Fact-Checking Vogue’s New Profile of Karlie Kloss

Vogue just published a profile of newly Jewish Karlie Kloss. Kloss, who rarely talks about her personal life, opened up a little to the magazine (they headlined it “Karlie Kloss Gets Candid,” though she doesn’t get that candid).

Since we have done exhaustive research on Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner’s relationship (have you read our timeline? Read our timeline), we decided to break down some tidbits in this profile.

1. Kloss was an early adopter of Instagram and steadily built her following to 7.5 million. 

She joined Instagram a week after she started dating Josh Kushner, who was an early investor in the company. This was her first post:

2. “Before the dawning of social media, I think the role of the model was more to be seen. I’ve always wanted to use my voice for positive impact,” she says. “Now I can speak in real time.”

Karlie is hesitant to speak out on social issues, however. She’s tweeted just once about Trump, in reference to #DACA, and there are no tweets to be found on the Supreme Court, #BlackLivesMatter, or any other issues where someone of her stature could bring attention to. Her tweets are more benign, quote-tweeting Serena Williams with heart-eye emojis, or posting #ImWithHer on the day of the election.

She did Instagram about family separations:

3. “Kloss has been markedly silent on the knottier aspects of her private life that have made headlines in the last few months.”

Yeah, we got nothing to add: She is remarkably quiet about her relationship with Josh.

4. “She kept her engagement to venture capitalist Joshua Kushner quiet for a month before revealing it on Instagram this past June.”

The engagement probably took place around the time of this Instagram (or a little later):

It was announced two months later, in July, not June, Vogue!!

5. “The proposal was romantic and sweet. We spent the weekend in upstate New York, just the two of us,” says Kloss, who has been with Kushner, 33, since she was nineteen, after they were seated next to each other at a friend’s dinner party.

The friend is probably Dasha Zhukova, a Russian socialite.

We’re like 90% sure. Once again, read our timeline.

6. When Ivanka Trump posted a congratulatory comment on the social-media announcement, referring to Kloss as her “sister,” the tabloid rumor mill was immediately churning. Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner (the family is known to be observant), real estate developer and senior adviser to her father. Had Kloss done the same? How close were the two women? 

Yes, she did the same, and they are pals.

See them at the U.S. Open together in 2016 (along with a lot of other famous people, including Princess Beatrice!):


7.  “At the end of the day, I’ve had to make decisions based on my own moral compass—forget what the public says, forget social media,” she says, neither confirming nor denying the conversion rumors.

She did convert, it has been confirmed, unclear why she wouldn’t want to talk about it here.

8. “Kushner has been described as a lifelong Democrat, raising hundreds of millions for Oscar, the Obamacare start-up. He also attended the March for Our Lives gun-control demonstration in Washington, D.C., with Kloss earlier this year.”

All true!

Also true: Josh still hangs out with his brother, Jared, and they haven’t cut family ties at all.

9. “Josh and I share a lot of the same liberal values that guide our lives and the things we stand for,” says Kloss, who Instagrammed about Hillary Clinton—#ImWithHer—during the last election. 

All true, but the support of Clinton has really been the only “liberal value” she’s been super public about.

There you have it: nine more things to consider as you contemplate your favorite Jewish supermodel engaged to a Kushner.

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