: Zach comments on Florence’s IG for the first time.

zach braff florence pugh

NOT ONLY does he comment, Florence responds:

zach braff florence pugh

Flirty, no!?

December: More likes! They’re for sure DM’ing or hooking up by this point, right?!

December 11: More random Florence emojis! BUT, this Insta is key because Zach is in London, and guess who lives in London? Yes: Florence. However, on the same day, she posts an Instagram from New York. So they are probably not together.

florence pugh zach braff


January 8 – 9 : Zach Braff is in Oxford.

Guess who is from Oxford? Florence. Guess who just posted a baby photo, implying she is in her childhood home? Florence.

Would bet Florence took this:

January 28: They meet (for the first time, according to this tweeter, but WE KNOW BETTER!?) at Sundance. Florence is there for Fighting With My Family.

February: Zach likes the majority of Florence’s posts on IG.

February 17: They post these two Instagrams, which Team Alma thinks is from the same place:

Note: Florence says she ate a grapefruit. Look who has a grapefruit on his plate… and a second mug… !

March 16: Zach Braff comments again! This is his second comment on Florence’s Instagram. He comments on this post about her boobs with the eye emoji:

florence pugh zach braff

March 19: He posts a veryyyyyy flirty comment, to which an internet stranger responds “yikes, dude.”

florence pugh zach braff

He’s calling her beautiful. They’re definitely dating, no!?

Mid-March: Zach shoots a short film for Adobe, starring Florence.

March 21Collider reports Zach Braff is set to direct The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola, and Florence Pugh is attached to star.

April 1: Zach posts a photo of Florence! About that Adobe film. But very intimate?

April 3: Their short comes out!

April 8: A random tweeter thinks they are “definitely dating.” We agree, @necrothot!

April 12: They go public with their relationship — though they likely started dating back in November or December AS WE’VE DEFINITIVELY (NOT DEFINITIVELY) PROVEN. Daily Mail reports, “Zach Braff, 44, strolls hand in hand with Florence Pugh, 23… amid reports he will direct her in new film.” They’re pictured on the streets of NYC, looking very comfortable together:

One tweet says they’ve been together for six months, putting the start of their relationship in November.

May 8: A THIRD Zach comment. This time, “Wow.”

zach braff florence pugh

After Midsommar comes out, Florence gets a lot more famous, and posts less. Zach, however, consistently likes them allllll.

May 12: Florence comment, Zach reply.

florence pugh zach braff

June 7: Zach is in England, Florence posts a kiss emoji, and this man on the left is Florence’s brother, Toby Sebastian.

florence pugh zach braff

He posts from Oxford, also.

July 16Who?Weekly, the best podcast, discusses their relationship. Go listen to that episode.

August 4: They attend a wedding together.

Here’s Zach’s IG from the wedding:

And Florence’s, with her family:

August: They’re on vacation together! In Spain! The tiles are the same in these two photos:

Not only is it the same tiles, it seems like the tree on the left of his pics is what’s on the right of hers.

Also, one of their friends with them posts this:


October 7: They go to Whole Foods!  Thanks, Page Six.

October 10: Zach posts a photo of “People I love,” and Florence is on the right:

October 18: They go to Moulin Rouge together.

November 1: Florence on Zach’s IG story (we suspect she was on it a lot more, but we can’t find them now):

Also, Florence, an icon, going as one of her own characters for Halloween.

November 6: Florence and Zach attend The Marriage Story premierebut not together.

November 7: Florence and Zach go to Disneyland with a group of friends!

A lot of November: Many tweets by people saying they cannot believe the two are dating. (There are so many!!)



November 28: They celebrate Thanksgiving together:

December 7: They hang out with friends, and Zach attends the Little Women premiere in New York.

December 28: Florence posts a photo of her at a deli, writing matzah ball soup is her jet lag cure. (We knew we loved you, Florence!!)

Zach Braff comments with the “queen” emoji.

Aa fan comments, “@zachbraff you’re 44 years old.” Florence replies, “and yet he got it.”


Jan 12: A casual date night!


January 13: Florence Pugh gets an Oscar nomination! Zach Braff likely took these photos:

Zach is really proud of her:

Jan 15Daily Mail reports Little Women star Florence Pugh, 24, shares a kiss with boyfriend Zach Braff, 44, as they toast her Oscar nomination with a bottle of champagne. (Click for the photos, lol.)

Skipping forward…


April 6: Florence shared a series of photos of Zach to her Instagram story in honor of his 47th birthday! “Happy Birthday Zachary,” Pugh captioned the photos.

However, just a few weeks later, it appeared that all was not well in their relationship.

May 23: Florence was photographed in Ibiza with “Midsommar” co-star Will Poulter.

Naturally, Florence/Zach relationship haters rejoiced:


But, Florence quickly took to Instagram to clarify that she and Poulter are only friends:

“I understand that the nature of this job is that you sometimes get your privacy completely bulldozed by paparazzi, but to fabricate this stuff actually does more damage than good,” Florence wrote. “Thanks for saying we look sexy.. doesn’t mean we’re doing the sexy,”

August 16: Florence confirms that she and Braff quietly broke up a few months prior.

“We’ve been trying to do this separation without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everybody has an opinion on,” Pugh told Harper’s Bazaar. “We just felt something like this would really do us the benefit of not having millions of people telling us how happy they are that we’re not together. So we’ve done that. I automatically get a lumpy throat when I talk about it.”

Despite clearly asking for privacy, Twitter has some thoughts:


Though that’s all she wrote on their relationship, Zach’s movie “A Good Person” starring Florence is scheduled to premiere March 24, 2023.

We wish both Zach and Florence all the best.

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