Andy Samberg’s Super Jewish Wedding Advice to His ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Costar

Andy Samberg gives great wedding advice. No, seriously. His Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Stephanie Beatriz got married on October 6 and actually took his input.

In a profile in The Knot, Beatriz explained that Andy told her that he and his wife, Joanna Newsom, “took a moment for themselves between their ceremony and their reception to just soak in the moment themselves.” (Samberg and Newsom got married in September 2013 after dating for five years; they now have a baby daughter!)

Maybe Andy Samberg knows this, maybe he doesn’t, but this “moment for themselves” is actually a very Jewish thing!

It’s called a yichud (seclusion), when a newly married couple spends time alone together after the ceremony and before the party. (There’s a whole misconception that this is when a religious couple consummates their marriage, but that’s not true…)

Either way, the advice stuck. Beatriz and her new husband, Brad Hoss, “ducked into an old vintage airstream trailer set up for them just outside the venue and spent 20 minutes reciting their own private vows to each other and sharing a bottle of champagne.”

Andy Samberg can now add Jewish wedding expert to his resume. Mazel tov!

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