Alma Hernandez, Mexican Jewish Millennial, Elected to Office

There was a lot to take away from last night’s midterm elections — democrats took back the House of Representatives, a record number of women (and specifically women of color) won their races, the first openly gay man was elected governor of Colorado (and he’s Jewish!), and voter suppression is still a very big problem in this country.

But we’d be remiss not to highlight one of our favorite wins from last night: Alma Hernandez, a 25-year-old Mexican-American Jew, won a seat in Arizona’s third legislative district.

As JTA reported after she won her primary, Hernandez is a liberal activist who focuses on issues like immigration, health care, and supporting Israel. She is the first Hispanic Jewish woman to hold elected office in Arizona, if not the country. And let’s be honest, she just has a very good first name (wink wink).

Mazel tov to Alma!

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