Can’t Wait for the New Season of ‘Transparent’? Watch the Lost Sessions

Season 4 of “Transparent”–i.e. the greatest show… ever?–premieres on September 22, which is way too far away, especially considering how promising the trailers have made it look. Which is why it was VERY EXCITING to discover our favorite Pfeffermans starring in three short videos for Funny or Die called “The Lost Sessions.”

Remember back in season 2 when Sarah is put in charge of selling raffle tickets at her kids’ school gala but she can’t find any takers so she buys them all herself and then wins everything, including some sessions with a life coach? And then she sees said life coach and it goes very, very badly? “The Lost Sessions” imagines that she gifted the remaining sessions to friends and family, including her moppa, Maura, her mother, Shelly, and her brother’s ex-girlfriend, the lovable Rabbi Raquel.

First up is Maura, who remembers the trauma of her bar mitzvah, in which she was “very high.” This is worth watching for the life coach’s attempt at chanting Torah alone:

Next we have Rabbi Raquel, who admits that she doesn’t really keep kosher and that she also kind of really wants to strangle the life coach to death:

And last is the always fabulous Judith Light as Shelly, who takes it upon herself to coach the life coach in the ultimate Jewish mother move:

Now there, doesn’t September 22 feel just a little closer now?


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