We Can’t Stop Watching SNL’s Haim Parody

Meghan Markle and the royal wedding basically overshadowed everything this weekend, which is why we’re just getting to this fantastic Haim parody from Saturday Night Live right now. Originally supposed to air during Tina Fey’s episode, it was cut for time (why?!!?).

The video features Tina, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant as a Haim-like band, with a cameo from Nicki Minaj. When the actual Haim sisters found out, they (rightfully) freaked out.

As Danielle Haim (the middle sister, also lead singer) instagrammed, “am I dreaming? is this real? does this mean tina fey is me?! this is too much.”

We’ll let you watch for yourself…

The chorus will be stuck in our head until the end of time: “I’m gonna lift you up / By tearing her down (hey) / I’m gonna dissect all her Instagrams I’ve found / She’s try’na have beach waves / But doesn’t have enough hair / When you are down in the gutter / I’ll join you there (hey)

It’s based on Haim’s “Little of Your Love” video:

Love you, Haim.

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