Adam Sandler Asked for a New Hanukkah Song, So We Made One

Comedian Jon Savitt gives us a new Hanukkah song for 2019.

It’s been 25 years since zaddy Adam Sandler debuted his iconic Hanukkah song written for the Jewish kids who feel left out of Christmas merriment. Since performing the instant classic on Saturday Night Live in 1994, the comedian has updated “The Chanukah Song” with new pop culture references four times, the latest of which he released in 2015. 

Will 2019 be the year Sandler gifts us with a fifth rendition of his song? Nope. 

While promoting his new Jewy movie Uncut Gems on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the Jewish dad announced he’s “running out of juice” when it comes to the song and is quite ready to pass the shamash, if you will

“If there are any other Jewish people out there who want to write a new one, that’d be great,” Sandler said. “I’d love to share the Hanukkah spirit with you.” 

Naturally, we did just as he suggested and reached out to comedian and songwriter Jon Savitt for some help.

A quarter of a century after the comedian changed the Hanukkah game with “The Chanukah Song,” we’re proud to present Adam Sandler and the Jewish people at large a new tune. Enjoy:

Arielle Kaplan

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