America’s Next Possible Bachelor, Jason Tartick, is Jewish

Breaking news at Alma HQ on this Monday morning: Jason Tartick, the Bachelorette contestant with slicked-back hair and a penchant for buffalo wings, is a member of the tribe. Yes, you read that correctly: Jason Tartick is Jewish.

Jason is a corporate banker, he’s 29, he currently lives in Seattle, and HE IS JEWISH. We can not believe we missed this during Becca’s entire season!

Jason Bachelor

In a recent episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast, hosted by Ben Higgins (former Bachelor) and Ashley Ianconetti (Bachelor Nation regular), Jason explains about his heritage, “I’m a mutt — I have a Jewish mother, Catholic father, a loving gay brother and brother-in-law. Modern family.”

We have so many questions: Why didn’t we know Jason was Jewish before? Does he identify as Jewish? Did he and other Jewish contestant David Ravitz bond over their Jewish moms? Did Becca (cross tattoo and all) ever talk about religion with Jason? If Jason is indeed the next Bachelor, as many fans are hoping, will we FINALLY get some more Jewish female contestants? We have so few answers (Jason, DM us back, please).

His Catholic side, not his Jewish one, came through on Becca’s season of the Bachelorette; he was often spotted wearing a cross necklace. (Do we think he has a star of David one?)

His brother, Steven Tartick, who made a splash during hometowns, tweets sometimes about his Jewishness:

Jason, who is widely considered the front-runner to be Bachelor next season, could be the franchise’s third Jewish lead (after Andi Dorfman and Jason Mesnick). Fingers crossed!

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