Adam Sandler Is 2021’s Top Style Icon, Baruch Hashem

The Jewish comedian is finally getting some much-deserved recognition for his (lack of) style.

I’m sitting here in a pair of sweatpant overalls from Old Navy, which is to say: I love high fashion. And by that I mean highly comfortable fashion, the softer and slouchier the better. With my propensity for frumpiness (and I use frump as a compliment), I’ve never been one to follow runway trends or designer collections. I don’t actually care what celebrities wear to the Met Gala. Fancy dresses are fun, but not as fun as adult onesies.

But the news of 2021’s top style star just broke, and for once, I feel like I can recognize myself in the winner. This is someone who pushes boundaries while remaining true to themself, who gets dressed in the morning with little care for what the celebrity gossip bloggers and the rest of the world may think. The top style star of 2021, my friends, is Adam Sandler.

How did the Sandman win this prestigious title? According to PageSix, Sandler, 55, was Google’s most-searched name for “celebrity outfits,” beating out “more expected names like Britney Spears (#2), Harry Styles (#6) and Lizzo (#9).”

The legendary comedian’s style can generally be described as “white Jewish boy attending summer camp in 2001.” Below-the-knee basketball shorts are a must, as well as zip-up hoodies, white socks pulled up high, baggy t-shirts and even the occasional Ugg boot. There is pretty much nothing remarkable about his look — which is maybe the most remarkable thing of all in the world of celebrity fashion.

To his credit, Sandler has been dressing this exact same way since his rise to fame in the ’90s. He wears sweats to be interviewed on late night talk shows and has been featured in such headlines as “16 times Adam Sandler looked like he got dressed in the dark.” Perhaps it’s no surprise that he’s finally getting recognition as a style icon in 2021, a year in which many of us lived in sweatpants 24/7 and leisurewear reigned supreme.

I would be remiss not to point out that I don’t think a female celebrity who continually pulled off this kind of look would ever be crowned as a style icon or fashion leader, though I am glad to see Sandler’s own daughter follow in his footsteps.

Basically, I just want us all to be super comfy at all times — in our bodies, our selves and our schlubby old clothes. So thank you, Adam Sandler, for leading the way.

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