A Timeline of Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman’s Relationship

Zoë Kravitz is, simply, the best. She’s a style icon, uses her platform for social justice, and is literally the only reason to watch the Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter spin-off movies. (Okay, maybe also Ezra Miller.) Recently, Zoë got married! Mazels! Her husband, Karl Glusman, is an actor. His dad is German Jewish and his mom is Irish Catholic (a reminder that Zoë is Black and Jewish, making this a very beautiful Jewish couple). We decided it was time to learn about the history of their relationship!

Zoë is prolific on Instagram, and so is Karl, and they are very open about their love. Over the past three years, Karl has referred to Zoë as (take a deep breath)… bae, my queen, superhero, wifey, GOAT, roomie, 👁🍬 (eye candy, get it?), baldie, my lady, my favorite work of art, my love, my hero, best friend, greatest inspiration, my 👸🏽, and ruler of my heart.

Ready for the timeline? Let’s 👏 get 👏 into 👏 it:


September 17: They start dating! (How do we know the exact date? A year later, Zoë posts a one-year anniversary post… and a year after that, Karl posts a happy two-year anniversary a day late on September 18.)

October 6: First appearance of each other on social media. First is Zoë, untagged, on Karl’s Instagram (below). Actually, he tags @tony_sup_rano, which has a bio saying, “Please don’t tag this account on public pages!” and is followed by Ilana Glazer, Natasha Lyonne, and more. The bio is burritos (Zoë Kravitz loves burritos!) so basically, we think it is Zoë’s finsta…


Further proof? @Tony_Sup_Rano comments a heart on the post:

zoe kravitz

This has to be her, right!? Anyhoo, back to the timeline.

October 13: They are first photographed together. You can actually see them in the background of this Taylor Swift paparazzi photo:

zoe kravitz karl glusman

Serena Williams and Karlie Kloss were also there, FWIW. Here’s the JustJared.com post about it (they “held hands two nights in a row”!):

Thanks to “Zoë Kravitz Brasil” for these:


October 17: Zoë, again, is on Karl’s Instagram. Again, tagged as @tony_sup_rano:


We see you!

October 18: They are Celebrity Sighted in NYC.

October 29: They participate in Halloween costumes together. Which is very couple-y. Karl is Luigi, and Zoë is Princess Peach. This is also Karl’s first appearance on Zoë’s Instagram!


Nov 4: Karl calls Zoë “Bae.” It’s real, folks! (Well, obviously it’s real, they’re now married.) This is a very cute video:


Nov 13: Karl makes it #InstagramOfficial, writing “mine” and tagging Zoe (her real Instagram) in the photo. They attend the premiere of Fantastic Beasts together, so it is also #RedCarpetOfficial!


December 1: Karl wishes Zoë happy birthday, again tagging her finsta:


Dec 17: This is Zoë’s hand:


Dec 23: They “packed on the PDA” in Miami! (Here’s the crazy Daily Mail story, if you’re up for it, featuring lines like, “Her platinum blonde braids cascaded all the way down her back and past her shoulders,” and, “Hot couple! The pair was all smiles as Karl held his arm tightly around the svelte starlet.” Oy vey.)


January 3: Karl gets a birthday post on Zoë’s Instagram with a heart!


His comment?

karl glusman

(Cue the awwwwws.)

January 10: Karl gets photo credit, and references a vacation in the Bahamas (🇧🇸 is the Bahamian flag). (Karl posts the same photo on his Instagram!)


On the same day, Karl also gets photo credit on this image of Zoë in the bathtub. And Zoë gets photo credit on Karl’s Instagram. Is modern love now expressed through photo credits? Probably!

Still on the same day, Karl posts a photo of Lenny Kravitz (Zoë’s dad), showing he is in with the fam:


And still on the same day (January 10! So active!), Karl posts a photo of Zoë, tags her real Instagram, and captions it “Wifey”:


And “Wifey pt. II”


Hot damn. It’s all happening!

January 14: Karl posts a photograph of Zoë’s Elle cover, captioning it, “My Queen.”


Honestly, we stan a supportive partner.

On the same day, they also attend Elle’s annual women in television celebration. They look fantastic.

Jan 16: LaineyGossip publishes a post, “Becoming obsessed with Zoe & Karl,” where she writes about their Instagrams (how could you not notice them!): “This totally feeds into my assumption that they are super intense about each other. Like explosive chemistry. And I feel like he, in particular, can’t get enough of her. At least according to his Instagram. Which only adds to my growing obsession.”

February 2: They are out and about on the streets of NYC together.

February 8: They step out on the red carpet together for the second time! For the AmFar Gala:


They look so good.

February 14: Zoë posts a sweet Valentine’s day message, a graphic that says, “He smiled and all I could think was ‘Oh shit’.” She tags Karl in the caption, duh.

Karl posts a photo of them with the caption 🐐+🦄. We assume this is referring to Zoë as both the Greatest of All Time and a unicorn. Makes sense.


February 17: “Home is where the ❤ is. @karlglusman (yes I know, Ima make the bed),” Zoë writes on Instagram. Are they living together at this point? Yes! We can confirm, because on the same day (they’re very in sync with their Instagram), Karl posts a photo of Zoë with the caption, “Roomie.”


They’ve moved in!

February 20: They go to Home Depot together. TBH, a relationship milestone.

February 24: They attend a pre-Oscar cocktail party.

February 27: Zoë & Karl attend the Vanity Fair Oscars Party:


Hot. Damn.


(Karl simply captions his post of the event with a fireworks emoji.)

February 28: They attend Paris Fashion Week! Looking great, obvs.

March: Just lots of very cute photos on both their feeds:







April 16: They make eggs together!


May 7: Here’s Zoë in Brooklyn on Karl’s Instagram:


They live in Brooklyn!

June 7: Another photo of Zoë on Karl’s Insta, this time captioned “babe.” And on the same day, a post of them kissing captioned, “Let’s get old together.”


We are here for open displays of romance!

June 12: Karl goes with Zoë to her premiere of Rough Night.

June 25: Karl gets photo credit, and Zoë writes “missing home”:


June 28: Zoë eats graphite coconut ice cream. Karl documents:


July 2: Unclear! But this is fun:


July 11: They travel to Rome!



Karl also sets a video of Zoë’s butt to a song of Zoë singing “Don’t” by Elvis Presley:


July 20: Karl calls Zoë his superhero:


August 18: Karl refers to them as “Baldies,” which, iconic:


August 30: They are Celebrity Sighted in NYC again. Zoë is wearing a fabulous Canadian Tuxedo.

September 17: Karl takes a great behind-the-scenes video of Zoë, Tessa Thompson, and Shannon Woodward:


September 17: Karl posts a happy one year.

September 18: They attend the Emmys together, and Zoë also wishes Karl a happy one year anniversary.


October 28: Their second year of couples costumes, this time as Fight Club characters:


December 5: Supportive Boyfriend Karl posts a photo of Zoë and her billboard:



Jan 3: Another birthday post, this time with, “I love you”:


February 3: A selfie of them somewhere tropical:


Feb 8: Karl writes, “There are very few things I find more lovely than my lady reading a book. 🐛📚🦋”

At some point during February: THEY GET ENGAGED. This is ALL CAPS NEWS. She’ll confirm it later in the year, but around her publicity for Fantastic Beasts, she reveals it happened in February.

GASP. Was it around when they moved in together? She does say they were at home in sweatpants!

February/MarchA series of solo shots of Karl on Zoë’s Insta! Solo shots of Zoë on Karl’s! They are doing a long distance thing, and clearly missing each other.

April: Karl posts that they are gonna see each other in one week:


May 21: Karl re-appears on Zoë’s Instagram after a couple month break (same pic is on Karl’s)


June 26: They go to Disney! Swipe to the last photo, it’s pure joy:


Here’s a video of Zoë:


Aug 29: Karl calls Zoë his “favorite work of art.”


October 29: In a Rolling Stone profile, Zoë reveals she and Karl are engaged. Here’s the story:

We stop at an ice cream shop, where she orders vegan mint-chocolate-chip in a cone. At which point I notice, for the first time, the huge diamond on her left ring finger. “Oh yeah, I’m engaged,” she says, so casually I assume she’s joking. “No, I’m engaged!” she repeats. “I haven’t told anyone yet — I mean, I haven’t told the world. I wanted to keep it private.”

Karl posts the cover:


Calling her “my love, my hero, best friend and greatest inspiration.”

She confirms it on Instagram with a post highlighting her ring:


November 8: They step out for the premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Zoë wears her engagement ring for the first time at an official event.


January 3: Your annual Zoë b-day post for Karl:


Jan 24: This just feels like a really normal photo, like telling your significant other to smile while you’re sitting at dinner:


Feb 7: Here’s just a cute photo:


Feb 25: They attend the Vanity Fair Oscars party together (again):


Karl calls her his queen, obvs:


April 17: Karl posts a throwback from their trip to Rome:


(Looks very wedding-esque…)

Sometime in May: They get legally married! US Weekly reports they are “secretly married,” though reporting on such a thing means it’s not really a secret…

June 3: Karl calls Zoë the “ruler of [his] heart.”


June 14: He writes he’s missing her:


June 29: THEY GET MARRIED (a second time). At Lenny Kravitz’s home in Paris. A ton of celebrities attend the wedding, and Zoë wore bridal bike shorts to the rehearsal dinner. OMG.

They were custom made by Danielle Frankel Studio:


And here’s some snaps from inside the rehearsal dinner:


You can see Zoë’s mom Lisa Bonet and step-dad Jason Momoa  (WHAT A FAMILY) with the couple if you swipe. (TY, Danielle Frankel!!)

July 26: She calls him “husband”:


July 30: They post their “JUST MARRIED” leather jackets.



Here’s a close up of the one of Karl on Zoë’s Insta.

And here they are dancing:

To the lady who screams in the background, SAME.

Header image of Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

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